Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Farm Friends

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Farm Friends

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner reunite!

The former rumored couple and Valentine’s Day costars were spotted out lunching at The Farm in Beverly Hills with T‘s mom Andrea on Wednesday afternoon (March 24).

After lunch, the duo hopped in an SUV which took them back to a Beverly Hills hotel.

Swift, who was out last night with BFF at a bowling party was seen getting close with Glee star Cory Monteith.

FYI: Swift is wearing head-to-toe American Eagle: crochet trim tank, braided band skirt and skinny braided lurez belt.

30+ pics inside of Taylor squared

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • annoymous

    Looks like T-Swift is becoming a player.

  • amy

    shes gets around a lot O.o

  • lalaland

    lol pathetic

  • James Taylor

    they should get back together swift with corey is a mistake

  • katie

    How does this mean she gets around? A female is allowed male friends.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_doodadoo _doodadoo

    Yayyyy!! I really love taylor and taylor couple *w*

  • m

    It’s nice that they can still be friends.

  • md


    exactly what i was thinking!

  • ace

    I think she is catching up with her LA friends, as she has been touring non-stop around the country.

  • mika

    LOVE her. She’s so … I don’t know the world but ‘perfect’ comes to mind. :)

    I love her casual outfits, so pretty.

  • annie

    It’s cool being friends… but didnt she just go on a date with cory from Glee?… WTF.

  • Karen

    This is nice that they can remain friends. She’s obviously learned from Joe Jonas.

  • Ericaaaaa(:

    She’s hanging out with her friends. Quite with the hate. I don’t remember that being against the law. Smh, at some of you.

  • amy

    @katie: i didn’t mean literally. Just saying shes ‘friends’ with a lot of guys lol
    not trying to start anything, just didn’t want people to think i meant it in like a negative way!

  • Ericaaaaa(:

    I agree with @ace
    she’s been touring. All she is doing is catching up with her LA friends. :)

  • swiftfan

    I don’t think they ever really dated and don’t think they will….like her outfit.

  • lucy

    @swiftfan: yes… probably they never dated

  • Carrie

    I am still gald that they are still friends. I can’t to see listen Taylor S new music when it comes out.

  • Ashley

    She brought her mom with her? I mean I like my mom but I wouldn’t bring her on a date or to hang out with a guy friend. Kind of weird.

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    I’m sorry, but just because a guy and a girl hangs out, doesn’t mean they’re dating. I personally hang out with a lot of guy friends. Does that mean I’m a player and I’m dating all of them? No.

    I love her outfit. She looks adorable. And happy. And I agree, I think she’s hanging out with her LA friends before she has to tour some more. No one said anything about her being on a definite date with either Taylor or Corey. Until she confirms something, or they’re seen together on an actual date, I’m not believing anything.

  • anonymous

    Awesome that they are friends….hmmm…maybe this means that there may be a TAYLENA reunion in the future??

    One can hope :)

  • amy



    exactly what i was thinking!

    I agree with both of you.

  • ashytisdalefan

    She gets around a lot? Wtf? Wow.
    Um.. she could just be friends with every guy she hangs with you know?
    But anyway, cute couple <3

  • http://! fearless

    cool she has a lot of male friends, sometimes they are better than female friends

  • leeloo

    OMG love TAYLORS! They’re the best couple! HOPE they’re dating!

  • Holley

    Hey, when your on a date with 4 other friends around. Last time I checked that’s called a get together with friends. Now if Cory Monteith was as hot and fine as Taylor Lautner is, which he don’t even come close to, now I would need a chaperone with a friend like Taylor. Beside they where with their agents or something like that. Just friends I believe, but it was nice to see them together again because I love them both. Ain’t that Cory guy is like 30 or something. Something is wrong when you can’t hang around people close to your own age. hmmmmm

  • Barb

    Well, apparently there were 6 people on the table with them and 2 people were reportedly his publicist and her publicist. So, this seems work related or they are hammering out another publicity stunt for these two. Cause if you are friends why bring publicists with you for lunch.

  • Serena

    Is it just me, or do they both look like they’re not talking each other?

  • blair

    they are just friends. which actually makes me happy, because he really is too young…

    she looks adorable as usual.

  • fearless(:

    does anyone know where i can find her purse?