Joe Jonas: Relationship with Demi was Unexpected

Joe Jonas: Relationship with Demi was Unexpected

Fans rejoiced around the world when Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato declared their couple-dom.

Joe, who stopped by Radio Disney this morning with his brothers Kevin and Nick, dished to Popstar! mag about their newfound relationship.

He shared, “It was totally unexpected. But the fans have been great about it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about “Jemi”?

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Joe Jonas on “Jemi”
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  • Dania


  • amy

    i like both Joe and Demi, but this relationship is between them and its becoming way too over hyped.

  • clara

    demi e joe! ♥

  • abby

    Will these two EVER stop talking about eachother? A relationship is between TWO people, not two people and the whole damn world. Its not going to last if all their ever doing is talking to the press about it.

  • Danielle



  • ellie

    Joe should get with chelsea staub!!!! I do NOT like jemi at all!

  • ashytisdalefan

    I love jemi but it was unexpected for me and I’m sure for a lot of fans. I didn’t ever see them dating. I knew they had chemistry but they always said it was a brother and sister thing which is weird how they all of a sudden aren’t like that.

  • XoXOxo

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who is sick of hearing about Joe and Demi … Who cares?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean seriously they need to get a life and stop flaunting their so called relationship which is clearly farcical!!

  • Tamara

    @amy-I think that it’s over hyped because people have been waiting and hoping for three years that they would get together. It’s only been a month since it’s gone public, but it will die down soon. As for me, I think it’s cute! But I think that they deserve some privacy too.

  • ashytisdalefan

    @abby I agree with you. I’m not used to Joe being so open about his girlfriends. He never held hands with Taylor or Camille. So thats another strange point. But Demi is in love I can tell so she of course will brag about it, she seems more into him than he does her. Joe is always so private.

  • molly

    @Dania: ME TOO!!!

  • Skye

    Haha. I am not rejoicing about Jemi…what’s going to happen to their relationship as best friends if they break up?

  • DemiRawrrrrr


    :l How’s it their fault they’re getting asked about it and ‘flaunting’ their relationship would be them brining eachother up and not the interviewer :/

  • hijj

    Ik wth. they were always like aw shucks we’re like brother and sister and now they are like dating, i mean if they are happy i support them

  • melissa

    i think joe and demi are absolutely precious <3

  • dani

    They are so cute together! I wish them all the best :)

  • joan sebastian isaza restrepo

    i hate jemi

  • Astrid Helene

    I think they look good together!


    unexpected?? no way,, surprising YES,, that was one of the best news ever !! i´m still shocked of happiness THEY´RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER, i´m a jemi fan since Camp Rock and i knew it that some day they would be a couple.

    LOVE JEMI <33

  • Jules

    Come on! He’s not going around talking about her.. people ASK him about it…it’s not like he declared his love for her here…he just says ONE word!

    The media and SOME fans are really excited and interested in this relationship! It’s not Demi and Joe’s fault!

    Some people need to chill a little bit..

  • Andrea


  • Diana

    i love Jemi, i´m really happy for them, they look so comfortable and truly in love :)

  • romina

    jemi is the best!!!

  • abby

    @ashytisdalefan: I don’t care if their dating or if they speak to the press every now and again but ALL their interviews since people found out have been out their retationship. They need to learn to tell the interviewer no privite question, because if they don’t soon, they’ll never see 6 months together. It would just be too much for them to handle.

  • lovebug

    “Fans rejoiced around the world?” What planet are you living on, JJJ? Try as much as you want, but the fact is, alot of fans see through this BS relationship and think it’s very awkward. Especially after they shoved the “we’re like brother/sister” line down our throats for the past three years.

  • chris

    I agree with several of you. Joe and Demi, please stop talking about yourselves. This is so overhyped. I’m at the point that anything they are doing, I don’t want to see or hear.
    And Andrea, I hope no 17 year and 20 year old get married. They still have a lot of growing up to do. Age (they are young) does not mean maturity (they are not mature).

  • Bethany

    Jesus! Can we stop with Jemi already? Its so annoying. Do we even hear about the “other” Jonas couple anymore, you know, the one that is married? Bring on Kenille!

  • lulu

    Urgh, I’m fed up of Jemi! That’s all I hear! Joe should be with Chelsea S anyway! Tbh, I’d rather discuss what Nick’s done with his hair on the video! x x x

  • jessica

    eh jemi is just a publicity stunt. thats all there is to it.

  • Angelica

    Um, it’s not like they’re going up to interviewer and saying YO ASK ME ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP. They only bring it up when asked.

    I think it’s a thousand times more healthier for their relationship to be open about it rather than hide it like it’s something to be embarrassed by. That’s the very reason why Taylor/Joe never had a chance.

    I’m happy for them, and I really think that they got a good chance at making it past the crap of hollywood.

  • Cecile


  • Anna

    i hate jemi. they couldn’t be more PR hungry. it’s pathetic really. how they openly talk about it..talking about how they fell in love. it’s not a fucking coincidence either that CR2 is coming out in like a month.

  • Anna

    they need to both stop fucking talking about their relationship already. yeah, we get it, ur “in love”, you’re happy, you’re into incest.
    honestly the MAJORITY of people can see through this “relationship” and can tell that they’re just a PR stunt. you pretty fucking blind/stupid if you think it was just a coincidence that sonny season 2 and CR2 are just/ about to come out. and that they just released a song together.
    neither of them have EVER been this open about a relationship. well except for demi and the whole twitter/trace thing. she won’t shut up about it either.

  • neena

    I love Joe! And I agree….it was QUITE unexpected. ;)

  • Sarah

    They’re adorable together. They’re getting asked about it, it’s not like they’re just randomly talking about each other. Funny how people think this is supposedly a PR stunt, but Miley and Liam aren’t/weren’t. Neither couple is a PR stunt, get over it.

  • Bethany


    Its been working for Nick. He just tells the interviewer that he wants to talk about the music and not his personal life. Just recently he dodged a question about Selena by diverting talk about Kevins marrige. Joe and Demi WANT to talk about it

  • Vanessa lover

    @Cecile: But that doesn’t mean they need to answer them.

    I’m sorry but I am getting tired of them talking about each other in interviews, going to places where the paps are, making out infront of the paps. I’m sorry but the relationship doesn’t seem real to me. Like if they are in it for the heck. I’m not a fan of the both of them, but I hope they are not in the relationship for nothing.

  • Erika

    @SOFIFREYDEL: sorry to burst your bubble,but “JEMI” is fake.You can totally tell that it’s a PR stunt.

  • Samantha

    Unexpected? Interesting, since he told Ryan Seacrest that they always knew they’d end up dating. I’d say “it’s totally unexpected that my dad told me I have to pretend to date her.!”

  • overated.

    Its getting quite annoying really.. There are way too many posts about them claiming how their ‘so much in love with each-other’. Please.. They were fine first but now.. its getting too much.


    I used to like Joe and Demi but nowadays Joe is looking majorly fuity! And Demi used to sing about the LALALA Machine or whatever but it seemes she has totally changed and become just like every other Disney star…. I used to dislike Miley but I’m startng to like her more and more everyday, and her and Liam don’t have to flaunt what they have, they have a natural chemisty and its cool to see. Its nice that Demi and Joe like eachother but do we need it shoved down out throats?

  • Bethany


    IKR? Its like Joe is trying to compete with Kevin about how much PDA one can show over the other. Well, Joe, you’ve more than won that contest in the last month.

  • jessica

    @Bethany: exactly. it just means that this “relationship” is a publicity stunt.

  • rachel

    if they are gonna keep talking bout each other and their relationship in interviews, it ain’t gonna last….this is so a publicity stunt for camp rock 2

  • Bethany


    LOL! Yup, and whenever you see Kevin and Danielle, its a loving couple holding hands, smiling at each other and little kisses here and there. There hasn’t been the full-on kissing pics from them in a long time, and even those were done in an expectation of privacy like in Kevins car. Demi is pretty much all over Joe and throwing slobby kisses on him at the drop of a hat. Its odd!

  • Sketch

    Suck it up biatch. If you dont like Jemi then thats fan, but leaving hateful comments about them, and calling others who disagree with your OPINION is bang out of order. Seriously stfu hoe. >_<
    They are really cute and Joe is such a guy. Thats wasnt unexpected they always had jemistry. I knew they would end up dating since Camp rock days. This is not a PR.

  • Tinker

    I saw it coming long time and I honestly don’t think it’s fake, I love Joe and Demi together and I think they are perfect for each other.

    I think everyone should just chill out and stop getting so angry and mean about other peoples life. If you don’t like Jemi or your tried of them don’t read post that says Jemi or Joe talk about Demi or vice versa.

    How don’t you guys expect it to work if you keep saying it won’t. Being public or private has nothing to do with how long your relationship will last. It all depends on the people in the relationship. None of Joe’s private relationship ever worked out so who’s to say this one won’t.

  • http://JJJ LAUREN

    No they are not cute but fast becoming pathetic. Their stories dont add up and this whole relationship is based on lies. its a great start. If they wanted to they can and should avoid personal questions as they have before managed quiet OK in keeping their private life just that PRIVATE. im sick of seeing tow bad actors working the PR circuit promoting such incest and lies. This is ridicolous. if kevin and Nick can keep things toned down and private so should Jemi. enough is enough already.

  • K.Leigh

    @chris: And you know them well enough to be sure of their maturity?

  • Christina

    @amy: I agree. It’s getting annoying now