Miley Cyrus is Coffee Cute

Miley Cyrus is Coffee Cute

Miley Cyrus grabs a family off the street to pose with as she quickly picks up a coffee to go before heading to the hair salon in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon (Janaury 9).

The 17-year-old actress, wearing tattered and torn skinny jeans, was spotted out last night celebrating lil sis Noah‘s birthday at Casa Vega restaurant with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and her family.

While Miley was getting her locks livened, dad Billy Ray was in Los Angeles premiering his new flick, The Spy Next Door.

UPDATE: Miley, wearing a Obesity and Speed shirt, also stopped off at Maxfield department store for a little retail therapy.

45+ pics inside of chatty coffee lover Miley Cyrus

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Credit: Clint Brewer, RIV/Fame Pictures/WENN; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, GSI Media
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  • Nileyluvv

    Was she by her self?

  • olivia

    Miley is so cuteee <3

  • Aileen

    Miley Cyrus is so sweet and awesome.
    Gotta love her.

  • kjhgf

    LOL why is te little boy only wearing 1 shoe

  • dhdfh

    Love her outfit! Dresses cute.

  • victoria

    aww so cute!

  • Sherrie


    Lol… I didn’t even notice until you said that. Maybe he was in a stroller and when they took him out it fell off and they didn’t know?

  • kenz

    she’s looking really pretty lately. but i wish that she went to her dads premiere :(

  • treysongzluvr

    ya she has been looking pretty lately. she was always pretty but now she just looks really good

  • shadows

    Not too sure about the boots.
    Her hair colour is nicee!

  • Leila



  • m

    @kenz: If Miley went to her dads movie premiere she would steal the sportlight. besides it’s not actually her dads movie. It’s Jackie Chans movie

  • carolin

    she looks amazing like always xD

  • sg fan

    sheee looks stunninng xoxo :)

  • kali

    She looking really good lately. She seems so much happier than usual. I mean usually she rushes throught the streets and stuff but she stopped to take a picture with a whole family. Idk about you but she just seems way more happier and more into everything she’s doing.

  • sg fan

    btw! what is she drinking?
    i forgot whats it called. -.-
    i know its from starbucks

  • nicole

    wtf is miley weating?! who let their child walk off the house like this ?
    no wonder that old man is staring at her
    AND MILEY TEENIES plz dont use that bullshit excuse saying shes growing up! cuz thats not growing up that just trashy

  • just.let.go.

    awh… (:
    OU has so much more hate.
    JJ has so much more happiness.

    so different, i like JJ better(:

    miley looks so cute.

  • Jane

    finally someone that can think normally and nt all those obsessed fans saying bull to try and defend her.
    SHE DRESSES TRASHY and its IMPOSSIBLE to call her a good role model

  • go sox

    I am not a MIley fan, but I have to say, she’s looking really good here. Her face looks soft, her make-up looks simple, and her hair is pretty. Now if she could only stop talking a mile a minute….

  • rania

    She is so beautiful

    @nicole – What happens? is just a shirt

    nooo Liam in the pics .. Thank God :)

  • tia

    I LOVE how Jared conviniently didnt post pics of the shirt from the back, where she looks like Taylor Momsen 2.0. Im shocked her parents let her out of the house wearing the things she wears.

  • :}

    i saw this post on she looks really slutty not on these shots but her whole back is showing and theres a pic when she odering and theres a guy and old guy smiling and looking at her its so creepy it gos to show that miley shouldn’t dress like that unless she wats creepy guys to look at her

  • Billythekid


    Whats wrong with people like you and Nicole having trouble with what she is wearing, and blaming her parents for how she is dressed. Her parents cant control how she is dressed! She is not 14 or 15, she is 17 and can legally do a whole lot of stuff on her own accord regardless of whatever her parents think. At any rate, all you haters don’t amount to even a pin-sized pimple on Miley’s rear :)

  • sarah

    her shirt is nasty. she should support her dad he always does for her. shes a bitch.

  • Samantha

    Clearly she’s back to posing for the paps (and dreading every minute of it). She really does look great, that’s because her people set her look up. She looks good cause she’s actually wearing clothes, not like recent concerts. She looks happy cause she has a big strapping Australian sheep herder by her side and a cool 25 mil in the bank or more from her 5 month tour. Not bad for someone who just turned 17. However, looking at these pictures, I guess I’m out of touch, cause the first thought that crossed my mind was “hooker”. If that is the style, ok. If you parents don’t like it, then don’t follow her with your kids. But seriously, Miley, if you are conscious of the bible in the purse, you may want to look up the word “harlot” and that’s the perception you are leaving. How that translates into fulfillment or cash, I’ll never know. But you do look pretty, I’ll give you that.

  • ashytisdalefan

    So sweet! I love Miley Cyrus and that outfit is cute :D

  • lovemiley

    she is so gorgeous!

  • nicole

    hate to break it to you mileylover but JUST BECAUSE MILEY DRESSES LIKE THIS and she is a teen that its normal. sorry but not every teenager want to dress like a slut !

  • lol


  • carlyn

    woah ..
    thats a revealing shirt :S
    especially in the back..
    anyways, she still looks good :)

    what is she drinking? i forgot whats it called

  • sail

    she really gorgeous and she has a fantastic body.

  • Billythekid


    She isnt dressed like a wh*re or whatever crap you were trying to imply. All the important areas were completely covered up and all you can focus on is the bare skin on her back. You must attend nunnery school or something. At any rate, I suggest you cover your eyes the next time you leave the house, or when you eventually make it to the beach or the park, or wherever because you going to see a whole lot more than this Miss Prude!

  • Caroline

    Well, I’ll say she could have done a lot worse. In fact she has, on the days where she wears those ripped up, low cut shirts that seem to be straight from Mandy’s closet with a lacy black bras.

    However, it wouldn’t have killed her to wear a tank top underneath. It’s what I would have done.

  • Taya

    so cute <333

  • malak♥

    look at pic29 .. lol the guy with pink shirt looks funny !! looking at miley’s back :)

  • anony


  • Vic2763

    Luv this outfit. Miley has her own distinct sense of style. Its an eye catcher, but not overy revealing. The studded boots are really rad. Miley looks great =]

    I appreciate Milez willingness to develop & maintain her own identity irregardless of what others think. I would hope ppl will be inspired to be themselves and rage againts ideologues’ DONT BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF. Peace Out =]

  • Michelle

    she’s looking soooo beautiful, but I would change her top, it’s kinda trashy in the back. she looks pretty and happy though :)

  • fearless

    WHITE TRASH! fat slut

  • heat

    cutee. I like the shirt from the front, from the back not so much.

  • Skylar

    The back, looks like a spiderweb with a bra. Wow.

  • mcoserj

    miley is aways awesome! i love her and her outfits!

  • Ashlee

    looks like birds pooped all over her pants.

  • http://justjared bridgette

    wow. this girl think that she like got all growned up and stuff after making the last song, so now shes gonna make a new trend on web shirts, and wear darker edgier stuff. shess a fakee. i liked the old miley.

  • pimento

    if you like her shirt, go to this website:

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