Emma Roberts: Wild Child Out On DVD Now!

Emma Roberts: Wild Child Out On DVD Now!

Emma Roberts walks with her sister Grace (wearing a Delicious Vinyl tee) around the Grove as they do a little bit of retail therapy on Saturday afternoon (November 14) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old actress and her sister, along with boyfriend Dathan Kuppin, stopped off for some ice cream after looking around in Nordstrom.

Emma‘s film, Wild Child, is out on DVD now.

Also starring Alex Pettyfer, the flick is about sixteen year-old Poppy (Roberts) is a spoiled rich kid getting and doing everything she wants. But when a prank goes too far, she is shipped off to a British boarding school. No cell phones, no designer clothes, no fun. At her wits end she sets in motion the ultimate escape plan involving the head mistress’ son (Pettyfer), but she soon realizes that he could be the reason she wants to stay.

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jessica

    Her boyfriend is hot!

  • jo

    oh i didn’t know she had a sister. how many siblings does she have?

  • lmao

    i got the dvd a long time ago.. great movie:)
    btw her sister doesnt look like her

  • Midz

    Lol thats funny i brought my sister the dvd along time ago
    wow it only just came out in U.S now!
    Thats her half or step sister thats why they dont look alike!

  • holly

    yeah i got the dvd a longgg time ago too! it was really funny. very english with a bit of american. haha

  • Carolyn

    Hey Emma – why did you cheat on hot Alex Pettyfer!!!!!! Not very nice.

  • HeyyHEYY


    I believe that she is only her half sister, which may be the reason why she doesn’t look so much like her.

  • ashley

    really? the DVD’S only out in the US now? lol my friend bought it ages ago ha ha

  • nathalia

    i love ‘wild child’ it’s a great movie (:

  • daniela

    love wild child too …. and i want to see the usa version!!!! and…wait his name is Darren …isnt Dathan ?

  • Karen

    Alex Pettyer is so hot and cute in this movie.

  • sarahsmiles

    There’s only one good reason to watch this movie, and his name is Alex Pettyfer.

  • pearl

    i got the dvd ages too…lol…..what? she cheated on alex pettyfer? how do you know that? why they even dating?…

  • justme

    her and Alex Pettyfer dated from last year to early this year. Poor Alex

  • me.

    oooh, i love wild child! alex and emma looked so cute together.
    …but didn’t the dvd came out long ago?

  • rose ann

    well, her boyfriend looks like edward in the main pic…

  • Lexy

    Alex and Emma dated. He was in love with her. He even tatooed her name on his ring finger and and ER or his wrist. Then his friends saw her out with another guy. He never comments about it only that it is personal. He is a total gentleman.

    Alex Pettyfer is the hottest – he is so funny and cool. They did seem cute as a couple. I know he seemed very hurt.

  • http://hotmail.com gaz!!!

    Never knew she had a sister. WOW!!! I love Emma ! Ha, that’s funny, WildChild’s only out in The States now. It’s out in DVD here since January or Feb. I have it w ages. It came out like a year & 3 months ago.

  • Lena

    lol i also got the dvd a long time ago like in janurary something like that and all my friends r jealous ’cause i live in germany and will take wuite a while still till it comes out in dvd

  • Lexy

    Emma – how could you cheat on Alex!!!! He is great – you really hurt him. You are not very nice.

  • http://www.twitter.com/littlest_Gomez Fernanda

    i’m soooooooooooooooo jealous!!! i wanna be emma’s sister too :(