Kristen Stewart: Forks High Graduate

Kristen Stewart: Forks High Graduate

Sporting new long hair extensions, Kristen Stewart holds onto a fake diploma as she films the graduation scene in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (August 28).

The 19-year-old actress was joined by her on-screen dad Billy Burke, who tweeted late last night: “Just got to hotel in Vancouver. Start tmorow early. Someone gets a cap and gown. G’nite for now.”

Also pictured on set was ‘Carlise Cullen’ Peter Facinelli.

The second film in the series, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, is set to hit theaters in November.

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  • Ruby



  • carli and teresa

    coollll first??

  • Bella

    Her hair looks really pretty :) can’t wait to see what David Slade has to offer … !

  • Annie

    It looks better like this that it did in the first Twilight movie.

  • Maddison

    Her hair looks like a fucking idiot did it

    they should have waited

  • jasmine

    KStew can pull off any look! love this girl!

  • wonder

    wig is pretty bad, whoever did it should be fired and kristen looks fat

  • Mah


  • Dilia

    The wig looks kinda bad, i mean they could have done way better.
    and she’s NOT fat but she has gained a few pounds you can tell she’s fuller than she was in Twilight

  • kristy

    Yeah her wig obviously looks like a wig and makes her forehead look longer. She should have never cut it for the joan jett role. It was awful.

  • Sarah

    oh look who is back… K’Stoner… WOW!! i am amazed how she manages to look stoned everytime! Oh yes, i remembered… its cuz she is actually stoned all the time!

  • Kari

    Sarah, I just flagged your comment. That was totally rude and uncalled for. Grow up. She looks great. If you think she looks stoned, then you need to see the optometrist STAT!

  • Bellissima

    It looks a bit heavy and dense for Bella’s head. Think they should tweak it a bit to soften the frame around the face. The scalp looks too ‘wiggy’. Hoping this is just one of many, and may be partially covered by graduation cap?

  • jenn

    that title is so misleading. |:

  • Bellissima


    looks like somebody got hit with the bitchy-stick tonight huh?

  • Chanel

    @Bellissima: Ha-ha! Wow. It’s really funny to see these kind of comments.

  • gabby

    i have to say, im not a fan of kristen stewart but she has a good body. ALOT better than when she was younger and way too skinny, she looks good “fat” as you say.

    the wig definitely isnt the best, i adored the bella hair in twilight.

    and yes, i have to agree, she is a big stoner so she does usually look stoned

  • lebrute

    eh that wig looks terrible.

  • Ariana

    i dont like the hair that much either i hope it doesnt look that fake in the movie..i love her and twilight tho! :D

  • twinutter




  • krysta

    oh my god she is so beautiful
    it’s so fast that they already filming the eclipse…..
    she looks great and she does’t look like fat….
    love her alot by the way im a big fan from the philippines
    keep rockin kristen!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    ahhh im so excited for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    I have read the Eclipse book and its amazing. I can’t wait to see New Moon. Whats her twitter does anyone know

  • ninni

    whoever says KS is fat has some serious issues. she’s gorgeous!

  • amie

    sorry it looks like a jackie wig from that 70′s show and not a good one either. the color isn’t right…brown with red highlights remember…. looks nothing like that…. keep looking not the right hair piece yet

  • amie

    and buy the way that does not look like a top alice would buy for bella suppose to be blue blouse… because her clothes were being stolen ….alice saw she might need something…

  • naree

    She looks really pretty, she looks great.. can’t wait to see New moon and Eclipse…

  • jane

    so happy that Bella is BACK! haha. and i don’t think she is fat.

  • overated.

    @Sarah:lol!!the first thing i thought of when i saw the picture was she looks high. haha the wig makes her look like a barbie doll.

  • yeah

    i thought the graduation is on Breaking Dawn (based on the book)

  • mnice

    Some people’s problem is they’re constantly transferring their own feelings of hatred and misguided reasoning to others.

  • mina1

    KS’s wig looks kinda bulky for her small frame. May be it will look better in the movie. They might have another wig for close up and such?

  • dee

    ugh..totally hate the wig…i mean first of all LOOKS LIKE A WIG!!! still love my kristen though!havent seen her beautiful face in so long!!

  • kr

    She’s gorgeous. Love her in any look and style.

  • seriously..

    r u ppl really calling her fat? its a wig. its a movie…eclipse is my fav book but please lets not get dramatic over 5 photos of a movie that JUST begun production…everyone is a critic.

  • xoBellaCullenxo

    i love kstew! :)

  • toni

    she looks gorgeous. so cute!

  • sammy

    what a difference a wig can make , i have to admit the mullet does not suit her at all

  • doris

    she doesn’t have twitter account…

  • Emily

    i don’t think it’s a wig.they say she has extensions but anw.i love her. and she is not fat.

  • Anna


  • Tonya

    She doesn’t have twitter! There are many people from the Twilight cast that have a twitter account, but Kristen, as well as Rob, Ashley, Kellan and Nikki don’t have one!

  • Amalie

    yay! she looks great, love her! can’t wait….

  • Rosieee

    her hair looks minging
    cant they do any better than that

  • Chr!stine

    i don’t like her “hair” or “wig”

    but I’m excited… !!

  • jen

    yayyyyyy she finally has the hair i love (for a while) but still she looks gorgeuosor however u spell it

  • kk

    im not liking the wig totally, it looks fine overall, except the hairline area then we noticed it’s a
    i <3 Kristen :)

  • LILLADY_89

    I can’t believe you all think she looks “Fat” she probably weighs 110-115 lbs…do you realize that comments like that are what cause actresses to become anorexic. And then they get criticized for being to skinny. Seriously she looks amazing…she probably gained like 5oz.. And people blow it out of proportion and and act like she gained 50lbs. I am glad she isn’t crack head skinny. Bella is a normal girl not a super model. She is supposed to be someone that young women or women in general for that matter, can identify with. Most women can’t identify with a 95lb girl…

  • nina

    kristen is beautiful. and i think the wig is good :)
    WTF?! looks fat?! hahahahahhahahahahhahahhahah :D:D

  • Stacci