Miley Cyrus Shops Around Dublin

Miley Cyrus Shops Around Dublin

Miley Cyrus stops to snap a pic with two fans as she shops down Grafton Street in downtown Dublin, Ireland on Thursday afternoon (December 16).

The 17-year-old superstar, with lil’ bro Braison and her hair stylist, will be rocking out O2 Arena later tonight.

Miley stopped by her official site to write a bit on her cover of “Every Thorn Has It’s Thorn.” She shared, “Bret [Michaels] and I had a great time in the studio together just hanging out and making music. It was so surreal to have him sit down with his acoustic guitar and walk me through ‘Every Rose’ and then give me the opportunity to add my own flare and edge to it.”

She continued, “Bret is so passionate about music and it shows. I think it is such a rad collaboration because it shows that two artists that seem so different on the outside can come together and organically create something that we are both proud of.”

Also check out Miley performing at the Royal Variety Event in London earlier this month.

15+ pics inside of Grafton Street Gal Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – “Party In The U.S.A.” – Royal Variety Event
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  • Tiffany

    I love the photos where so poses with her fans. Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • Claire Norton

    what the hell happend to her last year I loved her style [appropriate, simple cute] but this year she dresses like a hooker she doesn’t have to be a role model and write kid music but she should at least wear what she was wearing last year this person doesn’t seem like Miley anymore she will turn out just like Lindsay etc. her parents musn’t care what she’s doing as long as miley gives them her paycheck . I’m not hating on her [no rude replies] but every miley fan knows she’s changed too much.

  • VhuddyRiSH

    uhh .. i kinda miss miley!! she’s so cute! :)

  • Whats.up.with.that

    I LOVE GRAFTON STREET. the shopping theres soo good, i was there last month to see the jonas brothers

  • Hannah

    She’s growing up! She has a good voice, she’s ready for a change. Everyone just needs to accept the transition.

  • WOW

    @Claire Norton:
    I agree!


    I lovE u Miley, you are the number 1. Happy 2010..

  • Yolanda

    Claire Norton: Has it ever crossed your mind that the Miley of last year wasn’t the real Miley, and just some prepackaged Disney product? She has came out and said Pop is not her style of music but yet she sings it, hmm I wonder why? Because she is controlled by Disney? I am glad she is losing the Disney image and is starting to be real, the Disney image was the fake facade she was carrying around and folks now are calling her actions fake which is hardly the case we are now getting to see Miley as Miley, not Hannah. Besides that she is growing up, and don’t tell me when you’re going through the transition of child to young adult that you don’t make stupid decisions and change your style and mind repeatly until you find what feels right and what makes you in in this case her happy and that is all that matters, not that your children are happy and not that you are happy with her life, but the fact she is happy with her life. Because after all it is her life and career we are talking about here and its basically none of yours or anyone elses business. If you don’t like what she does on screen, on stage, in the recording studio, her clothing or her personal life, then don’t buy into her music or products its as simple as that. But that is all you or anyone in the world has the right to say about how she chooses to live her life. Also I would like to tell the parents who bitch about Miley being a bad role model to shut up and get a clue, its not the job of a celebrity to make sure your little darling is raised right, its yours, if you weren’t up to the responsibility of raising your child then don’t have them and quit blaming actors/singers/media/tv/video games ect. for their bad behavior blame your parenting skills.

  • nathalia

    i kinda miss miley.. i love her.

  • pouty

    i’m not a fan… i usually don’t like her style and… everything about her. but i’m loving her new hair color, it brightens her face and make her look great…

  • pouty

    she has beautiful eyes!

  • Erin silver

    im going to see her tonight cant wait

  • x

    @ yolanda i couldnt have said it better myself. thankyou! :)

  • MileyFan will


    I agree with you Yolanda 100%.

  • MileyFan will

    @Erin silver:

    You’re gonna love the show Erin. I saw her last month and it was by far the best concert I have ever seen.

  • C

    When I was a “tween” we “looked up to” Britney, Christina, and the Spice Girls. Everyone makes such a big deal about Miley being too inappropriate or whatnot, but I’ll dig up some of my old CDs and posters from those years, and you’ll be wanting Miley back!

  • May☮

    she is 16!!!! I think that every teenager change his style from year to year!!
    I am not dressing like last year and all my friends too!.!!Hellooo!!!???she cant dress until death with cute pink clothes!!!!she grows….maaan


    @Yolanda: Very well put 100% true!!


  • Yola

    Oh my God! She can’t sing! Х__х

  • Holly

    @Yolanda and @Claire Norton calm down. shes changed, she hasn’t changed who cares we don’t know her! all i know is that she has great style, writes amazing music, is very talented and is just acting/dressing like any other 17 year old! Yet over it :)

  • joecool

    @Yola: Yes she can sing,she just doesn’t lipsync like the people you listen to live!

  • melanie

    I love Miley! I think she is so pretty, funny and talented. But..has anyone else noticed how much skinnier she’s gotten? Maybe it’s because she’s burning so many calories on stage from tour and stuff, but I just think she looks soo little! I hope everything is going well, she looks happy. :]

  • trinafinlay

    thats mee on the righttttttt –>
    wooo that was amazingg:) she is so nice :) <3<3

  • natalie

    miley was a good dancer in the video but she should wear better clothes i luv the clothes but kids wont undeerstand y she wears them
    luv u miley kool pics

  • daydreamer077

    lol oh boy more clothing is disappearing!!! great…… shes about due for another controvery…

  • olivia

    @Yolanda: I agree!!!!!

  • sweetiepieireland

    omg seen miley’s concert in dublin last night:D
    she was amazing…..

  • chastity

    I don’t like this hair color on her. I think it washes her out. She looks so pretty with light/golden brown. But she looks happy! So that’s good :]

  • shannon

    i think people should honestly leave miley alone and let her grow-up. Really just leave her alone.

  • me

    Wow Braison has gotten so tall!