Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Sao Paulo Pair

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Sao Paulo Pair

Taylor Lautner lets out a big laugh as he and costar Kristen Stewart attend a press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday afternoon (November 1).

The duo are in South America to promote their upcoming flick, The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

When asked about why she thinks the vampire series is so popular, Kristen answered, “I think it’s because it is much more than a vampire story. The whole world can compare with the characters in one way or another. Okay they are vampires and werewolves, but they are basically characters. They have human feelings. After all, it’s a love story. Assigned to the most extreme possible, but it is a love story. We use the plot as a metaphor for that.”

10+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

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  • Serena

    What’s with Kristen’s hair?

  • Julia

    I live in Sao Paulo, and I got the chance to see them in the airport.. I went to the hotel, but I didnt see them in there…

    the security wouldnt let this happen :(
    But they went to eat “churrasco” and my friend saw them!!

    sooo sweet!


  • Mariana

    I SAW THEM IN THE HOTEL!!!!!!!!!

    I spend the night there, too..!!

    hahaha taylor gostosoooooooooooooo venimim.

  • Fernanda

    they’re heeeeeeeere!!! yaaaayyy!

  • Mariana

    I live in Sao Paulo and I saw them in the hotel.. Kristen is SO small and SOOOO skinny!

    swett, though :)

  • Julia

    Eles ja foram Fernanda :(

    they are now in Mexico! not in Brazil, anymore.

  • Julia

    But I saw them in the airport.. Kristen is SO small and SOOOO skinny.. sweet though.. and Taylor.. omg.. no words to describe him.. haha!!

  • Jasmine

    Kristen looks so adorable!! Love the outfit

  • Dani

    podiam ter vindo pro rio, igual os jonas :)

  • Lisa

    Ha! I saw her too, she was leaving Brazil. She was in an armored car followed by 5 other cars. Everybody was screaming her name, me too!
    She’s VERY! beautiful in person, better than any pic, the only thing I was not expecting was that she be soo tiny, skinny too.

    She’ll b back next year, can’t waitt.
    ciao Kristen Brazil loves u!!

  • twilighter

    Queria que eles tivessem ficado mais… T-T

    Argh! I know the fans were all sorta crazy, and that was awful. I know Kris and Tay were scared. The worst is that, the fans’ acts maculate the country’s image.

    HEY WORLD!! just so you know: WE’RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT, okay?!?!?!?!

  • Graziella

    Cara!! eles estavam tão perfeitos… eu nem acredito que eu não estava lah!!! mais td bm neh…
    Terá outras oportunidades… [espero] #BrazilLovesKristenAndTaylor

  • lovebug

    Kristen’s eyes look sad though. Hope she’s OK.

  • Nataline

    i really hate kristen’s hair now.

  • lovebug

    Her demeanor was more upbeat last year when she was promoting the first Twilight movie. I miss the innocence they all had one year ago.

  • Emily blunt

    Kristen’s style is very European, delicate, feminine, but tough too. She looks great, but the girl could probably use a break, stat.

  • min

    Kristen looks cute

  • Shakaiya

    Kristen’s hair is fine. I don’t know why people are making a big deal about her hair, it’s going to grow back. I think she looks beautiful.

  • Chloe

    Stepping out of her comfortzone of jeans and tshirt, Kristen looks great!
    A lot more girly than we’re used to but she can pull it off!

  • jules

    beautiful girl. ugly boy.

  • Katie g!

    yeah i thikn her hair is okay, i miss the long brown cause she looked awesome with it – but i wouldnt mind if she let the black grow longer
    i actually like one of her outfits! haha usually her style is way more out there then mine but this is okay

  • justme

    team Jacob!

  • jan4ik

    i like her outfit =) (and her hair is not THAT bad!)
    it’s sweet
    and taylor looks always grogeous!

  • ceci

    I LOVE KRISTEN!!! I dont care Taylor……

  • helen w

    whoa, she looks great. very friendly. and the hair is growing back? hm.. too bad. i loved the mullet style

  • serena1994

    wow. kristen looks great. so happy xd

  • tess

    love her outfit, but not fan of hair

  • Raissa

    Love the outfit and the hair! She looks so delicate and feminine! and of course Taylor looks hot! I can’t believe they went to Brazil when I’m not there! so unfair! just hope they come to London! If anyone know anything about a fan event in London, let me know! I’m desperate! Thanks! anyway, never realized how much I love them until now! Love you guys so much! hope 2 see you in London! xoxo!

  • TwiNutter

    we know. thanks for sharing that. :)

  • alexia

    Brasil tomando conta do JJJr hahahah

  • claire

    her outfit is so cute!!! shes gorgeous..but i wish she like pulled her hair back in a sleek ponytail or a messy updo with her bangs pulled out of her face. her hair kinda looks like she just took a shower.

  • anonymous

    in the 5th pic it looks like taylor is looking at kristens but (i say wat i see)

  • JessicaBrasilForevers2

    Não estou acreditando até agora! *-*

    I’m not believing until now! *-*

  • Lila Leon

    I didn’t see them…but I hope the Rob here in Brazil…! Please Rob, comes to Brazil too!?!?!?!?

  • jayckson lucy

    You guys are sooo lucky. I live in the Netherlands. They will not come here. Sadly. But they look great. Although it would have been even more awesome if Rob was there, too. But at least they will do London, Paris, Madrid and Munich together.