Taylor Lautner Grabs Olive Garden Grub

Taylor Lautner Grabs Olive Garden Grub

Taylor Lautner strolls along pal Sara Hicks and dad Dan after they dine at Olive Garden in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (January 15).

The 17-year-old Twilight star will be among the many presenting at this weekend’s 2010 Golden Globe Awards. Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Cher will also be presenting.

MTV has labeled Taylor as one of the guys to watch in 2010. They shared just why: “Lautner can be seen next in Valentine’s Day alongside former flame Taylor Swift, and he’s all set to tackle the lead role in the Max Steel movie. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson will be seen in the romance Remember Me. In June, the two heartthrobs will once again have girls swooning in Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

WILL YOU BE WATCHING Taylor in 2010?

10+ pics inside of Taylor Lautner

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  • eunice

    omg! its sara hicks! his high school sweetheart.!
    i like her hair dark. (:

  • shadows


  • Shannon :)

    that’s sara hicks…

  • kate

    Thats sarah hicks! shes not a mystery lady :) lol.

  • Mandy

    That’s definitely Sara.

  • Amanda

    Wow! She died her hair too.

  • jeff

    he looks bored

  • Olivia

    Thats Sara Hicks … let me guess .. they are back together again lol..

  • elizabeth

    i think its cute that they still hang out

  • James Taylor

    I dont think thats Sara Hicks you guys are Idiots All you know that can be his Mom you Stupid people GOd your dumb if that was sarah Hicks dont you think Just Jared would’ve Noticed

  • Jess

    Wait…. mmm… I have to think about…. OF COURSE!

  • Tiffany

    that IS sara hicks!
    doesn’t everybody realize he always has lunch with her when he and someone break up: like shes his permanent rebound girl.

  • katie90

    That’s Sarah Hicks, she just dyed her hair black. Search on Google a pic of her and compare it to these ones. It’s her…does this means they’re dating again? I liked him with the amazing Taylor Swift…oh well..

  • http://deleted Yay

    Taylena :(

  • nathalia Braga

    he’s hot!

  • sweetness

    That’s his mom.

  • me

    haha last time she was Taylor’s sister (a previous post) now she’s mystery lady. Lol, its definitley Sara.

  • Annie

    Taylor Lautner out to lunch with one of his ex-girlfriends Sara Hicks at Olive Garden in Los Angeles this afternoon. The pair were accompanied by Taylor’s father, Dan Lautner.

  • ANSA

    LOL JustJared doesn’t know I guess but that’s definitely Sara Hicks :) There’s no doubt about that. We’ve seen too many pics of her to not know its her.

  • mech

    what’s up with her? are they best friends for life, or she’s girlfriend? evbery now and then we see them together… it’s confusing

  • Katie G!

    i like her hair! its so longg!!!! im jealous haha

    and i would have to agree – she is either his best friend or his permanet rebound girl.

  • haley

    wish they’re back together :D you never get over your first girlfriend very easily…

  • http://www.twitter.com/majusstew @majusstew

    impossible ): taylor can so much better and he and taylor swift are just perfect together.

  • kristy

    Such a beautiful couple. It’s good to see Taylor looking so relaxed and comfortable. He has always said that she is his best friend, but it appears that he is truly in love with her. They have been together a long time and I hope they can remain that way. Sara, help him stay grounded. Best of luck to you both!!!!!

  • http://www.celebuz.com Rossa

    i knew they would start hanging out she’s like his break up buddy he goes to her when he needs some care after a break up and it is Sara Hicks btw i think ther really good friends which is cool



  • cc

    I don’t find taylautner attractive at all. I mean he’s short and his body looks huge… and his face.. :/ i dont know but i don’t get his appeal. .

  • http://hollywood-hot-gossips.blogspot.com hollywoodgossip

    so handsome.

  • mari.brazil

    omg, taylor. i can’t belive that, you date this girl on high school. she was pretty, but now ???! she’s horrible.
    e voce é um galinha taylor. já namorou 1545481252515848941 garotas. omg, pega eu tb. this dark hair is horrible for her.

  • gossip-girlssx

    @James Taylor: errrrr, are you blind? “Taylor Lautner strolls along pal Sara Hicks and dad Dan after they dine at Olive Garden in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (January 15).” Noticed where JustJared sayss “Sara Hicks” Duhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Olga

    Taylor is so hot///
    but the girl is really ugly///
    it’s like a handsome & a witch///
    doesn’t he see it?

  • Aisha

    @cc get over it already. Since when is 5′ 10″ short? Wot, does every guy in ur universe have to b over 6 ft tall? If u don’t like him don’t follow anything he’s doing. Simple as that. He’s the ideal hight for his age. So get over urself. Seriously ppl, if u don’t like Taylor, just ignore him n any posts about him. Is that really so hard to do?

  • shauna

    jesus, poor girl. Seem’s he always uses her as his rebound, doesn’t he?! no wonder she doesn’t look so happy- I’d be pissed too. Not nice, taylor, not nice…

  • http://WWW.CELEBUZ.COM silly face

    wow i knew he was gonna be with her again thats his routine when he breaks up with someone he goes back to her its funny though that hes only walking with her in a few the rest hes by himself

  • http://WWW.CELEBUZ.COM silly face

    hes like walking by himself in most of the photo’s

  • http://justjaredjr.com melissa

    @James Taylor: Dude thats sara hicks……. not his mom… stop calling people idiots and stupid when your the one whose wrong.

  • leeloo

    oh TAYLOR looks HOT… as usual <333 love him!

  • Ronnia456

    Could it be possible that the reason he always seen with her after a so called break up with the air head celebrities girls is because maybe they have been friends all alone and when the rumors start, paparazzi just happens to take a picture with a girl that he been seen with on several other occassions but that picture just not worth much until after rumors are up. I think Sara is a genuine friend that people already know about. There paid to take pictures that start gossip people!!!

  • sharil

    They have always loved one another. They are perfect together!

  • rosaaaa

    OKKK yaa out thaer talyor is mineeee okkk

  • ughh

    He looks, kinda, idk… bored? And she looks mad lol