Jonas Brothers: White House Correspondents Dinner!

Jonas Brothers: White House Correspondents Dinner!

Kevin and Joe Jonas keep their significant others close to them as they arrive at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening (May 1).

After the dinner, Nick, Joe, Kevin, Danielle and Demi Lovato all attended the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair after party held at the residence of the French Ambassador, Pierre Vimont.

The dinner raises money for WHCA scholarships and honors the recipients of the organization’s journalism awards. Also check out Demi‘s twitpics below!

FYI: Kevin and Joe are looking sharp in Brooks Brothers threads. Nick looked sharp in a Simon Spurr black wool/silk tuxedo. Denise wore a gown by Sue Wong!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/VF1; Photos: WireImage, INFdaily
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  • hazel

    i love them.

  • emmy

    love the pics (=

  • mica

    Aww.. JEMI! :D

    Demi’s beautiful..:)

  • Alexa_r

    I love them. Jemi best couple ever. Kenille beautiful.

  • hazel

    nick’s like left out in some pics.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    soo beautiful

  • Bethany

    Kanielle is the most awesome couple ever and Danielle looks so gorgeous, like Kevin. Poor Nick needs a date.

  • gabi

    Joe looks smoking hot with this black oufit!

  • anonymous

    Demi looks as old as Kim K how old is she 17 or something!!! Maybe she is trying to look older for Joe who definately does not look the teen star any more with the dorky glasses and facial hair no really the Disney image that the young fans will like.

  • Bethany

    If Kevin and Danielle went to the after party, how come there isn’t even one pic of them there?

  • miaka

    please joe change your hair

  • bobo

    demi doesn’t look really good in those pics! her expression is weird

  • sash

    I think they look amazing especially DEMI

  • The Lass

    Loool. At the Demi/Joe and that other guy picture. They look hilarious. Anyway, they all look nice. Dont really like Demi’s dress, but she still looks gorgeous. Dani and Kevin, are cute. And poor Nick. Hes the 5th wheel. LOL.

  • e

    they look old

  • mandy

    Nick really needs to find his lady.

  • lulu

    wth?! all i can see of nick is his eye!! poor nick’s just bee left out. I know every1 will disagree with me, but I hate Jemi! They’re just so annoying, and they don’t suit each other! I’d prefer it if Joe went out with Chelsea Staub. Plus, Demi’s with them everywhere, and now their tour’s going to include her? I used to like her, but she’s changed so mcuh, with all that make up and completely up herself. Sorry, but that’s jsut my opinion! x x x

  • amanda

    They all look gorgeous!

  • Robyn

    LOOOKKKKKKK – !!!!!

    I drew Demi :) :) :) What do y’all think ??

    Love them all :) Im thinking of drawing Joe soon as i get enough free time :) :)

  • Robyn

    & LMAO! That picture of Joe & Obama is brilliant ! :L

  • Amanda

    I @lulu: I totally agree with yah! Nick realli needs a date now !!! its sad seeing him lonely…I love Joe but According to me demi has changed a lot i hate the dress but she looks beautiful…about Joe..he looks DASHING as usual so people shut up his glasses and facial hair..he looks perfect for his age


    JOE LOOKS HAWWWWTTT. come to london please? x

  • lorettagallo

    Wow !!!!what a gorgeous couple!JIME RULES!!!!! tnx justjared

  • hazel

    demi didn’t change. disney changed her. cause if u look at her pics when she’s not yet famous she’s like that. the girl with black hair and always puts lots of make-up. she just wanted to be herself that’s why she came bakc t being the girl with black hair. the demi u see in camp rock is the demi that disney produced. dont jump to conclusions.

  • amy

    Joe has got really gross looking lately in my opinion ):
    There all so cute together though!


    I dislike the fact that she follows them everywhere now. No offense, but when I decided to become a Jonas Brothers fan, I didn’t know Demi came in the packaged deal. I don’t like her and I’d rather not have her shoved down my throat all the time by the Jonas Group Management. :\ Demi, girl, get your own career. Stop riding off of the Jonai.

  • Alice

    @Amanda : Nick realli needs a date now !!!

    Nick is just 17, he do not need a date, he just need friends

  • yoyo

    haha just imagine if there were selena with nick :D
    I hate Nelena cuz they’re def. not made for each other! I hate the JoBro’s but I think Kevin is cool and his wife is GORGEOUS! Demi is nothin compared to her ;) Well good demi made some friends their..Sad that the real famous & succesful Disney Chicks ( Sel & Miley) were not there!
    They invited like anyone I mean Kim Demi & co.!pleaasee??!!
    But I love Obama :D

  • Ella

    lol at Joe’s hair..but they all look gorgeous! Poor Nick J. He looks happy no worries after all.

  • Lindsey

    love this but jemi need to show some PDA-like kissing ;) i would DIE!!!! (in the good way ;)

  • Mika

    Demi’s dress is hideous! The colour and the style. Dani’s is gorgeous, though.

    The Jonas brothers look delicious in these pics. And they look like they had a lot of fun. :)

  • cravinganicecream

    Demi’s looking really pretty but lately she’s been EVERYWHERE with JB. Jemi is cute but is getting a bit annoying (for me, at least). I’m glad they’re all happy though. Nick needs a date :( And well, I’m always available.

  • http://gmail katie

    ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!men joe looks soooo grat with demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they r the best couple of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DANIELLE here=) yeah that’s me

    omg hate joe’s hair hait joe’s glasses love joe and demi love joe and dem 4eva love jemi love jemi 4eva

  • Elly

    They all look great. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  • linda

    uh i dont like how demis facial expressions are she looks ugly and weird now adays

  • tiffany

    i love them all and poor nicky needs to find a girl
    anyways i love jemi but i didn’t really like what demi is wearing and her hair she should keep going in black or normal colors with simple dresses and her hair normal because i like the more simple funky demi more than this she looks so formal but i still love her :) and joe is so hot hehe love them :)))))))))

  • Bethany

    Kevin, dont worry, there are a lot of girls that still think your sexy. I know you dont see that enough

  • marimadness

    disney didnt change demi demi changed herself. They didnt tell demi to die her hair or hang with miley,get fake tans or ditch selena did they? No.In camp rock she was awesome but now….i dont feel that way anymore. I miss the old demi. :-(

  • sandra

    simply gawjus! joe grabs her butt LMAO at the pics:

  • http://deleted marimadness

    okay disney didnt change demi. Demi changed herself. Did disney tell demi to dye her hair? No. Did disney tell her to ditch selena, hang with miley and get fake tans? No. In camp rock i thought demi was ssoooo awesome…but now…i dont. I miss old demi.:-(

  • demi lovato e joe jonas

    Demi i love you, the jonas brothers i love you,bjssssss

  • jessica

    they all look kinda bad except for nick. he looks really hot.

  • candy

    im sorry but every pic i see of these two demi look like shes hanging on to joe for her dear life. im sorry but this couple is a fail. they are annoying and demi WOULD NEVER have been invited to this dinner if she were not dating joe. HE HAS UPGRADED HER CELEBRITY FROM D to C-…for sure. shame

  • paulina

    @sandra: where exactly is that picture? :)

  • Nazeefa

    Awwww! I love them all. Danielle looks beautiful!
    The boys look great! Their mom is gorgeous.
    AND I LOVEE Demi!!

  • p
  • anonymous

    Even if Nick was dating I doubt he would bring his date usually the JoBros dont take girls to any official functions. Kevin only really was seem with Danielle once they were officially engaged. If Joe were dating anyone else but Disney Demi that girl would not be going with him.

  • hazel

    it’s joe’s choice if he wants to bring demi. and dont blame demi cause she was invited by joe or maybe the jonas family to come. she has nothing to doo on that day that’s why she was also there. STOP HATING. you’re always blaming demi cause she’s dating joe even though sometimes it’s JOE’S FAULT.

    you shouldn’t waste your time posting comments here. cause if you dont like demi why go to an article related to her?if jemi is annoying why comment here.

  • jesse

    @anonymous you know what joe’s not shy to bring demi there because they’re dating publicly not because she’s a disney girl. WELL DUH! and how can u be so sure that if joe was dating anyone else he would not invite that girl huh. maybe that girl wouldn’t come because they keep their relationship a secret but if it’s publicly he’l nvite her. do you get my point? of course joe will invite demi cause evryone knows they’re dating. but if it’s a SECRET he will not invite her cause it will cause rumors.