Vanessa Hudgens is LG Fashion Forward

Vanessa Hudgens is LG Fashion Forward

Vanessa Hudgens shows off some fierce Jimmy Choo “Zoom” heels as she arrives at A Night Of Fashion & Technology With LG Mobile Phones held at the Soho House in West Hollywood on Monday evening (May 24).

Hosted by Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker, the 21-year-old actress met up with gal pal Jessica Stroup at the event.

Vanessa‘s upcoming flick, Beastly, is indeed moving release dates — but the date is still unknown. For an official statement, check out the flick’s official Facebook!

FYI: Vanessa wore a blue strapless georgette mini dress from Tibi and Irit Design oxidized sterling silver chain necklaces with rose cut diamonds and Tahitian pearls.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: INFdaily, Tony DiMaio; Photos: Startraksphoto, WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • mzindochick

    aweesome. she looks lovely.

  • sara12

    love her .. love the dress

  • Althea

    V looks so adorable and unbelivable beautiful with her hair up and less make up.

  • biikaa

    she’s so pretty!!! i love her!! and man… why’d they had to change the date on beastly!! i was getting so excited!. I.LOVE.VANESSA!

  • tata

    Awww, our Cali girl!!! so relaxed and laid back, love her heels! V, love your style!!!!

  • tata

    love her heels))))))

  • …..

    @Jonnah: Shut up”

  • Karen

    I love the color of the dress on her and those shoes really set off her fab legs. I really like the “messy” kind of look for her hair but it is up so we can see her dress and lovely shoulders.

  • van love

    beautiful nessa

  • joy.

    Her hair is really cute and it goes along great with that dress of hers, and I love the color by the way. Her heels kill. Compliments her lovely legs. So I’m really hoping that ‘Beastly’ has been pushed up to a closer date not farther away from July 30. That would suck..

  • haley

    She seems tired :(

  • Trina

    Love her hair and dress. That color really plays up her beautiful complexion. Perfection

  • ZJ207

    awww I remember last year she went with Ashley and they posed together!!
    they were so cute haha
    Too bad Ashley’s in Toronto :/

  • muse

    God, she is just sooo perfect. Seriously! Her legs are to die for, her smile outshines others, her cheekbones are so strong and beautiful. I would kill to just look as half as good as her.

    Vanessa can rock any look. And I love how the hair is messer this time. And she has the strands. She looks beautiful. Would LOVE to see her in a blood red mini dress. Vanessa can definetely work the colour red. :)

    Cant wait for Beastly and I hope they change the date for Australia’s release and have it showing in cinemas. September is way too long to wait to see her in that. Wish I could see her in ‘Rent’. :(


  • poppy

    I know why I like her now. My dads favorite actress was Loni Anderson. She looks like her but with brown hair. She could play her daughter.

  • gracemarie


    she doesnt look even remotely tired she looks great

  • annie

    how could she manage to have a flawless skin like that?, oh our girl has grown up…she’s a lady you nessa

  • suzy

    so cute love her shoes.

  • mykamicks

    The color of her dress makes my day so brightly! She has similar cuts of dresses lately. Last year, she wore a dress in blue shades also (together w/ ashley & brittany) Her hairdo rocks together with her sweet smile.

  • londonlemming

    @Karen: I agree with your comment about her hair. The style really suits her. It makes her look more mature and it extenuates her features.

  • Carolyn

    OK – give it a break already. You Vanessa fans are nuts. She is OK – plus she ruined Beastly. She was miscast as Lindy and now she brought the unbearable Zanessa nonsense to the table and now the movie has no release date. Why can’t t his girl just stay home and look for a job instead of mugging for the camera every second she can.

  • ehryle

    she is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! xoxo Vanessa the best ever :)

  • bizmark

    Love this look on her! Her hair, dress, shoes, necklaces!! Such a beautiful young woman!!

  • ehryle


  • della

    @Caroly: Drop dead

  • sjk


    awww…. having a bad day are we? Hope it gets better for you! Vanessa and her fans are here to stay so I guess you’ll just have to get used to it. :)

  • inji

    she looks amazing! :D
    i really love her hairdo, the accessories, the dress, and of course the heels! :D
    i hope we get a release date for beastly soon! :D

  • 7774

    perfect she is so hott

  • Up

    She looks so cute. I love the dress. @Carolyn: She obviously got the role because of a little something called talent. Why else would they give her a showest award? And the release date is not her fault. It’s universal’s. Is it her fault that she’s dating zac and they tried to take advantage of it? Oh, and she was invited to the party, it’s not like she crashed, idiot.

  • Katty

    I love, love, love the dress and especially her shoes! I love the necklace and accessories too, but I am not diggin’ the hair. I like her hair down better, but this is alright too.

    I hope she had fun, and I hope Beastly’s release date is either movied forward or only a little bit backwards because I want to see this movie SO bad. Plus, he has so much hype as a a summer movie, they would be stupid to push it back too far. Plus, V has to be in Rent!

  • vancrazed

    oh V…your smile is like the answer to world peace. I love it when you smile…and she looks amazing btw.

  • nathalia

    nice surprise this morning
    vanessa is just perfect

  • skyhigh95

    Oh yeah! the date had pushed back!
    Love her dress!

  • ehryle

    ibang level ka talaga Vanessa.. bring it on gurl.. your the BEST:)

  • mike

    Vanessa looks rely hot love her dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • camii

    damn she looks stunning! ♥_♥

  • kirreii


    Better love than hate. :] Trust me, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier, I promise.
    Haters are just confused lovers anyways :)

  • oltimer

    She is beaming! I find her totally adorable. Keep your head up Vanessa!

  • Thahmina

    Vanessa is so pretty!
    love her so much :D
    She always looks sooo gorgeous no matter what

  • londonlemming

    @Carolyn: I respect your opinion as I am not a Zanessa fan. Pretty much everyone on here knows that, but your comment is ill informed.
    1) Yes Vanessa is NOTHING like how Lindy was described in the book, but the writers have changed many things in the transition from book to film. Kyle’s surname has been changed. Have you never heard of creative licence?
    2) The changing of both movies (Beastly & Charlie St Cloud) has nothing to do with Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens. The decision rests solely with execs at the studios.

  • eika

    @Carolyn: what’s your problem? oh, & btw, she does have a job & fyi, it involves posing for the cameras.

  • cosmos

    @Carolyn – WOW! Vanessa ruined Beastly and brought Zanessa nonsense to the table? I really think you need to clean your glasses or get you eyes checked. Vanessa did NOT release the statement on facebook and twitter that WAS CBS. It was written unprofessionally and with NO tact. It is not Vanessa’s fault that CBS could not release a press release saying something to the affect of ‘we have chosen to move the release date for this film due to crazy schedules of our actors, but we are working on a new date ASAP.’ Not to mention bringing up her personal relationship as an excuse is completly disgusting and should not have been mentioned even if it was the reason for moving the release date. STOP blaming Vanessa for this – SHE did nothing wrong. If you want to complain go compain and tell CBS but DO NOT blame Vanessa.

  • Karen Jay

    I agree with Carolyn – Vanessa is the main problem with Beastly. Also – all you die hard V fans apparently did not go out in droves to see Band Slam.

    And please she is so far from private – that is a joke. So she can go support Zac and at the CSC premiere – I hope she is happy. She is ruining her own career.

  • pop86

    Love the dress and shoes.

  • mmm

    @Carolyn. Karen Jay: You make me sick!

  • cosmos

    @Karen Jay – hmmm. There are many of us V fans that went to see Bandslam. You want to blame the lack of sucess on that movie go talk to Summit, you know the ‘we only promote the vampire’ company? And how is she the main problem in Beastly? Obviously Daniel Barnes the director doesn’t believe you or people in the industry that gave her the Showest award oh I don’t know for her performance in Beastly. Hmm, NPH for casting her in RENT because she’s talented and worked with her on Beastly. Give me a break.

    And ruining her career? You are not serious! She works HARD period. SHE did not choose to change the release that was CBS. SHE did NOT cause Bandslam not to do well that was SUMMIT. Her last album, you can blame that one on HR. So you can believe whatever you want as I’m convinced haters like you choose to jump on that bandwagon for no other reason than to hate which to me is sad because you are the one’s that are missing out.

    And YES she is private. If you are going back in time to bring up photos which I’m sure will be in reply to me that was called invasion of privacy. Someone leaking something private. So you can say what you want or believe what you want but why would you waste your time commenting in a thread about someone you obviously don’t care for.

  • Unbelievable

    Wow some people woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Anyway, moving beastly is a good business decision however that press release was horibley written. I study journalism and PR and that release was very unprofessional. For those of you blaming her for it you can stop because I can tell you that, that statement along with the decision to change the movie date are out of her hands as both those decisions lay with CBS. If you have a problem with it blame CBS and stop looking for excuses to hate on the girl.

  • peggy


    Why don’t you fo look for a job and ztay out of her posts. or better yet go to school.

    The studio changed the date and she is no more responsible for that than Zac is for Univerdsl moving CSC to the same day jackass.

    Here ihs where you V haters missed te boat if you are going to blame her then you have to blame Zac too cause he’s the other half of the relationship. NEITHER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANTYHING.


    And since we havevn’t seen Beastly yet your statement about ruining the film is just plain ignorance but then it seen ignorance is all you have to offer the world.

  • peggy

    @Karen Jay:

    Funny you jerks said Bandslam was going to ruin her but she still here. It just kills you she’s with zac – well get use to the idea of a early death cause you are going to looking at them for a long time.

    And btw she’s pefect for Lindy according to the woman who wrote the book so your opinion, based on stupidityand probably prejudice, really doesant matter.

    Oh and since V is not in her relationsahip alone and decided it’s the relationships fault, where is your thread blasting Zac as well – oh that’s right you are too stupid to know what your talking about anyway.

  • gracemarie

    Dear V fans:

    Stop engaging these v hating fanatic in doing so you give their psychotic opinions merit.

    There still upset over Z&V being together and they are looking for anything to further their ageda. Most of them a pathetic, jealous, racist, lonely people with no love in their own lives – let them wallow in it.

    Leave ZV relaltionship out of this discussion it has no place here. WE know the movie date was a studio decision based on their own agenda. Let that haters talk to themselves sooner or later they will go away.