Ashley Tisdale is a Blonde Bombshell

Ashley Tisdale is a Blonde Bombshell

Born again blonde Ashley Tisdale looks fantastic in an LBD as she leaves her home with boyfriend Scott Speer on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The duo stopped at Bokado restaurant for a mid-day date. How sweet!

Ashley, 24, revealed on her Twitter the reason for her hair change. She shared, “I loved being my natural color but Its for an upcoming project which I’m really excited to share with you soon. I love you all! Xoxo.”

TELL JJJ: What do you think Ash’s new role is?

25+ pics inside of Bokado lovers Ashley and Scott

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  • Serena

    Wow… she looks… BEAUTIFUL :o

    I didn’t really like the one she posted on her twitter, but she looks freaking gorgeous here . I love you Ashley Tisdale.

  • skazie


  • Kristen

    When she was blonde, and then turned brunette it was like WOAH!
    & Then I got used to it… Then, BAM. Blonde again. It’s gunna take me a while to get used to it, AGAIN. haha.

  • Serena

    Scott always wears those shoes. I wonder where they’re going? They’re dressed kinda nice-ish

  • team tizz

    Can wait to see what role she will be playing in her new movie;)

  • Wow

    I can’t take my eyes off of her! Can’t wait to see what the new role is!

    Wow she’s wonderful looking. Real eye candy!

  • Caro

    She looks like… paris, no, no! Heidi montag

  • taylor

    Holy sh-t. She looks amazing. I wasn’t sure before if I liked the blonde before, but I definitely do. I love her dress.

  • Linda

    Why hello there, Sharpay. ;)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    So she’s only blonde for a while ? Oh…wonder what project she’s working on !! Good for her. …Oh hot dayuuum. Ashley is sizzling. Aw !! Scott looks very handsome. :D So cuute together !!!

  • Kristen
  • Solange

    OMG! With that dress on, she looks GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL!

  • hot mess

    Hsm 4

  • mohamedashry

    ok when i saw her twitter picture i was like “ok” but when i saw this i was sooo not ok SHE’S FREAKIN AWESOOOME!!!!!

  • Dalemurph

    She looks incredible as a blonde and she looks amazing in that tight dress.

  • hun98

    She is gorgeous with both blonde AND brown hair!! :D


    she a little TOOO blonde!

    like its soo bleached blonde, it kinda looks like blonde-ish gray. =/

    she should have did a hunny blonde. more

    but yea, I like her as a blonde better ;)

  • emilie

    yay!i love the blonde much more than the brown!

  • aw

    pretty outfit, gross hair.

  • http://twitter anonymous.

    WOW! omg! she looks so better in blonde to me! but, then, brunette’s natural and looks good at her too!
    oh, well. ashley’s beautiful, so, any hair color would do:

  • http://justjared maddieforever

    she wanted what participation in suite life on deck

  • DanielG

    O_O she looks hot as blonde *–* lol

  • DAVE

    she’s so beautiful, great outfit, perfect hair… ashley is perfect :D

  • Jena

    Yay, I loved her as a blonde but hated her brunette hair! i thought she looked like a man with that hair…but she looks 100 times better now!

  • littlebadangel

    alwaays eveen blon or burnettee

    Sheee loooks awesoomee
    so Prfeect ..!

  • seriously

    HAHA Heidi Montag lol

    and in a few years @Caro:

    how much do u wanna bet shes gonna be a ´Hot Mess´ like Paris in 10 years…when her ´career´ has gone no where

  • http://none jasmine

    Sharpay Evens……………….. ;D

  • seriously

    nonono! i got it

    she LOOKS like fake fame hogging Heidi(they already have the plastic in common)
    she ACTS and SINGS as BAD as Paris
    and in a few years shell be as much a disaster as Lindsay

    i give it a year before we all see her DUI mugshot

  • zanessa2gether4ever

    ok , i HATE HER with this blonde hair , does she have to be blonde so she can act ?? why , doesnt people & directors like her with her natural or what ?!
    & i guess i heard , well i dont remember the name but she is gonna be a witch , i aint making fun , i am saying what i heard & see , but hopefully no , cause i dont want her to be a witch!

  • Alex

    I loved her brunette it suited her blonde absolutely does not especially not bleach blonde i hope its either for hsm4 or suite life

  • ashleyrocks

    @seriously: stfu what are you a fortune-teller pfft.. i bet you are just a fataass sat on your computer bashing for envy accept it she’s better than you :)

  • El


  • bruno

    she looks soo hott, she looks like a secretary

  • ilovezanessaxo

    probably hsm4…lmfao

  • gold baybay

    Maybe a darker blonde would’ve worked better? She really doesn’t look her best. And I bet soon she’ll resort to drugs ’cause her career isn’t going anywhere. Atleast she has a new project, hopefully not something predictable like Picture This, something too childish like Aliens in the Attic or something like High School Musical. Should be something someone her age would typically watch if they didn’t have children.

  • you suck!


    Teen witch.
    And i think it’s for this movie.

  • Sinaline

    she looks beautiful.. i think the brown hair never reallly made her look real.. brown is for nice girls.. blonde for the bad ones :D

  • ZJ207

    WOAH! hello there ;)
    hahaha i still say that she looks amazing both ways. And there’s nothing wrong with changing your hair color for a while!

    and don’t you just love when I’m right? :P lmao i knew she was up for a new movie role!!

  • ZJ207

    btw i just realized that it’s not a “sharpay” blonde… Before she looked like a young blonde. Now she looks like a grown blonde! can’t wait to see that movie!!

  • athena

    HAAH!! Back to blonde…she looks great with any hair color change…she has the perfect skin tone to change her hair color on whim.

  • osama

    am xcited for the project!1

  • vanessa

    SO GORGEOUS BLONDEEE!! i love her!

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    WoW 0.0 she looks stunning ! i would love 2 see her in new movies coz all of her movies r great and she can act ver very well ! LOVE U ASH !

  • jonasfreak

    @gold baybay: Drugs? Please. Ashley doesn’t even drink or smoke. And Ashley said tons of times if she failed at one project she keeps working until she nails her goal. So no need for drugs. her career is just getting better. Aliens in the Attic did great at the box office, GP didn’t do as good as Headstrong, yes, but it’s a great CD and #12 isn’t bad at all. And what are you worrying about? She said she has a new project.

  • rachel ;)

    it’s weird – she’s natural brunette, but i think blonde suites her better ! ;) she looks AMAZING !

  • you suck!


    It’s SAD that you care about the # then the sells LOL :)
    sells give MONEY (what ashley wants) not ranking :)


    ahhhhhhhh!! she looks gorgeoussssss <3 can’t wait to know what’s her project!!!!!!

  • jonasfreak

    all haters should go away cz it’s clear u guys are jealous. This women is gorgeous and so talented. <3

  • jonasfreak

    @seriously: What plastic????!!! gosh. she did a deviated septum surgery. where’s the plastic there? people are ready to talk non-sense just to make ash look bad. shut up would you?

  • Christinitza

    i bet shes gonna play Miss Sharpay Evens again..>D