Selena Gomez & Joey King: Grand Slam Sweeties

Selena Gomez & Joey King: Grand Slam Sweeties

Selena Gomez holds onto Joey King‘s hand as they head off to breakfast at Denny’s in West Hollywood on Sunday morning (February 28).

The on-screen siblings had cravings for a full breakfast and ended up ordering the same thing — A Grand Slam. Yummy!

Selena and Joey will be seen on the big screen as Ramona and Beezus in the film of the same name. The flick is set to open on Friday, July 23.

10+ pics inside of Selena and Joey

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Janey

    I love Selena & Joey. I can’t wait till Ramona and Beezus. Let’s take it to number 1 for Selena’s birthday gift & just because it will be amazing<3

  • sausage

    SELENA really is all about promotion hahahah she has to promote her movie with a little girl and she needs to be seen with her hahahaha. she all about money and publicity eh!

  • amabella

    really seriously you think this publicity. selena and joey are like really close i highly doubt that their doing this for THIER movie. why can’t they just hang out for fun. stop being a hater

  • kiana

    Selena is SO plain & boring. god get some personality. do something!!! she is like a robot it scares me. team miles & demz.

  • just me

    aww she really wants a younger sibling. i don’t think this is publicity cause these two hanged out a lot during their time together but i bet selena is always busy that they don’t always hang out

  • selly

    omg shup upp.. its not the first time theyve gone out.. or hung out. out of set. sooo get ur facts straight . get a life or go talk shi t about someone u actually know

  • kelly


    HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY HAVEN’T HUNG OUT? she’s been to things/hung out with friends without getting her picture taken. stfu!

  • Deen

    oh how sweet is this selena! she is awesome!

  • Elizabeth

    @kiana WTF team miles and demz? you just came on a selena post just for that.. wow thats kinda retarded :| anyways..
    selena is really pretty and joey is really cute :)

  • woo

    Selena is adorable.

  • woo




    Please go get some lives. Selena will always be a better person than either of you two jealous children.

  • Genesis

    I don’t understand wuy people think that Selena is a robot and that she fake and boring. She is a regular teenage,r she is very polite and thanks her fans all the time so that makes her boring. Thats how her morther rise her, her mom did a Great Job. And shegot really Close with joey when makeing the movie she like Selena little sister.

  • swiftfan

    Selena is great…can’t wait for the movie.

  • Me

    How can anyone not love Selena. She is Sweet,Talented,Intelligent and Gorgeous. The complete and total package. Some guy is going to be very lucky one day to spend his life with her.

  • mika


    Haha, you said it. Her twitter is 98% promotion too.

  • Erika

    I just love how people can just judge celebrities by pictures or their entertainment life. Seriously get over it, get a LIFE.
    If you don’t like them (like Selena Gomez) why do you even bother your time writing rude comments or reading about them.

    BTW Selena Gomez is a gorgeous girl and Great at what she does.

  • adam

    well time for the promotion and over hyping of the movie to start and why not drag your co-star into right selena. guess this means we will start to see some random*** tweets to joey king on selena’s personal promotion twitter.

    ***(by random i mean scripted and preplaned)

  • Cassey

    @sausage@mika:Really are you guys serious.
    Geez some haters are delusional.How is this a publicity stunt if the movies is only coming out in July wow this is ridiculous.And I agree with her not posting personal stuff on twitter and only using it for promotion any little thing she says is taken out of proportion i.e”Just had a great lunch.”
    People would think.”Oh my god she’s doing that to piss Demi off they use to have great lunches.”
    Or something as delusional as;
    “Can’t she think about those starving kids what a role model.”
    You guys clearly don’t like Selena in the first place so why come on her post.

  • Selaly

    Aww! Can’t wait for the Movie,
    Selena is gorgeous as always!
    She said she loves Joey, but she doesn’t have much time to hang out with her. She spent all of her time with Joey when they were in Vancouver.

    Haters need to STFU!
    Miley is the one all about promo, Liam is a jerk.

  • Stella

    anybody notice her shirt is appropriate since it is see through???

  • joe

    I can’t wait till Ramona and Beezus!!!!! i love you selena you are so sweet… joey king how cute+++

  • yadhi

    HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait 4 the movie”

  • Lilian

    nice shirt Selena, not.

  • dina

    i goness , she is not hanging ou the nick this time, joey is way better! even though selena and nick are just friends!

  • Jess!

    Selena is gorgeous

  • harley

    funny that selena is slammed for hanging out with her co-star for promotional reasons while pretty much every celebrity does the same thing…..

    they look cute.

  • Kelsey!

    at least nick isn’t part of this promotion breakfast LOL

  • mech

    they both looks gorgeous and reaaaally cute! ^^
    Selena is so sweet to take Joey to breakfast

  • Kyle


    you mean be annoying and slutty? Selena stay the way u are… she’s PERFECT

  • dally

    i’ll save my money and download it for free :)

  • j

    I love how when miley wears a see-through shirt she gets criticized but when selena does it everyone is like “how cute!!”. Am i seeing a double standard???

  • Adam

    @adam: How would that be promotion when her movie is still months away not even close to being released yet? Looks more like she’s having a regular breakfast and Joey King just happened to be around. Don’t be such a hater.

  • Mina


  • teo

    OMG!!! Some people here have SERIOUS problems… everything Selena does is WRONG?? REALLY?? You said all is publicity, she is boring or she is fake…

    Selena uses her twitter to educate her fans and give information about her schedule and plans. She does NOT post EMO tweets or BITHCHY tweets… if you dont like, DONT follow her :)

    Anyway, ALL HER FANS LOVE SELENA and its all that REALLY MATTERS :D

  • jan

    @Genesis: your right!!!!

  • jan

    my family and i just love Selena Gomez!!!!!

  • Gossip Girl

    okay, does she have any shirts in her closet that are NOT see-through?

  • adam

    Love how now just like out of the blue with the movie coming out they start hanging out :) nice promotion.

    what i said it call me hater. sorry your flucks can handle opinions that snot my problem it’s yours.

  • Micheal

    @blair:I completely agree with. Especially when u say that half the things Miley says aren’t true. She says that she doesn’t like pop music or listen to it that much, women ur two idols britney spears and micheal jackson sings pop. people are just bitching bout selena cuz ya all know shes perfect.

  • Joey

    @adam yeah thats how promotion works you dont do it like a day before you start a several months before and get people talking. IE: these pictures are part of it. i love how selena fans call every one a hater if they dont have complete blind love and devotion for selena.

  • dally

    i like every thing about that.

  • Healy

    lets check

    selena just added joey king to her twitter a couple weeks ago after the announcement of the movie release. check…despite claims by selena speds her and joey are friends. selena hasn’t talked about joey since the ending of filming and only just recently started to say anything about her.

    selena has not been seen with joey king from the time the movie ended filming until now. check

    now they are seen going out for breakfast and the “paparazzi” myself i don’t think they follow her. i think it’s that blond girl she is “Friends” with who takes these pictures. check

  • rukawa07

    they’re both so cute!!
    and LOL @ the people saying this is a promotion…her movie is MONTHS AWAY!!!

    and what about miley and liam? they also have a movie which will be shown next month..does that mean that whenever they hang out they’re just doing it for promotion? LOL.

  • Ella

    They really look like real sisters!!

  • dally

    is it weird im looking at pictures of selena and the song from motorhead – jailbait just came on!!

  • 12_hey

    It’s outstanding how people don’t let other girls get away when they show some skin even if it is with a seethrough shirt, and here is Selena with a shirt that flashes her upper body and she can get away with it!

  • heather

    aww they look super cutee

  • vanessa

    Uhm. this is hardly a promotion technique, she hung out with Joey and she has always said she would like a younger sibling.

    She isn’t boring, i admit her interviews are kinda her saying the same thing over and over again. But just cause she doesnt cause scandals or anything.

    Anyways, she looks gorgeoous and fresh- faced (:

  • pauli

    @sausage hoeny youre in wrong post…. you mean ugly vyrus… cause that b!tch is such a famewhore and always do everything for publicity… such a loser!!! selena is amazing and perfect!!!

  • pauli

    @kiana damn it what a loser you are??? you scares me you idiot!!!! dont make a fool of yourself… well why can i expect for someone whos miley fan??? dont be so jelous of gorgeous selena honey…. and seriously get a life loser!