Kiely Williams Dumped Shia LaBeouf!

Kiely Williams Dumped Shia LaBeouf!

Kiely Williams recently caught up with Life & Style mag to chat about…Shia LaBeouf???

Yep! The 23-year-old singer dished about their past relationship, saying, “He doesn’t mention it. He got dumped.” But Kiely insists that they’re still friends. She shared, “We’re still friends. We have the same best friend, so it’s hard to avoid each other.”

These days, Kiely, who has a non-famous boyfriend, stays away from boys in the business. She revealed, “It’s hard to see how two artists who are building their careers can really date. They’re going to be constantly hogging the spotlight.”

Shia was most recently spotted out with British actress Carey Mulligan.

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  • nicci

    kiely and shia , what a weird couple. no offened

  • luanna

    don’t konw how to feel about this
    so ramdom…

  • Nazeefa

    That was a weird couple. No offence. But why is she talking about dumping him now? That’s not cool.
    And I love Shia! <3

  • a.e.

    wow that’s surprising

  • a.e.

    @Nazeefa: yea your right very weird couple

  • Lottie

    Sounds like somebody didn’t like having a boyfriend who was more famous than her…

    “It’s hard to see how two artists who are building their careers can really date. They’re going to be constantly hogging the spotlight.”

    I’m just sayying…

  • lover

    puaj….. she is not for him

  • abigail

    WAAAAAAAAAAAT? how can she dump that beautiful thing??? and i agree with @Nazeefa it IS a weird couple…didnt even know they were close…

  • liz

    surprise. that’s a new one.

  • Ali123

    Somebody is lying to get attention ;) lol

  • someone

    you wish
    Shia laBUFF would never date you

  • lol
  • nikki

    welllll thats an odd couple! my brothers were in a movie of his movie like a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but wow thats weird

  • pink sugar

    I don’t think they are an odd couple.

    Why is she talking about a 6yr old relationship????

    Girl is desperate for attention. Clearly, her career has gone no where hope she invested her Disney money wisely.

  • immature

    Well, he’s doing A-list films and (supposedly) dating the hottest under-30 actress right now and she’s doing…what, exactly?

  • tisdalefan

    Why would she lie about shia?
    and who would DUMP shia?!

    but odd couple, I agree.

  • listen to mayday parade

    so they dated when he was on even stevens? he got hot after they dated, obviously. but man i highly doubt she dumped him and IF she did, it was probably like a two week relationship. This guy makes out with MEGAN FOX on screen, clearly he has gone somewhere and this girl is doing nothing. Hmm shes grasping for attention.

  • miila

    LOL srsly i hate her blaah haha

  • Riang Julian

    I guess that’s just in her dream, how poor she is…

  • tlee87

    no way…i don’t believe this ever happened. i mean, kiely williams did say she wanted to date bow wow back in the days but she got dissed by him. so i think shia doesn’t mention their “relationship” because THEY NEVER DATED!

  • jamie linn

    OMG she is so ugly and why would he even go out with her anyway and i would tell him that he wouldn’t need to worry because without him she is nothing in cheater girls she was no-ones favourite. She needs to get a reality check because i think she is bind cant she see what is in front of her and she is going to ruin a really good relationship well… the best relationship she had ever had … take my advice don’t dump him !!!!!!!

  • justme

    ugly!!!! Shia is so hot!

  • cc27

    SHE IS SO STUPID lol.. so glad they broke up tho xD
    SHIA IS WOW <3

    they are an eww couple.. so glad the broke up (:

  • pop86

    I have news for you people:
    1) They did actually dated. She and some of you need to get over it. They both keep the relationship private. Not every celebrity put their relationship on blast.
    2) Kiely is not ugly. Because she not a white does not make her ugly. I notice that when a not white actress is posted on JJJ all tweens and teens start about how ugly she is. Your racism is showing.

  • trev

    Kiely also dated Raviv “Ricky” Ullman. They dated secretly (after her and Shia) in late 2004. So she must have a thing for Disney channel guys.

  • jonathan

    Thank you pop86, Kiely is beautiful and defiantly my favorite CHEETAH girl, see I can spell correctly, and the prettiest in my opinion. Please get over it, big deal she broke up with Shia, people get together and break up for many different reasons, it’s life. Just because she isn’t as famous doesn’t mean she isn’t successful, she has done a lot more than most people in the entertainment business have tried to achieved. And I’m sure no one can say that was the best relationship she had because most people didn’t even know what went on with them. Even though Shia isn’t bad looking and made out with Megan Fox that doesn’t mean he is God’s gift to women.

  • Naomi

    robert pattinson ABS ARE FAKE proof down under robert pattinson ABS ARE FAKE proof down under

  • kamilah

    @pop86: im going to have to disagree with on this one. as a non-white girl myself, i dont find kiely that attractive either. i mean shes not butt ugly or anythig but shes definitely not gorgeous. in my opinion

  • jess16

    LOL at people saying their a weird couple, bet they wouldn’t say that if she was WHITE.

  • mia

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous people! Why is this a weird couple? cause she’s BLACK? Shia likes women period and if black women are a part of that so what? big deal! He was also dating Rihanna for a brief period. And none of you know the exact reasons why they broke up-it could have been for the reasons that she said, but it also could have been other things. for those of you saying what is she doing with her life-she was a part of 3lw who went platinum with their first album and she’s also a part of cheetah girls. They both worked for disney-thats probably how they met. Aside from that-she’s building her acting career as well. I think she’s a smart girl for staying away from men in the industry, i would too if i were her. But back to those of you that seem to be upset because this girl had Shia and you all did not, i bet you also find it weird that Jay Z and Beyonce are best friends with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. They were like the only celebrities they invited to their secret wedding and they are just really good friends. Or how this-Kate Beckinsdale is BEST friends with Columbus Short. Get over it people.

  • lulu

    um…. wow, that really is random, but the weirdest thing about it is that she said she dumped him, but i cant bring myself to beileve that, because he is just amazing, so im thinking… is she just saying that? but i dont know. i just cant picture anyone ever giving him up.

  • lalalove

    He went on ONE date with Rihanna, he said. Kiely is a cutie.

  • ilyshia

    ewwww..weird?? people these days would say anything for attention….ily shiaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  • me