Brandon Smith & Doug Brochu are Sharp Suits

Brandon Smith & Doug Brochu are Sharp Suits

Brandon Smith and Doug Brochu suit up with their matching coffee cups in this new still from Sonny With A Chance.

In the upcoming episode “Guess Who’s Coming To Guest Star,” While Chad (Sterling Knight) is on the set of “So Random!” preparing for his guest appearance, he and Sonny (Demi Lovato) engage in a game of reverse psychology to convince the other that they will fall in love by the end of the week. Meanwhile, when Nico (Smith) and Grady (Brochu) are kicked out of their dressing room so Chad can use it for the week, they take over Marshall’s office.

“Guess Who’s Coming To Guest Star” premieres Sunday, September 27 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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  • Millie

    First! Can’t wait for this episode!

  • Roasher

    This episode already aired on Disney Channel Latinoamerica!
    yay! I loved it!

  • tan

    im sorry but this show if not funny the actors always over act ! sorry

  • Mariana

    i noticed it! it’s already on disney channel brasil!

  • Ayesha


  • maria

    i already saw that episode
    disney latinamerica.

  • emmy

    I hope they change up Demi’s look for next season. I don’t know why, but I always preferred her hair straightened like in As the Bell Rings. He hair now is pretty, but her character always wears so many things, it looks too busy.

  • Andrea


  • Sofifreydel

    This is the BEST SHOW
    This episode is gonna be AWESOME


  • zena


    Overacting is precisely the style required for the satire aspect of skit shows to work. Have you never seen SNL? I think that the actors on this show are truly one of a kind for their age, and they are all excelling in their parts.

    Not to mention the phenomenal Demi and Sterling as Sonny and Chad, who sell the “drama” aspect of the show so, so well. I love SWAC, and I can’t wait for it to air.

  • Laila

    Lot’s of Channy. Yeah. Seen it in Spanish now i wanna see it in MY language English. Although I don’t have a problem with Spanish.

  • carol

    This episode already aired on Disney Channel Brasil! And i loved it too!
    I couldn’t believe this had not been aired yet on USA! Everything goes on air first there! oO HAHAHAHA

  • NanitaJonas

    This episode was awsome!
    I can’t believe Disney Latino aired first than Disney USA!
    Haha! We rock!
    SWAC Rules!

  • Keep It Real

    zena @ 2:22 am on 09/02/2009

    Agree. My younger sister doesn’t really like this show, but my friends and I love it. I think it’s because we’re older and we kind of get what it’s all about. It’s different from most Disney shows. There’s a lot of silly stuff sure, but beneath it it’s slightly more…I don’t know, real? There are no secret popstars, or wizards or any other classic Disney gimmicks.

    Plus Sonny and Chad’s relationship is immensely entertaining, and the kind of tension they have probably flies over most kids heads. It’s too bad they’re on Disney, any other channel would use the chemistry between Demi and Sterling to it’s fullest. But I’ll take what I can get.

  • yoyoyoyippieyoyppieyay

    @Keep It Real: this is gonna sound weird but i love you well ur comment .my older cousins only watch this show on disney channel its not all about wizards or secret rockstarsit makes sense its funny soooooooooooooooo funny.

  • Laila

    @Keep It Real: I so get you. It’s more realistic. Not some fake made up land. It refers to Selena on a show. Not a wizard. But I wish it was at least a Nick show. If it were they would use there chemistry to the fullest. And looks like Disney’s stuck in a trap with of Sonny and Chad’s relationship. It’s not your usual crush then get over it. Or a like then get over it. There relationship has to go somewhere further than just a few day/week/month thing. With how much passion they put there ridiculous fights to be it’s not just a like anymore. It’s a love. Forever and Always. And Disney better take it as it supposed to or I’m gonna stop watching it. LOL. Demi Rox. Sterling’s cute. And Channy will live on FOREVER in my mind. LOL.

    -Till Whenevs Laila

  • Chelsea

    @Laila: Yes! I totally agree! I think Channy is the driving force behind this show… at least to me. Sterling and Demi have GREAT chemistry. Also, Tiffany Thornton is probably one of the best actresses I’ve seen! Her comedic timing is perfect! Nico and Grady’s bromance is great, and Zora… I think she’s in the show for the younger crowd. But Sonny with a Chance is my absolute favorite show on Disney Channel. They have 17/22 episodes aired already… and we don’t get a new one (other then Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star) until November at LEAST. I think that’s totally lame :( But they do start filming season two after they’re done filming Camp Rock 2 (which they just started). Anyways… Sonny with a Chance FTW!!!

  • Gossip Girl

    I love all the connection with the characters in this show. But to be honestly speaking hear, the only Disney Channel show that has REAL PRINCIPLES that people can really relate to is Life With Derek. It’s a striaght up Family site com. Kind of reminds me of the Even Stevens and Lizzie Mcguire days. Won’t lie, I love Miss Lovato, but I just miss the shows from the 90′s.

  • tan

    dont get me wrong i LOVE demi im a fan but not in this show sorry !

    jj can u pleeeeeeeeeeeease put more demi ! we miss her

  • vilena

    I speak the truth sonny with a chance is my favorite series, I’m addicted to this series, and the chemistry between Demi Sterling is huge and they are a perfect match, and Channy mm is the best couple of Disney, the two have a chemistry so perfect that it is more perfect than that of Joe and it is more perfect than a. .. Vanessa and Zac (that is not, but is a bit of both!), the series is excellent, the e Ilaria. ..
    The Sonny is very funny love the Jeitão it, confused, sympathetic and funny at the same time, Chad is a cat and is also very funny not to mention his relationship and that Sonny is super funny in the style romantic comedy, is the Twain very funny too, Nico and Grady because of the nonsense that they are just leaving it more funny!