Miley Cyrus Takes Liam Hemsworth Around Los Angeles

Miley Cyrus Takes Liam Hemsworth Around Los Angeles

Miley Cyrus and costar boyfriend Liam Hemsworth take a walk around the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon (January 6) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old actress is up for three awards during tonight’s 2010 People’s Choice Awards including Favorite Breakout Movie Actress and Favorite Web Celeb.

Miley chatted with Harper’s Bazaar mag about her upcoming flick, The Last Song, where she met Liam. She shared, “People will be really surprised when they see it. It’s pretty deep. I want to do edgier movies ” movies where you walk away feeling fulfilled.”

10+ pics inside of L.A. Lovers Miley and Liam

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Photos: RIV/ Fame Pictures
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  • love

    Thats the Miley smile i love

  • dianella

    noooo miley :( with liam noo u.u

  • Johanna

    For some strange reason i really like this couple.

  • Jen

    smiley miley is back :D
    and i couldn’t be happier(:

  • Megan

    @love: omg i agree SOO much. i think we all missed that miley. im super happy thats shes so happy with liam<3 that smile is amazing=D

  • Megan

    miley and liam are really amazing. shes SOO happy and you can tell. she needed this=) great couple. i hope they last a whilee

  • lila

    I love them together, Miley seems so happy! Wow she has been traveling all over recently! lucky girl :)

  • sienna

    i love this couple! and i totally agree with everyone, it’s great to see her so happy!

  • cg

    Anyone else think he looks a bit like Scott Speer?
    Or is that just me? lol

  • lids

    i know :) she’s so cute <3

  • lids

    @Megan: saaame :) so adorable and im glad he makes her so happy. now all she needs is for the paparazzi to give her a break! (and for liam to not screw her over and to be a genuinely nice guy until she’s done with him, not the other way around) lol

  • shannon

    love the pics of miley and liam..they’re so cute together :)

  • m

    They are adorable together!

  • Helluw

    They’re soo cuuuute! omg

  • Fophie

    Why does she always look so tense/stiff/uptight

  • Yay

    I’m glad Miley’s happy!

    I like them as a couple!!

    better than Justin!

  • Evie

    Uh, yeah. Like he would go for her, lol. He’s using her for fame! Sorry, Miley.

  • go sox

    @cg: Um, I think he’s 10x better looking than Scott. This guy is gorgeous!!

  • bizmark

    Her name was never mentioned at the People’s choice Awards. Not once.

  • amy


    agree about the fame thing – he seems to love the attention. something just does not seem right.

    sorry, but I liked Justin better – they seemed like to normal happy young people, riding bikes, going to the movies – none of this crazy “marriage” stuff (at age 17) – just crazy.

  • xxx

    They have been dating for less than a year and Billy Ray let Miley travel alone with Liam to Paris and Melbourne? What the hell is wrong with that man?

  • kami

    hope he’s a nice guy. miley seems to be growing up and acting more mature lately. this guy is way better looking than scott but that doesn’t mean much. looks doesn’t make you a nice person.

  • Sassy

    Why everyone got this bag? I saw Vanessa and Dakota have this bag

  • kayla

    they look sooo good together, i hope they are together for a long time, Miley looks happier than she has ever been before, and Mileys parents didnt let Miley and Liam go to Paris alone, One of Mileys Stage Managers went with them, and yes she went to Australia alone, but she stayed with Liams Parents, so it wasnt just the two of them!!!


  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous and he seems like a nice guy.

  • lol


    you are very naive if you think his parents being there would keep them from being intimate – for that matter she is so much in control of her parents that if they were there she would still do what she wanted. That is how she got to go to Australia alone, because her parents let her do anything she wants.

    I agree with XXX, what the heck is wrong with her father & mother.

  • Cassidy

    You dont even know him. I REALLY doubt hes using her for fame. He seems geniune. Justin was the one using her not Liam.

  • Kayla

    its called trusting her, wouldnt you like your parent to let you go if it was your bf or gf!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted Van Nguyen

    Miles is just a b!tch

  • paulc

    It’s a “movie romance”… as soon as the movie is finished showing in the theaters, the “romance” will be over…

    it’s purely all part of the hype for the movie… was the same for the last movie…

  • itsmeagain

    @Van Nguyen: Nope, just u my friend.

  • lol

    no it’s called stupidity – trusting your minor daughter going to another town for the day with her BF is one thing – but to another country so far away & staying at her BF’s house; who Miley’s mother has I’m sure already witnessed the way they are all over each other – is just asking for trouble. she is 17 not 21 – big difference. No parent I know would allow such a thing – but the rich & famous are pretty much out of control & get whatever they want because of money – even underage drinking. Just because this guy is an actor & the previous one is not famous does not make this guy any less likely to use her for fame, fortune & hanky panky (trying to word it nicely). I’m afraid we will see the Disney Queen fall off her throne soon & after all she has achieved as the most famous teen in the world that would be a shame.

  • http://dudu luiz

    vcs são d+ principalmente a miley cyrus e muito bonita e as outras tambem eu sou brasileiro valeu!!!!!!!!!

  • http://dudu luiz

    you are d+ , mainly miley cyrus , her and very beautiful etc and also the another were worth

  • vanessa

    miley is back and liam is so cute and fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just luv to see miley ray cyus smile

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