Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Couple Up!

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Couple Up!

Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus step out together at NYLON‘S May Young Hollywood Event at Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Wednesday night (May 12).

The 21-year-old actress, carrying a Prada bag, stopped by to say hi to JJJ on her way into the party and dished that doing the recent Revlon Walk with her mom Mai was so much fun!

JJJ was the first to break the news to you on our Twitter about the duo arriving hand in hand!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Brenda with Miley‘s bro — HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Steve Granitz, Alexandra Wyman; Photos: WireImage
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  • amy


  • mica

    hahah.. I find it weird how Demi’s ex and Joe’s “rebound girl” are now a couple! :))

  • mica

    what should we call them?

    “Brace” or “Trenda”

  • Just Jared

    @mica: Both are so tempting!

  • Sarah

    eh…not so much…they don’t fit…

  • kelly

    looove them!!

  • kelly

    i like brace haha

  • becky

    lmfao ew, this is so freaking groossss, no not horse!

  • Serena

    THIS IS CREEPY, lol.

  • mica


    I know right? :D we could also go for “Tracenda” ? hahah! LOL

  • Lizzie

    @mica: Brenda isn’t Joe’s rebound girl. Brenda and Joe dated way before Demi and Joe even held hands. Get your facts, straight. Its funny how Brenda and Demi have similar tastes in men.

  • laaa

    its not that surprising since she’s been friends with the Cyrus family for ages.

  • Lizzie




  • BB

    Love them.. i love trace and brenda!

  • hanni

    Soooooo cute!

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry, but this pair-up is disgusting. That’s just my personal opinion.

  • Kiki


  • Kiki

    @mica: IDK.. i’m with tracenda. btu i think its too long. So maybe trenda!!! brace is weird. TRENDA!

  • BB

    Ok.@Amanda: OK.

  • Amanda

    @BB: There was no point in replying.

  • pop86

    She can do better.

  • mica


    That’s the point of the “quotations” because that was what people said about Brenda when Joe and her hung out after Jomilla breakup. Besides, I dont think Joe and Brenda ever dated since neither of them ever confirmed it. :)

    Anyway, I guess people like Tracenda as their couple’s name.. Is that final? :)

  • katie

    umm shes alot prettier than him

  • bizmark

    She’s beautiful and he’s gross.

  • Lei

    Woah. Just woah…is all I have to say….

    well, she looks stunning as always.

  • liamshot


  • lala

    I know it’s weird, but I think they are cute together.

  • Mark Maguire

    Brenda looks absolutely gorgeous!!! She is way too good for him. They don’t look good together at all. Sorry but he looks creepy!!

  • Ella

    Are they dating?? Why him Brenda, why??!!


    Shut up people, stop insulting Trace. He is Miley’s beloved brother, are there any Miley fans who are able to come to his defence? This is relatively cruel and idiotic of us to be judging them and labelling Trace as a ‘pervert, creep, horse-faced emo’, the majority of comments here are slamming Trace for being with Brenda. Brenda is beautiful and so is Trace, equally. Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder. Just because Brenda is a beautiful, astoundingly gorgeous teen queen does not mean she will will romantically involved with another gorgeous teen heartthrob (JOE JONAS anyone?). Brenda and Trace are both beautiful and this is the first time Brenda has even been public about a relationship, her FIRST public outing with a boy around her age. JUST RESPECT THEM and stop questioning Brenda for dating Trace. There is nothing wrong with Trace Cyrus, whom shares parents and sibling with the beloved Miley Cyrus. Why is no one defending Trace? The comments here about him are beyond hurtful, do you people acknowledge he is a human being? Who is effected by gossip and hateful comments, you are all in deep indignation towards Trace. Every single comment on the internet about them has been nothing more than provocative, offensive and hateful. I believe they should have never been public about their relationship, because each of them is receiving hate rather than support even from their own fans. You people, disgust me. The external response is detestable. I wonder if the media will make TRACENDA even regret living. Brenda is at unease, her mother is a Cancer patient. WOULD YOU ALL JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!


    Umm actually monica: Brenda and Joe are very close to each other. You don’t know what Joe is doing right now outside or inside his home, because the paparazzi are not following them 24/7 therefore you CAN’T PRESUME that Brenda and Joe are not hanging out right now. The papz aren’t following them, Joe and Brenda can be eating together for all we know. We don’t know that they’re doing right now, however what I do know is that they dated in 2008 because there are images of them holding hands together at Disneyland before the Jonas Bros became teen icons and basically paparazzi targets. Back when Joe was a relatively known star in the beginning of 2008 (JANUARY), they dated. Brenda knows how to keep a low profile, thus it was not hard for them to hide their relationships from small groups of fans. Why do people assume Brenda and Joe have only hung out 1-2 times in their entire lives? Brenda and Joe are tight, Brenda is BFFS with JB’s BFF Maya Kibbel, Jonas Bros and Brenda are close. Just because we don’t see pics of them hanging out right now, doesn’t mean Brenda is his ‘rebound girl’ who he shoves everytime he meets a new girl. Brenda and Joe’s family are really tight, Brenda and Maya are like attached to the hip. The papz aren’t following Brenda and JB since the day they were born, so how the hell would ‘people/JB fangirls’ know if they dated or not? Joe and Brenda have never confirmed any relationship.

  • SEL


  • lalala

    woww. thats sooo beyond random. hahaa. its cute thoughh :)

  • Itsanogo


    stan harder

  • Clara

    Haha irony, irony… Brenda seems be jaleous of Jemi and now, Oh Demi’s ex with her. Would you excuse me, but that is WEIRD ! But I say that, I don’t say anything…

  • emmy

    aww, brace :) yep, they are cute

  • Lu

    @jORENDA: This isn’t the first time she’s been public about a relationship. She’s just not as popular with the media, unfortunately, so people don’t hear about it as much. But I remember she used to date the guy who played Lance on suite life, I think his name was Aaron, they dated for real.

  • julie

    @Serena: I agree ! ^^

  • Ana

    Eeeew, I don’t like Miley’s brother.

  • Tyler

    This relationship is like a bad joke that nobody gets.

  • jenny

    he wouldnt look right with any girl


    I’m pretty shocked but I don’t think it’s in a bad way :)

  • miley_fan


  • Maria

    i didn’t see this one coming. i’m surprised.

  • toot

    So Not Hot
    Trace Sucksss

  • chacha

    Just because they are photographed together doesn’t mean they are dating. They could be “just friends”. How do you know she was Joe’s “rebound girl”? Just because of a picture from the paps? We know nothing about their personal lives! Admit it!

    Jeez people calm down. -___-!

  • lala

    honestly, i find it to be the most random pairing ever.

  • J

    This dude sure gets around with Disney stars, lol!

  • shamilah

    Brenda song can do a lot Better
    she’s soo pretty ! .. but she picks Trace eurgh Ok.