Taylor Swift Stiffed By Sports Bar

Taylor Swift Stiffed By Sports Bar

Taylor Swift keeps turning heads as she arrives back at her hotel after a long day in London on Thursday evening (November 19).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old musician treated herself to some horseback riding in Hyde Park.

According to TMZ (via OK!) Taylor is now involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit lead by Broadcast Music, Inc. after learning of a sting operation in Idaho revealed a small sports bar was ripping her off.

According to the lawyer connected to the case, BMI enlisted someone to investigate the situation at The Sports Cellar bar sometime last year, and the investigator noticed the bar was playing Taylor‘s songs, which they had not paid for the rights to. She’s now suing for unspecified damages. Eek!

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Credit: Ringo/ Jesal Parshotam; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous and amazing! i love her (:

  • tori

    she’s suing because a bar is playing her music? i love taylor and i know theres probably some legal crap involved but that seems so snotty of her.

  • suhyeah4

    wow, Taylor I think you have enough money. ;) suing for something as trivial as this is embarrassing.

  • zena

    Yeah, I’m sure this bar can’t really afford to handle a lawsuit as big as this. I think that they should just be seriously warned, and the lawsuit dropped. The economy is bad enough without having to deal with such a trivial lawsuit in rural Idaho.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Taylor looks so gorgeous. She is grown Up in to a beautiful young Woman.

  • Taylorswiftrocks

    I don’t think it is ”her” that she is suing the bar. Do you think Taylor Swift gives a heck? No! It is probably someone like her magement or something. It probably illegal what they did

  • m

    So if I go to a bar and play Taylor’s music will I get sued too

  • adam

    i’m pretty sure it’s the record company suing, not her specifically.

  • michy

    Sorry… I play her music in my car. Am I gonna get sued?

  • Manuel


    it IS illegal..not only probably :-)

  • cam

    & @tori

    No it is not a small thing – it is a copyright thing & it is for protection of her music from being pirated or used without permission & without paying for it. It would be as if you worked at a job & someone else got paid for thework you did & not you. None of us would want that for ourselves – why should she. Taylor & her legal people are doing the right thing.

  • amy


    nothing trivial about a copyright infringment & the lawsuit is being led by broadcast music Inc. Taylor wriites her songs as well as sings them – & she has the right to her music being sold – NOT stolen.

    I happen to like Elvis’ music & read how Priscilla Presley & their lawyers stopped others from using Elvis image & music without paying for it – Others were profiting from Elvis & not his daughter & Priscilla built up Elvis’ estate for their daughter Lisa Marie & you can believe that Michael Jackson’s estate lawyers are also protecting his image & music for his children the ones that inherit his estate.
    Laws like these are made & meant to protect people. Why should anyone profit ILLEGALLY from someone else’s hard work.

  • lol


    that depends – Did you buy her music or steal it?

  • Carol

    From what i understand bars like that need a music licence to play live music and this bar dos’nt have one so there at fault not taylor

  • me

    I am a fan of her music and songwriting, so I am not a hater,
    but, yes there is a but, while it was wrong for the bar to play her music without permission, I think it is even worse to sue them…the bar will probably go out of buisness now. and she is already wealthy as can be… how mean.

  • chelsea

    @Taylorswiftrocks: i agree. It’s not only her that gets money of her music. The bar ripped off other people too involved. There’s her manager, songwriters, Big Machine Records, Universalmusic, instrumentalists…there’s a lot of people involved in making music. She herself does not have the right to just drop a case when others are involved.

  • chelsea

    @cam: agreed! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • http://www.youtube.com/edwardbeiia rebekahfish

    @michy: No because it is on the radio and the radio has bought the rights to broadcast it for you to hear XD

  • Hannah

    You know I believe that Taylor has gotten too big for herself. It is a little bar trying to entertain. She has made millions upon millions of dollars, your telling me she can’t let a bar play her songs. I’m very disappointed with Taylor.