Nikki Blonsky is Very Valemont

Nikki Blonsky is Very Valemont

Nikki Blonsky keeps close to designer Malan Breton as they attend the premiere of his new collection at the Metropolitan Pavilion during NYC’s Fashion Week on Sunday night (September 14).

The 20-year-old actress recently made an appearance on It’s On With Alexa Chung to promote her new MTV series, Valemont. The show follows an 18-year-old girl who discovers that her older brother – murdered while attending an elite liberal arts college – was actually done in by vampires nesting on fraternity row.

Nikki shared with host Alexa, saying, “My character Poppy goes to this prestigious, East Coast college and her roommate is there to find out who murdered her brother.”

The series will air in between episode of The Hills and The City and will also be available online at Check it out below:

Nikki Blonsky – It’s On With Alexa Chung – 09/11
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Credit: Derek Storm; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    i let’s not say hate her DISLIKE her i sware not cuz she is fat i use to like her (not so much) before she was arrested

  • Abby

    I used to like her so much. That was until she started saying “I love you Zac” in like EVERY damn interview she does. She brings him up like 99% of the time. Its kinda sick.

  • Amy

    I adore her. :D <3

  • bob

    Good to see her again. She has more talent then most of the “barbie doll” starlets out there. Unfortunately she is overweight and that disqualifies her for many parts. She sings like an angel and has a super outlook on life. Love her and good to read about her again.

  • amy

    i hate her.. ergh. i swear ive seen her wearing that dress before? im not saying that because i hate her im saying that cause i REALLY think ive seen her wearing it before.

  • colleen

    Can’t believe people still hate her because of the Zac/Vanessa crap. He is so in love at the ripe age of 21 with whatsherface, so really, I seriously doubt anyone cares about his friendship with Nikki. People need to move on and give her some slack.

  • nicci

    i don’t hate her but i dislike her because like what Abby said , she keep on saying ” i love you Zac ” in like every single interview she has done. i must say GEEZZZ Nikki , the guy already has a girlfriend, go and find your self a man than stealing someone else man.

    PS. – i do not hate her because she is overweight because i have friend who are overweight.

  • kristy

    if she is so talented, then where has she been the last couple years? oh thats right, lifetime

  • pink sugar

    @colleen: If people don’t like Nikki it has more to do with her behavior than anything else.

    She has worn that dress before, but I won’t go there.

    Nice to hear she finally got a job.

  • Abby

    When Hairspray first came out I really liked her because she was just a normal girl who got the chance of a life time and she had the time of her life doing it. I do NOT dislike her because she is overweight. I don’t give two you know what’s about how big she is. She has always seems like such a sweetheart and like she still can’t believe she is doing this. Which is great but when she starting bring Zac up in like every interview that was when it started to get to me. Not for the fact that Zac has a girlfriend and Nikki likes him. That has happen with a lot of his co-stars. What I don’t like is it seems like she’s always bring him up in a way to show people “yeah I know some big wigs in Hollywood.” Its kinda like she’s using him for publicity for herself and a way to keep her name out there. That is why I don’t like her as much now.

    Who knows maybe now she’s over the whole Zac thing and has moved on. I don’t know, its been well over a year since I last watched an interview of hers. :)

  • joy

    YAY! Nikki! I love her. It’s nice to finally see her again. She looks great!

  • awurbii

    I don’t understand everyone’s problem with Nikki Blonsky. I hate to say this but you are being too protective over a relationship that you have no say in. Whatever Nikki has done has not affected Zac & Vanessa relationship at all and it is in the past. They have made it clear that they are friends. There is no need to hate her for that reason. Nikki did a great job in Hairspray and it has been a long time since I have heard her say anything of that nature.

  • awurbii


    Please don’t come on here spreading the Perez disease. Referring to Vanessa by that name is not funny and it is disrespectful. Imagine how you would feel if someone called you that. Don’t sink to Perez’s level because that is the lowest level of scum around.

  • gold baybay

    Oh come on now. ANOTHER vampire related thing? I understand vampires are in right now but seriously? Ugh, and I do not like her. Yeah, mostly because of her publicity crap. I don’t care if she likes him, inserting his name in every interview is just disgusting. Anyway people, don’t go saying “I don’t like her, not because she’s fat or anything.” I you didn’t mention anything about her wait before that statement, don’t bother. Anyone who assumes its because she’s overweight is an idiot.

  • LG

    @colleen: Are you serious? I’ll give Nikki slack if you give Vanessa slack.

    The only reason I don’t like her is because of the airport incident. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the fight start like over a chair of something?

  • EMMA

    yay love this Girl, she is looking Great and cant wait for Valemont and her new Film with Racel Bilson!!

  • Steff


    That was a claim from Bianca, who also stated that the Blonskys were rude and violent to them, but if you look at the video on you tube, will here an eye witness telling everything what she saw including that the blonsky family were sitting minding there own business when Bianca and her family stormed up to them.

    Im not having a dig it you and at least you have a reson for not liking her, you think she is a bad person and thats understandable, It just irrates me when there is a Nikki story the comments are always about Zac AND Vannesa. Its so annoying because Zac and Nikki have spoke out about being close friends and its like these 12, 13 year olds are threatened by it saying Nikki is obsessed and its pretty pathetic that people hate her over that!!

  • holly

    I don’t really have any thoughts about the interview besides the fact that yes she was asked about the kiss, I’ll give her that. Of course she took the opportunity to throw in I love him. Love is a strong word and she throws it around like no other. While Zac, in the past, has spoken about her and spoken positively, I’ve never heard him use the word love, and I’ve also noticed he doesn’t talk about her in every interview. He’s moved on past Hairspray for her sake and her careers sake, she needs to move on too.

  • Al

    Oh come on people! Nikki talks about Zac in interviews because about 87% of the time she is asked about Zac in her interviews! Even in the Alexa Chung interview, Nikki was asked what it was like kissing Zac and that happened 2 years ago!! It’s the standard question. Give her a break.

    It’s good to hear that she has something new coming up and I can’t wait to watch it.

    & btw, I think it’s refreshing to see celebrities re-wear their clothes. It’s REAL. It’s what humans do.

  • pink sugar

    @Al: Sorry, but when you ar that big, your selection of dresses are rather limited. It has nothing do with being real.

  • aw


    lmao as if people like you have the right to tell anyone to move on.

    How horrendous, she needs a better stylist. She played a good Tracy & that’s it, so far she has had nothing else to offer. That combined with her grating personality just equals dnw.

  • shaun

    good to see nikki again. happy for you girl. keep your head up. good things are coming

  • den

    @pink sugar: Wow, not true…actually there are alot of fashionable stores and designers who cater to larger sizes nowadays. I like it when I see stars re-wear their cloths too. It does make them seem normal. (Zac does it a lot…heehee-I couldn’t resist)