Miley Cyrus Clears Up Quotes about Angelina Jolie

Miley Cyrus Clears Up Quotes about Angelina Jolie

Miley Cyrus hates being misquoted during her interviews.

The 17-year-old actress/singer sounded off on her official blog following a report that she pointed out and talked down on Madonna and Angelina Jolie‘s parenting styles.

Miley wrote, “I don’t know why people love to misquote me but they do. So when I said ‘children have no say in the matter’ with their pictures being taken I am talking about when psycho paparazzi who follow people around and take pictures of their little ones!”

She continued, “I NEVER said ANYTHING about Madonna or Jolie doing a photo shoot with their kids! That isn’t taking them to the playground or for a walk and having a bunch of creepy men flash cameras in their face! Kids should be able to go out in to the world and enjoy it and really live in it. Those photographers take a lot away from their childhood! It is unfair and should not be allowed.”

Irish Central has previously quoted Miley as saying that she “really disagrees” with how the two older superstars were placing their children in the public eye.

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  • DionAAA (:

    christmas is my birthdayy as well (: love JJJ <3

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Miley has the video of the interview to back her up (check You Tube). They flat out twisted her words. She never dissed or criticized anyone that I saw. Stupid scandal hungry tabloid trash journalism. Stay strong Miley (and come back to Twitter).

  • Jen

    People really need to stop looking way to into things. They always take anything Miley says and turn it into something bad.

  • youbelongwithme

    Miley World is dumb. People pay 30 dollars to exclusive stuff from Miley and people posting those stuff is making it a rip off.

  • fearless

    miley miley, when will you learn?

  • =)=)=)


  • =)=)=)

    @Jen: I AGREE ! and those people have no lives what so ever ! i mean who spends their time twistting other peoples words ??? i’m telling u right now those people are sick ! they need to stop it !

    and im thankful and proud of miley for sticking out for her self and defending herself ! you go miley !


    she looks very beautiful in that pic !


    AND I H . A . T . E OCEAN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • kelly

    she looks better than them ha ;)

  • kelly

    pretty ;)

  • kelly

    i said that already right ? ;$

    well, i just love her so much ! ;*

  • kelly

    @fearless: ???

  • dodo

    Just wanted to say that Miley is awesome and that she has better things to do than waste her time talking crap about others:)
    Goo Miley:)

  • jenny

    WOHOOO go Miley your strong enough to make a stand and i totally agree with you

  • Dee

    when WILL she learn? please. she’s gone through so much, personal life, her career and all these tabloids. and you asked, when? hah. the answer is already there :) when will YOU learn?

  • rania

    her boyfriend liam is violent :(

  • ashytisdalefan

    Wow. I never heard Miley so angry, people need to stop mixing her words up.

  • cry no more

    you go miley !

  • cry no more

    @DionAAA (:: well arent you lucky , HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • taylorlautnerluver

    im proud of miley because she has been stepped on enough and came and stuck up for herself i am really proud and she is right about the paparazzi


    i totally agree! miley didnt even mention madonna or angelina’s name. stupid tabloids are just jealous of miley so they are making her life more miserable.
    we are behind you miley! love you.

  • billythekid


    What do you mean, when will she learn? She has nothing to apologize for here. I saw this article posted by Irish Central 4 or 5 days ago before other crap rags were copying the stuff they were saying, and even before i got a chance to view that Expose interview, which they based their article upon. When I first read the article I was like, “oh boy” not again, but after watching the video it’s extremely clear that Miley never dissed anyone, and that the interviewer is actually overlapping the interview with audio commentary afterward!!! She even tried to imply that Miley didnt like the X-Factor winner’s rendition of The Climb, when she clearly doesn’t say that at all! This way low-brow journalism at it’s absolute worst, with unscrupulous methods being used in order to start a controversy where none existed.

    It sucks when people twist words, but at least this time, the truth is there for everyone with an open mind to see for themselves.

  • Renate

    PLEASE go away

  • meghan

    the media that twist celebs words do it for money to turn fans against the stars. the media builds you up then totally ruins you

  • J

    People always changes her words!
    Stop doing it!
    Miley, you’re amazing and
    I agree with you!
    Those paparazzi need to calm down!
    Seriously! Those kids haven’t chosen that life!