Zac Efron Battles Vanessa Hudgens at the Box Office

Zac Efron Battles Vanessa Hudgens at the Box Office

Donning a Black Eyed Peas tee, Zac Efron runs his hands through his hair as he chats on his cell phone outside a studio in West Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (April 29).

It was just announced that the 22-year-old actor’s upcoming film, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud will release on July 30th — the same day as girlfriend Vanessa HudgensBeastly!

Charlie St. Cloud is a story about a young cemetery caretaker (Efron) who is struggling to let go of his haunted past when an adventurous woman (Amanda Crew) enters his life and causes him to question his commitment to his younger brother (Charlie Tahan) whose death he feels responsible for. The film was originally slated to debut in theaters in October.

FYI: Zac is wearing AllSaints Double Zip Hi-Top sneakers and a John Varvatos ‘Black Eyed Peas’ Grammy t-shirt!

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WHICH FILM WILL YOU GO SEE ON JULY 30Beastly or Charlie St. Cloud?

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  • Luis F. Gomez

    Im pretty sure you can see both movies the same day hahaha but this is kind of awkard… a very very awkard situation…

  • sarah

    I cant wait to see Charlie St. Cloud!

  • Jess!


  • http://@shhmendez solee

    I wanna see both but I gotta sayy I wanna see beastly so much maybe that weekend I’ll watch both :))

  • Dee

    I plan on seeing them both the weekend they open because I read both books and really enjoyed them. I am interested to see how the movies compare to the books.

  • Kro

    I’ll go see both of them, in fact i can’t wait for beastly, and since i like zefron and charlie stcloud book, i’llgo see it too!

  • katia

    I would see both movies the same day , cant wait : |

  • rachel


  • mix

    anyone knows the international screening of charlie st cloud??
    beastly will open in the philippines on august 11..
    but I WILL WATCH BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love u zanessa <3

  • helen

    Ah, this sucks. Zac’s movie, for me, would be the best choice, but vanessa’s gonna win the box office. not because her fans are more devoted or because the film is better, but because it’s a lighter genre. you can see it in the color, even. but zac’s is definetely the one with depth.

    i’m going to watch both, though. not on the same day, of course

  • Val

    I’l go see Charlie St. Cloud, I read beastly and find it really boring, besides I’m more a Zac fan soo…

  • http://@nointerestinu LG

    I like Zac but I LOVE Vanessa, so I’m definitely watching Beastly.

  • joanne

    why did Universal do that? anyway whatever i’m seeing both

  • lalala

    i gonna see zacs movie!!! go zac!

  • lala

    im going to see both!! doesnt really matter though, cause im sure alot of fans would see both!!

  • ak

    Each movie caters to a slightly different demographic. Beastly will appeal more to the teen set, while Charlie St. Cloud seems like a more serious film that will attract older audiences (Oscar winners Kim Bassinger and Ray Liotta costar in the movie). This will be more of a breakout role for Zac since it is more mature in subject matter. Beastly’s storyline is just a rehashing of Beauty and the Beast and seems not as grownup in content, so it won’t be as much as a stretch for Vanessa fans. As an adult moviegoer, I will definitely go see Charlie St. Cloud and will leave Beastly to the teenyboppers.

  • Claudia

    Charlie St. Cloud…of course!!!!!!!!
    The book is extraordinary, it makes you cry, it’s amazing..
    Besides, Kim Basinger is there too, that got be a great movie!!!!!
    So awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Loooooveeee you Zac♥

  • annasaurus

    I’ll wait until I see a trailer for Efron’s movie before I judge but right now I would watch Beastly.

  • Boji

    Well, these are 2 movies of different genres. One is a drama meant for an older audience, the other is supernatural, fairytalish and for a younger audience. Both have one half of Hollywood’s favourite young couple in them and that is the only gripe, being shown on the same day. Those who are fans of both will have to be prepared for a long weekend at the cinemas and feel a little lighter in the pocket. Some would even see them back to back. Whatever, hope both do well in the cinema stakes. CBS has done a good job thus far with promoting Beastly, but no doubt, Zac the ever professional will do his best not to let the fans down.

  • mzindochick

    that’s just stupid. imagine it comes as a tie or something. lmfao. nah.
    i have a gut feeling that Zac would go to victory because he does have more fans than Vanessa but I want Vanessa to lead because she deserves it. we’ll just see, but I’m reading Zac’s book and its kinda boring.

  • sera

    I can’t wait for Charlie St. Cloud!!

  • birdie

    That sucks Universal! :( but I will definately see them both. As far as the Box Office goes it’s a lose,lose situation. That really hurts both films, and it’s sad cuz they both had potential to be #1. I’ll be optimistic
    and hope they are both money-makers and have staying power. Both
    films look lovely.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw.. Poor Zachary looks stressed.. And oh hey, that’s even better, people don’t have to wait till October to watch ‘Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud’. And I will definitely be watching both movies on the same day. :D No doubt Zachary & Vanessa are very supportive of each-other. No competition here.

  • Emma

    LOLS im watching BOTH on the same day :) BACK TO BACK awwyeaaaaahhhhhh ;)

  • kiara

    zac is sooo gonna’ win the BO. i hate to say this, and i do love vanessa, but bandslam came at no. 12 at the BO and was advertised. As for zac, his 17 again came at no.1 in april. I think beastly looks like a great movie but, zac’s more popular and i think hsm fans would choose a zac efron movie over a vanessa hudgens movie. But, i think they will do very well at the BO and i can picture obviously newmoon being no.1 charlie st. cloud no.2 and beastly no.3-4 maybe. But either way, zac WILL win the BO!

  • skyhigh95

    I want to watch both movies. Both movies are based on a book but Zac’s movie is more for the adults.
    But, does universal really think they have time till July 30? I mean, there’s no posters, promo or even a trailer…Who knows, the might change the release date…

  • thsscks4lf

    I totally want to see both on the same day, but not sure which one to see first when I’m at the theater. :(

  • Talia

    I’m gonna see both for sure like 100% lol they both look telly gd and I have seen the trailer for beastly and I love ittttt x

    y does zac look so stressed :-/ lol x

  • ash

    i agree with @ak. it would be unfair to put these films against each other because they target different demographics. however, that being said, i believe that charlie st. cloud might end up on top of the box office because of the obvious that its a “zac” movie and also because i really dont know many people who are vanessa hudgens fans. its hard to say, though, because of the obvious disadvantage charlie st. cloud already has, seeing that it is already one month behind schedule for a typical romantic if universal doesnt release a trailer for charlie st cloud soon, theyre gonna screw everything up.but ill definitely be checking out charlie st cloud when it hits theaters this july. and maybe i’ll even movie hop to beastly if i feel like it.

  • Emma


  • duuumm


    LOL maybe because it’s an ADULT book, not a YA book? its actually a really beautifully written story to say the least.

  • abby

    Realy, you really needed to make that the title of this post Jared? Come on…..

  • abby

    @duuumm: I agree. It is so beautifully written. I read it last year, infact I read in on Easter and couldn’t put it down. I was reading it all day and my father was like “Why have you have your nose in that book all day?” IT was a book I just couldn’t put down.

  • jonaslover988979

    or maybe both hahaha xp

  • Just Interested

    well they don’t come out at the same day were i live :P so i’m gonna watch which ever comes first but i’m more excited for beastly

  • talia

    i have to se both i was so sad that i would have to wait till October to see charlie st cloud but now yayayayayaayayayay x so exiteddddddd x

  • peggy


    Heres a thought maybe CSC is a weak movie and Universal is trying to benefit off the buzz from Beastly.

    Also both movies are PG-13 and Beastly does handle issues regarding drug addiction etc so th idea that it is some teen only drama could be wrong and under Steers (1`7Again) direction CSC could turn out to be another Zac hot body movie which was all 17Again actually was

  • peggy


    Beastly also has Neil and Mary K who have large fan bases from TV and stage. The other two stars of CSC are not well known Amanda and Charlie.

    Zac has a large base but he doesn’t have the only base.

  • suzy

    You do know it is possible to see both films if that’s what you want to do?

  • Wow

    Charlies st cloud is definitely NOT a “weak” movie. There have been several screenings of the movie in LA and viewers have said it was “touching” and a must-see. To be honest, Beastly isnt really getting a lot of buzz. After all, its just another one of those typical teenage love stories. And to be fair to zac and burr, 17 again was written to be a so-called “hot body” movie, which btw, many critics enjoyed. It was not burr’s fault for making it all about zac. It was written in the script and burr was only carrying out what was needed from a director.

    Seems like you havent read CSC yet……

  • Wow

    Bandslam had Aly Michalka, who based on your logic, would also be considered to have a large TV fanbase. Look at how far Bandslam got.

    *cough cough* CSC has Kim Basinger, an Oscar winner, and Ray Liotta, who have a few GG noms of his own.

    Is it just me, or do you just have something against zac and his movie?

  • Jez

    Bandslam did bad in the BO because it was marketed to the wrong audience. People didn’t see it because they thought it was just gonna be another HSM movie. But Beastly so far has been promoted quite well whilst we barely have any CSC news. I don’t really know but Beastly comes out here in the UK in October so I don’t have the same problem.

  • slj

    well 17 again did win BO but it’s reviews sucked, whereas Bandslam may not have done well in the BO but Van got AMAZING reviews. Her time is coming, and TBH her talent is far underestimated, it’s good to see powerheads in hollywood totally see that.
    I hate this, and it speaks poorly for universal. I have little respect for their films. I’ll see this, but probably a week late. Van deserves my money first. She earned it by working her promo not riding on the coattails of another film for publicity. It’s not zac’s fault but the general public need to send a strong messge to hollywood. They don’t own us, and we need to expect them to work for what they put forward.
    What a cheap move, and bless zac’s heart. Its really unfair to him, cuase he needed to sell this outright, not have to depend on fangirls to see it cause he takes his shirt off….just saying

    Box office is important, but it isn’t everything. It’s just not…you have to have talent and be respected she’s earning that super fast.

  • Amy

    Definately Charlie. St Cloud!

  • Joochi

    Beastly of course! I’ve seen 17 again, and his acting was almost the same as HSM didn’t appeal to me, the movie was okay that also goes for the movie Derby Stallion, just like HSM acting. To me honestly, Zac is just soso I’m not impressed with his acting. I enjoy watching Vanessa though her timing is impecable. They both need alot more experience in acting but I’ll go and see Vanessa’s movie.

  • camii

    i LOVE zac <3
    but im gonna see ‘Beastly’

  • Raquel

    Omg both movies come out on my birthday! :D I feel special

  • http://JustJaredJr.-2 ZAC EFRON ×× DUAA

    زاك ايفرون سوف يعوض

  • nikki


    and zacs movie :)

  • lalalove

    well, IMMA WATCH BOTH :)
    although, i think CSC is gonna change the release date since they didn’t put up posters, trailers, but only movie stills.

    So, i think CSC will probably advertise more before they release the movie.

    But Beastly has a chance because it has been advertised so more people know because of the posters. AND NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! haha :P

    And besides, i think not everyone knows there’s gonna be a CSC movie.