Demi Lovato is LAX Lovely

Demi Lovato is LAX Lovely

Demi Lovato shows off her bright smile as she heads into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday morning (August 24).

The 17-year-old “Here We Go Again” hottie tweeted as she was leaving for the airport, saying, “A trip to the airport always means a battle of the egos. Drivers vs. Paparazzi. Who will out smart who…..?”

Demi is rumored to be off to Canada to film Camp Rock 2. Already there are costars Meaghan Martin and Anna Maria Perez De Tagle.

TELL JJJ: Are you ready for Camp Rock 2?

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Credit: Eric Brogmus; Photos: INFdaily
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  • dan

    shes effing awesome

  • Andrea

    i´m so ready and excited for Camp Rock 2
    LOVE DEMI !! <33

  • Fieneke

    she looks amazing like always!
    and i so cant wait for Camp Rock 2!!!

  • sONY

    Omg stop her! WE DONT WANT CAMP ROCK 2!!!!!!

  • http://o krixtina


  • meagan

    This girl acts like soooo many paparazzos follow her. No, honey. You are not Britney Spears.

  • Zac F Ron


  • kc

    Ok we know. SEVERAL paparazzi’s follow you. Stop mentioning them like they are mobbing you like Britney, Miley, or Lindsay. What a famewh*re.

  • Jerry#1

    wow disney still hasnt given up on this lamea$$ hsm-wannabe tv movie? They just dont know when to stop dont they…

  • Camille

    i looooove her!
    she looks sooooo white here.

  • abigail

    hahaha she said on twitter “ddlovato A trip to the airport always means a battle of the egos. Drivers vs. Paparazzi. Who will out smart who…..?”

    follow me on twitter! @therealabigailb

  • maine

    you haters need to be quiet.
    seriously, keep your own opinions to yourself
    nobody wants to hear you blabbing on how much you hate her.
    god, your just wasting your time,
    now if you excuse me,
    let me jump around ,

  • jayneene

    Demi Is my kinda girl! Taking her pillow on the air plane haha! She looks so pretty! :)

  • paris h

    i was so crush on her but new she’s such anothe dumb hollywood star i hop selena still the same

  • robstenfan10

    whoa she looks really different
    sometimes she has got to stop changing her looks
    but i love her

  • whatevs

    she cancelled tour dates just so she can hang around all weekend?? PUH-LEASE.

  • Sarah

    I like her…she is so nice!

  • Faith

    I can’t wait for Camp Rock 2!!!! I love Demi! But I want to know what she did on her birthday. JJJ, why don’t you post something about what Demi did on her birthday?

  • Sarah

    Where’s her tan ?!
    I’m not really that excited for CR2 as I was for all the HSM movies.
    I like CR, but HSM is better. HSM was HUGE and CR isn’t gonna be that HUGE, mainly b/c the actors (HSM had good actors!)..

  • okin

    I like that she’s changing, i mean i would be scared if she stayed the same cause she is 17 not 10 she trying to find herself.

    Read more:

  • MINH


  • madison

    I am not really excited for Camp Rock 2

  • Annie

    I might get to be a background actor for the second film. It’s within driving distance for me!

  • a.m./P.M.

    @whatevs: She didnt cancel her tour, the record company did cause the ticket sales were so low. To think she would sell alot of tickets with that voice of hers, too bad she’s so annoying now and no one likes her


    Ugh hate her!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe L.


  • Listen to mayday parade

    Camp rock 2 is being filmed so clothes to me place, ugh now my friends and I will have to be less drunk at the cottage… Who am I kidding actually lol

    weird that she’s coming so early, jobros won’t be at the CR2 set til September… But I guess Demi will be at the toronto concert Sunday!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Listen to mayday parade: I meant “close” not “clothes” stupid iPhone.

  • Kimmy

    I love the fact that she’s carrying a big white pillow. Haha. She’s awesome. :D

  • Anna

    CAMP ROCK 2?!? WTF… the first one was bad enough… mostly cause of her, she can’t act for her life! i admit that she’s a good singer, but she needs to stop trying to act.
    and i hate the way she dresses, its so wanna-be hard core. and i don’t get how most people say, “omg she’s soooo gorgeous!!” no, she’s really not. she’s pretty looking, but not gorgeous. i bet underneath all that makeup she wears, she’s ugly.
    *my opinion, people.*


    i am ready. i think. haha! demi is soooo awsum!!! she is soo pretty!!! I LUV HER!!! her songz r amazong 2!!!! I LUV U DEMI!!!!

  • mileyfan17

    demi is great!!! I love her friendship with miley:)

  • jena

    i used to like demi……but now i don’t cause i think she has a big head, she full of herself and i don’t like the fact that she’s hanging with a slut a.k.a. miley cyrus! And since i stoped being a fan, i actually CAN see that Camp Rock was not a really good movie, though i liked the soundtrack.

    And now i don’t like her mainly cause she tries WAY to hard to act like Kelly Clarkson (from the pink lipstick to the music videos to the voice)

    The only times when i actually like her is when she’s talking or hanging out with jonas brothers, selena or marissa……

  • rachel

    @kc: Compared to Britney and Lindsey, Miley hardly has THAT many paparazzi……so its kinda funny you mentioned miley….but its probably bc your a fan of hers! But i do agree Demi hardly has photographers following her………

  • Sam

    Someone think she’s Jenny from the block….she’s so annoying

  • TV

    Lol her tour failed. Now Camp Rock 2? lol another fail

  • kelly

    wtf ? she has changed like ALOT
    demi honey you’re not britney =\

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    i realy didnt like camp rock cuz nobody knew how 2 act ! i hope cr 2 is better cuz the first 1 SUCKS !

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever


  • carlyn

    wow, what is she wearing?
    i love her and all, but not her best outfit. :\

  • demimileyashleyselenavanessa

    AWESOME demi u r beutiful pretty and really talented dont listen to the haters cause u have amazing fans
    keep it up!
    U ROCK!

  • demimileyashleyselenavanessa

    by the way who’s the blonde with her???

  • Chris

    DEMI I LOVE uu <3

  • u¬¬

    looove the hat! xD


    hmm.. they didn’t cancel the tour, it was just postponed … & FYI a lot of ppl like her u¬¬

  • DemiFan

    @a.m./P.M.: don’t get her confused with Selena sweetheart, if nobody liked her, she would not have a number one album on the charts sweetie. Think before you comment. All though most people like you don’t.

  • DemiFan

    @Anna: have u took a look on her twitter? She has posted a pic of her w/o makeup and looks nearly the same. And I am willing to bet that YOU’RE NOT AS HOT AS YOU THINK YOU ARE putting someone else DOWN dose NOT MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER JUST MAKES A N IDIOT TALK ABOUT YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE

  • anna


    She canceled sold out shows, such as Atlantic City..I know people who have spent lots of money to fly to that show who are now out of their money…yeah, rescheduled.. but some people can’t go to those shows and airlines are not refunding.

    Demi and Disney= selfish.

    Oh and pretty low for them to include David Archuleta in the canceled announcement. He had nothing to do with it. Demi canceled 6 shows in one tour. Archuleta has been on 4 tours this year and hasn’t canceled a single one.

  • a.m./P.M.

    @DemiFan: I did say “To think she would sell alot of tickets with that voice…” So you think Selena has an amazing singing voice? Then you’re right. I was talking about Selena :)

  • 1234

    Paparazzi vs. Drivers? Oh stfu Demi. Your drivers can drive just fine with probably 2 paparazzos following you xD. You complain more than Britney and Lindsay, who has to drive through POOLS of paparazzi. Get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth girl.

  • LOL

    @Sam: LOL @ your comment! Yeah, who knows. She probably took these photos herself and sent it to Just Jared. Demi would do anything for fame.