Liam Hemsworth is Foxtel Fine

Liam Hemsworth is Foxtel Fine

The Last Song leading man Liam Hemsworth snaps a pic with radiant red head Rumer Willis as they attend the Foxtel Dinner held at the Aria Restaurant in Sydney on Monday night (September 28).

It’s been reported that the 19-year-old actor had taken his on-screen romance with costar Miley Cyrus off the screen. According to MTV, the duo were spotted checking out a late night showing of “All About Steve” earlier in the month.

Liam was also at at Miley‘s concert in Los Angeles this past Wednesday night and later they were reportedly getting close at the after show-party.

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Photos: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
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  • Bobby

    Yuck. He ugly and so is she

  • wow

    Rumer Willis & Liam look like a great couple. they are probale more age appropriate too. & the taller girl with the black dress is pretty

  • camilla

    he looks old

  • Cristina

    oh, hes is so gorgeous.

  • listen to mayday parade

    yeah nick jonas is way hotter than this dude… but then again, who wouldnt want a man that is bigger and taller then you. lol sorry nick your just so petite

  • pup

    19?! daaaayum. I thought he was at least 24.

  • lol

    he has a funny nose. Both Nick J. & Justin are way way way better looking than him.
    Never heard of this guy before he made the movie with Miley & probably would not be hearing anything more about him if he was not seen out with Miley. I guess it does a aspiring actor good to date Miley Cyrus. Way to go guy – now you are fam ous.

  • serena

    OMG i think miley cyru’s new movie will flop because it’s coming out the same day as tyler perry’s new movie!!!!
    and tyler perry always tops the box office

    good luck hannah montana

  • heyhey

    liam is hot, she is so not lol.
    her head is like a potato! its the exact same shape as a potato!
    i really dont like her.

  • sam

    Liam is ugly

  • ZJanie

    Lemon Liam will find out that Miley is young and not in love (she tweeted). Justin is history but she would still be friendly to him.
    I think the famewhore virus has gotten in Liam, all movie stars are magnets to other stars who are more famous. Its jus the way they roll.

  • shelley

    wth is up with this girl? she hooks up with EVERY GUY she works with. jeez. my god she tweets that she’s in love with liam now?! wasn’t she “in love” with nick? wasn’t she “in love” with lucas? wasn’t she “in love” with justin? now she’s “in love” with this dude?

    i feel sorry for miley cyrus. i really do. she’s going to be SCREWED UP when she’s older. damn.

  • Bella


    Miley never hooked up with Cody Linely or Lucas Till (she never said she’s in love with him). Justin and Nick were the only confirmed relationships she has had. Neither were her co-workers. What are you talking about?

    I swear people make crap up.

  • pearl

    i swear all the anti-miley comments are soo stressful, i dont know what you guys did when you were 16yrs old, but for me i realised that i was 16 and that was the funnest age for me; boys were big for me and mind you so were the other 16yr old girls around me, i guess all the people calling her names are totally abnormal sexually or were/are total losers at school or in their lifes…cz man! you guys never give her a break, so what she’s dated more than one guy,ah….duh, who here has dated one person their whole lives, and there r people out their who whenever they date some one great they think they are in love with them only to realise it was lust/a crush,if this all seems out there for you then dude, u R abnormal…sheesh….lay off and let her enjoy being a young adult i.e 16 onwards……

  • sean84

    well am gald he denied hes dating my gf cuz am dating miley in my dreams lol

  • mileyfan

    people who make up crap r crap lolz

  • Missy

    He is pretty ;]]

  • Ana Laura

    Esse Liam é um mané e é muito horrível
    Eu acho que a Miley deveria ficar com o gato do Lucas Till ele é uma graça e é um rapaz direito.

  • LAURA :)


    omg Liam Hemsworth is so HOT what are some of you on bout! Have you seen his abs? – well do cause WOW