Taylor Swift Sweeps the CMAs

Taylor Swift Sweeps the CMAs

Taylor Swift still gets amazed by her fans as she takes a moment during the 2009 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday evening (November 11).

The 19-year-old songstress swept ALL four categories she was nominated for — Music Video, Album, Female Vocalist and ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR! Congrats, T!

Taylor said in her acceptance speech for Female Vocalist of the Year, “I just hugged Kris Kristofferson! I want to thank country radio, for taking a chance on my music a few short years ago. I want to thank Reba and Faith Hill for being themselves. I want to thank everyone in this room for not running up on stage.”

Congrats, T!

FYI: Taylor was wearing a Antik Batik tunic with LaRok leggings and paired it with Everybody boots during “Forever & Always”; She also wore a Tracy Reese dress, Old Gringo boots, House of Lavande bracelet, and Everlon earrings during “Fifteen.”

35+ pics inside…

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Photos: Rick Diamond/Getty
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  • jo

    congratulations to taylor! she has the biggest selling album of the year, so she definitely deserves it.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    LOL at thanking everyone for not running up the stage. Congrats Taylor! You deserved it!



  • tamra clifford

    Congrats to Taylor Swift

  • Jess!

    Congratulations to Taylor!! =D

  • diane n.

    aww, yay.
    congratulations to her. she definitely deserved them. (:

  • j

    YEAH TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  • SJS

    :) She looked great & definitely deserved 3 of those awards. I didn’t like the F&A performance, but she did “Fifteen” well.

  • http://twitter iluvmtrostation

    omg congrats tht is so awsum you desevre all of them u rule

  • cam

    Congratulations to Taylor Swift! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!
    I am still jumping for joy. Love it! Youngest artist to win CMA Artist of the Year! WOW! What a girl – won all 4 awards she was nominated for. I love what Reba said about Taylor. I love Reba too! She is an awesome singer & such a supporter of her fellow artists. Reba is a lovely lady.

  • amy

    What did Reba say?!

  • Ariana


  • jo-jo!

    congrats tay!! :) totally deserve it

  • Just Jill

    @amy: She stood up when Taylor was announced as winner in all four categories

  • bruin

    cannot believe she won vocalist
    i mean really?

  • vanessa

    ok not to b mean but How many CMA are there i remember seeing like 2 already this year idk it seems like theres alot lol but woo….taylor won no surprise there………

  • Amanda

    Omg Taylor I love you and Im so proud of you!! Congrats!!!

  • Shelby


    there are three big awards shows for Country music:
    the CMT (Country Music Television) awards
    the ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards
    and the biggest the CMA (Country Music Association) awards

  • Babiivfanforeva


    She’s done so well and I wish her all the best for everything!!

    She looked so gorgeous in the photos!!! She totally deserved it!!

  • Belle

    Ha Ha. That’s funny. Thanking everyone for not running up the stage. Classic Taylor! I’m happy that she won!!!

  • Bob Brown

    Define Superstar, Princess, American Champ and I give you Taylor Swift.

    Drop the dark Joe Bro burn resonation kid and earn the title “Class Act” as well, Taylor. Good on you kid!.

  • Evie

    Okay, sorry. Entertainer of the year? Did anyone SEE the other nominated artists perform? They’re amazing! Puh-lease. Taylor can’t sing live for ****. And I’m not being ‘jealous’ or whatever fans always accuse people of being. It’s just a fact that her voice is always off key. Why doesn’t someone like Keith urban ever win? Now he can sing AND play guitar. Proof:

  • christine

    congrats !

    i love her, she totally deserves it (=

  • annie

    i love taylor,she deserves it more than others so,….

  • me.

    LMFAO. that last line pwns.

  • idc


    I agree. She doesn’t even win BEST VOCALIST EITHER. Tbh she has one of the worst voices in the nominee list. I mean Carrie lost to Taylor? like wtf. Tbh everybody (aside from Taylor) in that vocalist list have a MUCH MUCH better voice than taylor.

    oh btw her songs aren’t even country anymore. She has more of a pop voice.

  • Cassandra

    @Evie: I cannot believe she beat Carrie.Oh well she is gonna beat Taylor at the Grammys.Sorry fans but she didn’t deserve two of the four awards she won.

  • olivia

    “I want to thank everyone in this room for not running up on stage.”

    hahahahahahaha! I love taylor.
    I was hoping she would win all of them, especially Entertainer of the Year and I’m so glad she did because she totally deserves them all! GO TAYLOR :D!

  • Lauren

    congratulations taylor!!!!
    she definately deserves it shes one of the most hard working young girls out there!!!
    and to have her winning all these awards just proves how great she truly is!!!

  • cam


    Prior to the show Reba said she voted for Taylor for Artist of the year because Taylor worked hard and is very talented. I’m paraphrasing. Reba is such an encourager & always supports & give accolades to her fellow artists.

  • Tiffany

    She deserves it! Here is who made her dress http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • Amy

    they are ALL amazing artists & somone had to win. I am glad Taylor had the opportunity to win & also had the support of the country music artists. The thing I love about country music artists is that they are a family & support & encourage each other & are pretty humble & are genuinely happy for each others success’. Many Rock/Pop/R&B/Rap artists could all take a few lessons from country music artists & could use a dose of humility too.

  • tamra clifford

    I just love your Music, you seem like such a awesome person. Congrats!!

  • jess love jb

    Taylor DOSE NOT deserv to win a country award. mabey a pop award but not country. she is not true country.

  • shermaineeee

    she neeeds to drop that kanye thing.. got too old, too fast

  • tamra clifford

    Yea Taylor!!!!

  • tamra clifford

    The pis of Taylor are so beautiful!!

  • tamra clifford

    You are so awesome!!!

  • tamra clifford

    Congrats to you!!!

  • tamra clifford

    Taylor is coming to Fresno in April I can’t wait to see her!!!

  • tamra clifford

    Congrats Taylor you are awesome.

  • tamra clifford

    Your music is so awesome.

  • tamra clifford

    You looked so beautiful!!