Selena Gomez: Good Morning Gorgeous

Selena Gomez: Good Morning Gorgeous

Selena Gomez offers up a full smile as she appears on Good Morning America on early Thursday morning (February 11) in NYC.

The 17-year-old starlet, wearing a lovely Mara Hoffman strapless dress, performed two of her hit songs, “Kiss & Tell” and “Naturally” off of her debut album, Kiss and Tell. Check out both performances plus an interview below!

Selena has a concert tonight at the Gramercy and then tomorrow, be sure to catch her on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Selena Gomez – “Good Morning America” Interview, 02/11

Selena Gomez – “Naturally” – 02/11
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Credit: JGM; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • cheskasg

    i love her dress and her voice is definately improving, she sounds great ! i love her she is mi girlll

    selena rock

  • amanda

    woo hoo amazing!!!!

  • amanda

    im so jelous of her beuty, seriously shes soo sooo gorgeous, i love her entire outfit….

  • cheskasg

    te amo selena mi amorrrrr dios q bella

  • july

    yayyyyy shes so perfect and talented…

  • Blaksey

    i cannot watch her singing. it is just so awkward. she has no stage presence and she just sways from side to side.

  • lqlq

    She also sang and Falling Down!She is the best!
    She sing great even she is sick…

  • nathalia Braga


  • Mayerling Poynter :)

    WOW!! O_O she is amazing!! i love her style!! :) is soo beautiful *-*

  • me.

    she was so much prettier when she was around 15.

  • marty_delight

    @Blaksey: You re right, I complitely agree with you! Even if I think she’s a great actress, well singing is definately not her thing! I don’t mean to offend or insult anyone with my aswer. this is just what I think.
    Personally I think Demi’s singing skills are way better then Selena’s one.

  • leesha

    @marty_delight: Agreed!

  • http://JustJaredjr Swacfanforlife

    She’s gorguess and seems like an amazing person but she should seriously stick to acting. Her voice is OK and I’m embarssed watching her sing. She just has no stage presence, as a singer. As far as acting goes she’s extremly talented. I still love her, even if she’s not that great of a singer lol

  • Destiny

    lol the Barney thing haha

  • Wiskey

    she doesn’t sing bad, but she just doesn’t have a voice for singing. She is stunning but I like her more when she acts then sings.

  • dina

    i love her dress, she look really cute in them!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    she is soo pretty! love her dress :

  • bravo51

    funny her audience is like all kids and tweens no one older oh well it’s the worst fan base you can have doesnt matter she will be gone in a year any ways

  • bravo51

    PS. selena get a wardrobe budget you work for disney you should be able to have a different outfit for your appearances and not need to wear the same outfit over and over again

  • kayla

    do u have the kiss and tell performance video

  • bravo51

    yes boy and girls this is the true state of music in this country when THIS goes gold…and real musicians get passed over and fad away thanks to this cr@p getting sold

  • itsmeagain

    Selena, I understand u want to try something new, but dear, We all know you’re not good at singing. Do what you do best and act. You’re one of the brightest actress on Disney Channell. The singing part however, well, that’s for Demi to handle

  • sds

    shut up selena you can’t sing

    stop it now

  • cravinganicecream

    I’m not a big Demi fan but I do think she’s a better singer. Selena is a way better actress though. And she is really really sweet too, sounded sick though.

  • Yola

    Her voice isn’t very strong, is it? But she’s very nice and kind.

  • vanessa

    she looks sooo pretty. i love her dress!

  • cam


    You have a serious hate problem going on. People buy what they like & they are buying her cd. Selena is gorgeous, sweet, & talented. Personally, I am sick of some of today’s artists that put on a circus act , half dressed & performing acrobatics. This is NOT talent – this is a circus.

    Selena did a great job on GMA , she is honest & pure in her music & singing & her stage presence will get better & better as she continues on. Great job Selena!

  • missdestinyhope

    She needs to get more active with her preformance besides just standing there fliping her hair around. That’s what makes her stage presence boring.

  • G.G.

    Selena is gorgeous! : )
    I think Selena is a better actress while Demi is a better singer.
    Although I do think Selena can sing and Demi can act…they are just better than eachother.
    Thats my opinion. Just sayin’.

  • megan

    I’m embarssed watching her sing

    Any person in a Karaoke sings better that Selena

  • teo

    People, Selena is SICK and maybe she feels tired for the antibiotics… anyways she pull through her performance :)

  • dina

    you guys are just jealous of sellena, that she can sing and you guys can’t

  • dina

    you guys are just jealous that selena can sing and your guys can’t! her singing and acting are great!

  • Amy

    she’s really well spoken for her age, and I admire her for that.

  • danni

    Giving your opinion on someones ability to sing is not being a hater. It’s obvious and I’m pretty sure Selena would agree that singing isn’t her strong suit. But the fact that she has the opportunity to give it a go…I’m proud of. I think she should really take some voice lessons for about six months because she has a great speaking voice and it could be turned into something better.

  • cam

    Your are right, but @bravo51 was attacking everything about Selena not really just whether she is a strong singer, but her clothes, that fact that her fans are young, & calling her m usic c__p, and that is hate.

  • michelle strauss

    yeah sure she is a great role model, in terms of never making mistakes.
    but seriously guys… talent wise.
    she cannot sing. she does not have a strong voice at all.
    people only say she can sing, because she is a positive role model and they only want to say nice things about her.

    she should stick with acting. it’s what she does best.

  • ME!

    SEL, is beautiful… but her voice it not very strong&& trust me i HATE to say this cause i LOVE HER=] as a 17 year old i will admit… that…
    but there are many people with not o very strong voices who are bigg…

    (taylor swift for ex. is incredible song writer… but she does not sing… she talk singss… && when she does sing… its sharp or flat or she just bounces around keys)

  • selly!!

    awesome!! My angell <3

  • Nessa:)

    I Love Her but everytime she peforms she always has a cold…but i do love her

  • Jess

    selena gomez sure has a voice. and man she looks amazing in what she is wearing. i want those shoes. well i want everything she has i just love selena gomez <3

  • haiffa jordan amman

    WOw amazing performance love her! Sel rocks you are so pretty I love youre dress!

  • bar

    AWWWW how cute barney! I love sel dress and it was an amazing performance wow! KILLER BEUTY

  • m

    I swear if they bring up Barney one more time…

  • Kokishihuan

    She is so talented and with this perfomances we can prove SHE CAN SING, i personally loves when she says “naturally”.

    Hey?! But where are the other performances I just naturally perfomance video!

  • Jasmin

    Selena’s so sweet! She sounds amazing! The Scene is playing the music Wonderfully as ever!

  • Harry Potter FAnatic

    agreeed too!

  • Lixxy_b

    She can’t sing… wow… she is not a good live performer at all! Stick to acting Selena.

  • emily

    not good singer !

  • Cassandra

    @sds: Selena doesn’t read your stupid comments.