Miley Cyrus is LBD Lovely

Miley Cyrus is LBD Lovely

Miley Cyrus keeps it cute and classy in an LBD as she arrives for City of Hope’s 2nd Annual Concert For Hope held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (October 25).

The event will benefit lifesaving cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer centers.

A repeat of last year, Miley is donating 1 dollar from every ticket sold during her Wonder World Tour. Last year, Miley raised over two million dollars for the organization.

20+ pics of Miley Cyrus inside…

Miley Cyrus & fan with cancer sing “The Climb”

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Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images
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  • Delsy

    Love Miley she is so sweet.

  • tess

    like her outfit

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    she is stunning!

  • aNNI

    just love her style!

    visit my website!

  • vic

    wow she looks really skinny

  • mileyfan

    FINALLY! a site thats nice to miley \:D/
    at E! the readers are kinda mean to her
    also at celebuzz im going to be visiting
    JustJaredJunior a lot more now :)

  • http://Maximummileyfanpage MAXIMUM MILEY FANPAGE

    miley looks amazing as always..I wish I could have seen the concert;) i saw her in September she was fantastic:) Miley is such a pro and stands above all the current Disney Stars;) So much talent and a huge future after Disney..and she is so sweet to donate all the money she does to charity 2Milliion last year and much more this year..Miley has earned her success and as she said..” if you do like who she is ..sorry you don’t have to be a fan” I agree 100% way to go MIley;)

  • melissa

    She so gorgeous!! Lover her <3

  • Jannii

    Wow, I saw the video w/ the lil girl.. really I so NOT a fan of Miley.. but that was really cute and at the same time it maked me so much crying.. =( .. God bless that child..

  • mehdi

    Is So Cuty With The little Girl

    I Love Miley She’s So Beatifull!! ans sweet

  • nadeeya

    for the first time, I think she really make a good choice of outfit.
    not too much, not too simple, but not complicated.

  • tess

    i’m proud, that many Disney stars do different charities, it’s a great thing

  • jenny

    This is the miley everyone loves lets hope she shows more of it cuz i will be behinf her 100% of the way

  • Ange

    Miley AMAZING!!!

  • ashlee

    I love Miley


    AWWWW ! and they say miley is a bad girl ??? miley we love u


    and u look stunning !!

  • =)=)=)

    i didnt see it cause i know i will cry =( but as far as i can see i think it was very sweet and kind of miley 2 do such a thing =) and she IS a good role model 4 sure ! love her outfit love her makeup love her extra touch love everything ! and i %1000 LOVE MILEY ! and that is not the only girl ( god bless her ) there also was another u know the one she gave her one of her bracelet ! god bless miley ! and VOTE 4 MILEY !

  • Gossip Girl

    The thing with Miley is, she never gets credit for anything good she dose in the media. All the media rather talk about is something they can make a scandal of to make people hate her more. When in the end, they only make her RICHER! GO MILEY! That little girl is the luckiest thing EVER!

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    @Gossip Girl: i love u !

    MILEY LOOKS HOT ! and she did such an amazing job out there . miley <33 jesse <33 demi …

  • Mayra.

    amazing as always, Miley is incredible even I (Im 20) admire her so much!

  • billythekid

    @Gossip Girl:

    That’s correct. Miley is very much one of the most hated kids on the planet. Not much anyone can do about that. However, she is also one of the most loved kids on the planet as well. Remember, there is no love without hate. But is it the fault of the media? I doubt it, it’s really just the way her teenage girl – and older women – see her. Some love her to death, while others despise the very thought of her. It would be really hard to name another person alive right now who is at the same time, more loved and hated. It’s a crazy world.

  • dcstarinthemaking

    she sounded horrible, i know she had strep or H1N1 according to Cody Linley lol, but yeah not good….but good for the cancer thing though but why would they want a whore singing for cancer paitents?

  • Mamic

    i cried when that little girl went up on stage with miley last night… last night was amazing. love jesse, demi, and miley for doing this.

  • Chastity

    I like Miley. I don’t like her personality or style or anything, but I think she has a good heart. She does look cute too, but “classy” is really pushing it…

  • riana

    i dont like her voice and wtf is up with her hair

  • Megan

    omgosh. im almost crying. miley is way too amazing for words. wow. and for everybody who thinks shes a slut or a bad role model, just look at this. THIS is the real miley. shes unbelievable. wow.

  • heat

    She has such a huge heart. That was SO sweet of her to bring that girl on stage. Honestly I had tears building up seeing that. Miley has one of the biggest hearts out there.

  • brittany

    this is why i love miley.

  • kim

    awww:( i dont like miley but she was really sweet i almost cried:( miley thats the side we wanna see

  • Vic2763

    Miley’s such a huge star and ppl who have a point to make cite her as an example, whether its valid or not, knowing their article will be widely read and commented on. She’s not perfect, but has a genuineness to her that many, including myself, admire.

    Miley has a special ability with these kids that is especially endearing. I dont know if I could do it with such grace. And, she is lookin beautiful as always. The cute girl is becoming a lovely young woman. Many child stars lose their appeal as adults but Miley with all her talent, grace, and charm is transitioning very well.

  • KL

    i love how there is one person outta a gazillion that decides to make a bad statement, srsly go shove yourself.

  • mary

    :) im loving all the love and respect on this site :) it overshadows the “hate” if people only knew, that hating on someone else (epsecialy someone u dont evn personally know) only brings more hate into your own lives.

    PS- miley did a great job!

  • Annie

    I think she looks better this time around, her look is more calm, relaxed etc.

    Last year she was too all over the place and she didn’t look good (in my opinion).
    The colours, textures and actual pieces of clothes didn’t go together, maybe alone each piece would shine but it was too much.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @Gossip Girl: OMJ! I couldn’t agree with you more than I already do! You’re smart! Hahaha :P Miley is a sweet, caring person! I love her! People say terrible things about her that aren’t even true! That’s why so many people hate her. She may have made some mistakes but don’t we all? “Nobody’s Perfect”! :P
    Love you, Miley Cyrus! :)

  • amaliemiss

    when I saw this I almost started crying!! I showed it to my mom and she was like aaaaaaaaaaaaw….that’s soooo nice…….really nice…and that little girl is adorable!!

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    @dcstarinthemaking: why did you say that / she did nothing to you ! dont be so mean OK ! MILEY IS THE BEST !!! SHE HAS A GOLD HEART ! and nobody can break it !
    MILEY <3

  • omg!!

    i think alot of people were shoked when they saw this ( im not one of them ) because they always thought miley was a bad person and she just proved 2 them that shes not i bet they felt sorry about the things they said about her . miley is such a beautiful girl inside and out !
    ps : she looks amazing i love her body ! and she did such a great job and shes so not a **** , BUT she is a great role model if u ask me !

  • jimmy

    You know who is the luckiest and happiest guy in the world? He is someone that can win Miley’s heart :)

  • blabla

    Now I have so much more respect for her she’s so amazing!

  • Mony

    omg when i saw that i started to cry!