Ashley Tisdale is Styl'd Sassy

Ashley Tisdale is Styl'd Sassy

Picking up a treat after her morning workout, Ashley Tisdale stops by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Wednesday morning (December 2).

The 24-year-old actress was spotted at the same place yesterday afternoon after running some errands around town.

Don’t forget to watch Ashley on the season finale of MTV’s Styl’d on Sunday, December 20th. Styl’d follows five different junior assistants in the fashion industry style different actors and musicians.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • Alesha

    the best !

  • Matheus

    Ashley should be nominated for a Grammy tonight. Who agrees?

  • Matheus

    and Ashley should do a wolrd tour and come to Brazil cuz we lover her!!!! <3

  • Matt

    Yay! Ashley rocks.

  • marcelo

    i luv her so mucchhhhhhhh. i want marrie her

  • rockdemi

    Woooow Ashley Awesome Love Youuu

  • lucia jonas

    I love her outfit!

    she is so sweet!

  • nathalia

    @Matheus: i totally agree with you

  • scheetah



  • Gonzalo

    I love you Ashley!


  • http://justjaredjr jenny.s.

    @Matheus: Really, you’re joking right?? I mean she is a good singer but she is no where near the level that is required for an artist to be nominated… but you know YOU can always dream… :D

  • marcelo

    @matheus and PORTUGAL TOO!

  • Matheus

    @jenny.s. Ashley has a incredible voice and work hard to give her best for her fans!!! And not only a good voice that let the singers try to win a GRAMMY also need charisma, musical quality and be a diva like Ashey … so don’t say anything anymore ok…

    PS: Ashley has sold more than 2 million copies of Guilty Pleasure … does better???

  • lmao

    @Matheus: you call an incredible voice the shouting she does? wow EPIC FAIL


  • hater


    A Grammy? Really? Her songs haven’t been playing on the radio…where I live anyway. Her album isn’t anything special, same ol’, same ol’. Ashley Tisdale doesn’t write her own songs, well some she does, but other than that nope. You’re delusional if you think she’s even being considered. Selling 2 million copies doesn’t mean you’re qualified for a Grammy. People have sold 15 million copies and not won a Grammy.

    Once she reaches the level of success Taylor Swift, or even (ugh) Lady Gaga reached, she can be considered. And jenny.s has every right to comment, as do you so don’t tell her what to do. How about you go listen to some real music? Than I’ll try to have a mature conversation with you.

  • hater


    Lmao, too true my friend.

  • hater

    Oh, typo. I meant *then* as opposed to “than”.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Ashley looks gorgeous,

  • Pauline

    @Matheus: 2 millions copies of guilty Pleasure? ha ha ha! She stayed 6 weeks on billboard 200, she couldn’t sell 2 millions copies! Go check out your sources again!

  • Susanna

    I don’t think Ashley has even sold 1 million copies of her first album (it took her a year and a half to sell half that). And I’m almost positive she has sold less than 500,000 of her second. When she fell off the Billboard charts this summer she hadn’t even broken 100,000, and if she had it wasn’t by much. On top of that, it’s been, what, 2 or 3 years, and she still can’t sell out a concert. All in all, hardly deserving of a Grammy mention, let alone a nomination. Let’s leave the big time awards to the big time stars.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    love the hat looks good on you..
    you seriously need to come visit your aunt, so I can meet

  • Qiana

    @Matheus: 2 Million Copies? Wow….the girl isnt that good of a singer. All she does is shout.

  • i love Chris brown


  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @hater: Thank you :D

  • Jannii

    she looks awesome and her album is great

  • April

    A Grammy for Ash?
    OH Please!

  • silvy

    she’s very perfect girl !!! I love her so much and I love her album !

  • ZJ207


  • ZJ207

    People who don’t like her, don’t comment! JJJ is a blog for fans. haters don’t have a place here. you can give an opinion but not criticize in that way! She should not just be nominated, but win too!
    Have you heard the Citadel Concert? She rocked it! And screaming? wow. it looks like you haven’t heard her since like… 3 months? So please, YOU check ur sources before talking non-sense! OK?

  • nina caplan

    shheee looks sooo pretty and so blonde :P

  • haha (:

    lol say what????????
    The girl only has sold 130,000+ – of her second album
    mote then that, she has NOT even sold 1 million copies of her first album .
    and you want her be nominated for a Grammy ??? ok that is a big LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL.
    Her songs and her shity voice are too lame for the Grammy (:

  • hater


    Anytime, I just hate when someone tells someone else to shut up (not exact words but you know) so I said what I said. So really, antime. :)

  • hater


  • gold baybay


    Lmao, I recently saw footage of her apparently “rocking out” at a concert. Her voice still sucks, with all due respect. Obviously, the case here is that YOU haven’t listened to true singers such as, James Ingram, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, etc. You liking Ashley Tisdale is none of my concern, but don’t even try to say she deserves a Grammy mention, let alone a nomination, let alone a GRAMMY! Anyway, this conversation is over since she wasn’t nominated for squat. Next year, let’s try this again.

    Oh, and get spelling lessons.

  • ashpha

    Being too ambitious in dreaming at times is not bad. Bad dreams of becoming a real performer needs hard work to become like Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson etc.. These legends everytime has new albums, even in one or two weeks it makes selling their albums like a hot cakes. And not a true blue wanna be’s in the scence. To be fair with Ashley, the gril has a personality and the voice. But becoming in the likes of the people I mentioned, she needs to work out more of her voice.

    I would love to see her concentrating on her acting career than singing. Its been 6 months after the released of her album. Too much for her doing some promotional album thing and engaging on free concerts.

>>>>>>> staging1