Jennifer Stone: I'm So Proud Of Selena

Jennifer Stone: I'm So Proud Of Selena

Jennifer Stone brings color to the red carpet as she steps out at BFF Selena Gomez launch party for her debut record held at Siren Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday night (September 29).

The 16-year-old actress revealed to JJJ that her favorite song off of Sel‘s new record was definitely “As A Blonde.” Jen shared, “I love it. It’s an anthem about how girls can change one little thing and it makes you feel like a totally different person.”

Jennifer continued, “I’m so proud of Selena. She’s wanted this for a long time and worked her toush off and it’s finally paying off. The album looks great, I saw her perform the other day and she looks like a new Hayley Williams (from Paramore). She’s the coolest and she’s worked so hard, it’s nice to see it all pay off.”

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  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    i am so proud of her too

  • Anna

    that outifit is an epic fail :/

  • mac

    Hailey Williams?ok..if she thinks so..but Paramore!datz a strong thing 2 say.

  • http://deleted Jolie_No1

    you go Jennifer & Selena!!!!!!!!! =D

  • Anonymous

    im very proud of selena shes my love(:

  • none

    I love Jennifer Stone. Her outfit is cool. Jennifer I love you lets make babies together.

  • blah

    @mac: yeah i know.i love jen but shes totally wrong, dont even think of comparing parmore to selena especially when she sang live on dancing with the stars
    hayley williams is a god when it comes to music!

  • Adam

    @blah: You do know that Selena was nervous while performing, right? That was her first televised performance. When she was at the Roxy, she totally owned the stage. There are better videos of that night on YouTube.

    As for Hayley Williams, can’t argue with you on that. She owns in music.

  • bruin

    bad comparison, just bad.

  • kevin

    this bitch ! better not compare selena to hayley.
    HAYLEY is an amazing female rocker with a hard, yet soft
    voice that fits with the whole alternative beat. selena just TRYS
    to be a scene/emo/alternative rocker, WHICH she can’t pull off.
    SELENA just quit. serously.

  • Alex

    Probably not a good comparison i think selena has a better voice i like paramore but she has a kinda raspy voice. And quite frankly paramore is not proper rock real rock would be most the songs they play on the radio station the rock and never in a million years would they play paramore

  • kevin

    @Adam: soo what ! even if it was she shouldn’t sing poor. first or last, its suppose to be a strong performance, and that was weaker then weak. she should have done good. and for the ROXY performance, she STILL did terible. better than this performance, but still terible overall.

  • sandra

    What is this girl on? The outfit needs to go back to the second hand store.

  • none

    @sandra: There is nothing wrong with Jennifer Stone’s outfit. She has a good tast and always dresses like a normal person.

  • kehinde

    selena album>>>>FAIL!!!

  • kstewfan

    second Hayley Williams??? Are you kidding me?I don’t think so,I’ve seen her live it’s horrible!! Sorry the truth hurts.

  • kstewfan

    Go Hayley!!!

  • kstewfan

    Selena is lying to her fans,have you ever heard her in her videos?She can’t do those high notes–what not even to sing,I’m not surprised all of her songs are edited!

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/LAURENXOXO12 selenaFAN456

    omg thats my fave song off the CD too!go selena!..and jennifer!