Victoria Justice: Teen Queen Title is Crazy!

Victoria Justice: Teen Queen Title is Crazy!

Victoria Justice chats it up with Barbara Walters during her appearance on The View in NYC on Wednesday morning (April 21).

The 17-year-old actress is still shocked about her teen queen title. Vic shared, “It’s crazy. It’s crazy that I’m even being considered in that category. I’m just happy to be a teen and to be working, first of all. To even be called the ‘teen queen’ is crazy.”

Also check out Victoria‘s mini-interview with Zap2It below!

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Credit: Donna Svennevik; Photos: ABC
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  • hazel

    miley is the teen queen

  • jessica

    wow why is she so damn gorgeous?
    i mean really she is soo pretty and i love her outfit. and victorious is an awesome show.

  • bobo

    she totally is the teen queen. she is soooooo gorgeous!

    @hazel: Miley is the wh*re queen

  • annasaurus

    she’s not a teen queen by any means. she’s a lady in waiting.

  • harper

    Well, someone should tell the new teen queen that her show didn’t even make the top 25 this week…

    So how did she earn that title?

  • A

    @harper her show was in the top ten on itunes downloads this week, that’s how she earned that title.

    victoria is gorgeous and extremely talented.

  • biikaa

    BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! are you joking?!?! she is in no way even a teen queen, this is ridiculous… no offense to any of her fans…. but she has a long way to go before getting the Teen Queen title…. at the moment the teen queens have to be Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miranda Cosgrove just to name a few… like i’ll say again… she has a long way to go.

  • hazel

    @biikaa i agree with you. miley, demi, sel and miranda did many things before they were proclaimed teen queens or princesses

  • LC

    wow she soo looks like Nina Dobrev, it’s scary haha :)

  • Jules

    Um..Miley IS and WILL BE “teen queen” until she can no longer fall under the “teen” category. That’s just the way it is.
    This girl is just one of the ones cometing for Miley’s queen spot after she leaves Disney…

  • yoyo

    She’s pretty but not a teen queen…Miley & Selena are the most famous teen queens! Even Demi & miranda can’t call themselve a teen queen because they’re not famous like Sel and Miley!

    But I wish her all the best!

  • fanybecks

    oh come on, miley was the teen queen, now Demi is the teen queen :)) . and victoria justice?? who is she??

  • 123

    looks a bit like nina dobrev

  • leticia

    OH BOBO THE ONLY WHORE QUEEN IS Selena that girl has a different boyfriend every month. But I do agree with everyone else Miley is obviously the Teen queen.

  • bobo

    @leticia: selena is not fucking with older men! she can be friends with guys without fucking them. unlike slutty miley

  • vanessa

    pretty as heck!

  • leticia

    yea ok bobo whatever you think

  • leticia

    So Selena was only friends with Nick Taylor L and DAvid Henrie? Thats why there are pictures of her making out with them.Face it Selena cant keep a steady relationship and acts s#utty alot.

  • Aria

    who said she was teen queen? where is that posted?

  • dude

    seen the huggin’ & hanging’ out ones.. the “making out” pics can be chalked up to photoshopped or misidentificiation (cough, david’s ex gf). for example, just a couple yrs ago in the rollingstones mag – jobros’ rep wanted to take out the pic of nick huggin selena. *yawn*

    regardless, dude i wish i could even a huge from selena! uhh.. isn’t this post about victoria btw? she’s cute too.

  • nohaterz

    hah shes so funny!!

  • dude


    *regardless, dude i wish i could even GET a huge

  • nohaterz

    @leticia: um last time i checked david henrie and selena gomez never dated!! she said hes like her actual bro!!

  • jasmin

    Victoria is the best! I believe there are many teen queens and she’ s one of them!
    I love her and selena!^^

  • Galinda

    Spare me, please. If anything Miranda Cosgrove is Nick’s teen queen. Victoria has a long way to go before she can claim that title!

  • lily

    @leticia: Shut the fuck up loser you oviously don’t have a life becouse you are always hating on selena on every post.

  • MIKA

    She’s ssssoooooooo HOT and cool. I predict muy grande things for her!!!

  • Anna

    lmfao, teen queen? uhhh, not quite victoria.

  • Anna

    so she has a show come out on nickelodeon and just after the airing of 2 episodes she’s a teen queen? lmfao, in her dreams.
    i mean OBVIOUSLY nick is trying to market her as the next big thing. which pretty much NEVER happens with nick stars. miranda isn’t even THAT popular!
    she should’ve gone with disney.

  • http://deleted Troy

    I find it funny (as in annoying) that she flat out says “It’s crazy that I’m even considered in that catoegory. I’m just lucky to be a teen who’s working.” And yet she still gets snarky comments like “Well someone should tell the ‘teen queen’ that…”

    I have to say that i like this girl. I just get this kid in a candy store vibe off her that I find refreashing.

  • Daisy

    she’s really funny and cool. i’m pleasantly surprised

  • ella

    Well if we are playing the whole comparing game….
    miley cyrus..has nothing on her.

  • daleeah

    oh please her demi should be teen queen she’s got more class than her

  • MIKA

    hey, her show has been on TV only 3 times give her a chance DONT forget to watch tonight and I bet Victoria doesn’t even want that title that’s why she said that’s crazy!!!! I think she just wants to do go work and have jobs in an industry which is SO Tough. You rock Victoria I can’t wait for tonight’s episode becuz you sing again!!!! YIPPEE

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