Selena Gomez: Caffe from Carette Patisserie

Selena Gomez: Caffe from Carette Patisserie

Selena Gomez has her hands full as she leaves Carette Patisserie cafe in Paris on Thursday morning (April 1).

The 17-year-old actress,wearing Melinda Maria‘s Teeny Pod Hoops, is in the city to promote her new album, Kiss & Tell.

Selena just recently launched her new, official site. head on over to to check out exclusive pics, blog posts and tour dates!

In case you missed it, check out Selena seeing the sights of Paris!

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • lulu

    Wow! How pale and skinny are her legs please?! Wish mine were like that, so jealous! x x x

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    LOVE her outfit! she looks soo Pretty!

  • abby

    WOW she looks stunning. And for once looks her age. She looks like a 17 year old instead of a tall 12 year old like she does all the time.

  • disneyfan101

    wow she look like kim kardashian in the pictures.

  • abby

    Her legs need a tan ASAP.

  • Sara

    she looks pretty in this!

  • vanessa

    uhm, shes beautiful.

  • LC

    wow looks great, but it must be FREEZING COLD in Paris right now !!

  • LC

    & hahaha the men in the background :)))

  • anonymous

    Selena looks so pretty! I love how sophisticated she looks when she straightens her hair, especially with her sense of style. Amazin’!

    Love her!! And I am soooo excited that her website is finally up!! yay :)

  • sammie

    I’d hate to have everybody look st me…

  • M

    Why does she need a tan? You don’t need one to be beautiful, i think she looks stunning pale as does Demi Lovato and Kristen Stewart

  • Beiza

    Love her outfit.. She usually dresses so normal, it’s nice to see her in something chic and sophisticated… Being in Paris has certainly made her more stylish …

  • nathalia Braga

    wowww.. she’s gorgeous

  • rukawa07

    omg! gorgeous!^^


    omg she is cute,looks hot,I want your style selena is the best :)

  • michelle

    she does NOT need a tan. i rather her be pale than to be burnt to a crisp.

    shes gorgeous the way she is

  • jessica

    shes so pretty.

  • :)

    wow.. when did she go from cute to hot?!@#$

  • wow

    @LC: exactly – those old men staring at her is totes creepy!

  • ally

    uhm she looks overdressed for just walking down the street. even in paris. well maybe she had a meeting or some promo stuff but still. I mean, a mini skirt and heels ? whatever

  • zack

    holy shizzz she looks freakin hot
    seriously what happened to her ?! she used to be this little cute chick but now …woah she’s hot

  • Naomi

    she looks cute! i love her outfit! it’s so sophisticated! :)

  • harley

    she looks gorgeous. i love her style.

  • boutax

    Miley used the hair like that in the last song premiere and like everyday now. Now selena. … Copying miley?? I dont think the hair like that suits her. Her ears look so big but the outfit looks her age finally!!!

  • EvErY1RoXx

    wow. lookin good selena! i like her ‘womanly’ looks alot. & i agree with whoever said about her lookin like a 12 yr old, she usually looks like a really tall middle schooler. :/ but always pretty none the less.

  • HMMM

    Her legs are so skinny, but she looks pretty :D

  • so pretty

    she is generic looking but still pretty

  • -

    girl is looking good!

  • swiftfan

    very cute!

  • Danielle

    OMG!! She looks so beautiful and sophisticated :) Selena is beautiful inside and out <3 She does not need tons of makeup or provocative clothes to look gorgeous. I love her outfit!!!

  • http://kiki Qwonique

    she so talented in meany way

  • Amy


    Oh please, do you know how many girls wear that hairstyle, including tons of girls who are not stars. Selena looks good with her hair like that as does Miley. Stop the drama.

  • m

    Hell no. Selena is no Kim Kardashian. You need to get your eyes checked dude

  • http://selenagomezcaffefromcarettepatisseerie justin

    selena gomez is the best lady of new york city

  • Cassandra

    @boutax: Shut up!Miley is not the first person in the world to do that kind of hair

  • pauli

    @boutax sorry teenie but selena used her hair like that before miley, besides miley looks horrible with her hair up, her face are huge and fat, her cheeks are big and looks soo fugly, unlike selena cause she has an amazing face is sooo pretty….. so shut up!!!

  • pauli

    btw selena looks totaly breathtaking, shes so freakin´gorgeous, has the most amazing style is super fashionable!!!! shes definitely the best!!!!!

  • mika

    Whoaaa, who’s that lady?

  • shezara

    she looks just absolutely gorgeous. luv her style, sophisticated, classy and confident

  • pauli

    selena is a fake b.itch every thing she is doing is for self promotion her so called site seeing the other day she wore a mic pack! why do you wear a mic pack to go site seeing? disney robot she has no self respect and no spine and none of her own opiniions she just copys the others

  • aysha

    I luv da earingz and da boootz
    wished i waz like ha

  • Carrie

    I really like her outfit. She is so pretty. I can’t to see new episodes of Wizards.

  • lily

    @pauli: Shut the fuck up and get a life pathetic loser.

  • Selenafan#1

    @pauli I totally agree with you.Selena looks awsome with that hairstyle,Selena is tje most beautiful person in the world.but miley is ugly.

  • jasmin

    She looks so grow up. I can’t believe our Selena is going to be 18 in a few months. Selena is a very Beauitful person.^^

  • 23256526

    Selena’s style is way better than mileys.
    Selena never had any bad outfits.

  • Carla

    She looks soo stylissh and smart. :)
    i think Gomez should teach some1 how to dress well (;
    or recommend her stylist to that SOMEONE.

  • athena

    wow im loving selena’s outfit in this.
    she is a hottie this one ;)

  • joe

    So hot sel!!! omg you look so good