Victoria Justice & Daniella Monet: Heat Wave Hotties

Victoria Justice & Daniella Monet: Heat Wave Hotties

Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies and Daniella Monet suffer through the heat in this new still from Victorious.

In the upcoming episode “Stuck in an RV,” A heat wave hits Los Angeles and the kids at Hollywood Arts are looking for a way to cool off. Tori (Justice) suggests the gang head to the beach, so Beck (Avan Jogia) volunteers to take everyone in his Airstream RV.

Once there, Cat (Ariana Grande) quickly bolts out to find a bathroom and later gets distracted by some cute boys while the rest of the kids stay back to get their beach gear ready. When they try to leave, they discover the door is stuck. It’s up to Cat to save the day…or not.

“Stuck in an RV” premieres Saturday, June 26th @ 9PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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victoria justice heat wave 01
victoria justice heat wave 02
victoria justice heat wave 03
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victoria justice heat wave 05

Credit: Lisa Rose; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • william

    this is a awesome website

  • tessa

    Thanks to God these girls are not of Disney Channel because if they are the idiot people say ” ohh shorts,bra, belly ,the navel ohhh..Slut Slut”

  • shiko

    elizabeth, GO GET SOME TAN!!!

  • stef

    victoria is gawjus

  • Mika

    Victoria is HOT

  • Evie

    If this were reality and the girls were honestly heat fatigued, they would have pulled their hair back into pony tails or something. Stupid show. Lol.

  • Liz.

    They would never get away with those clothes on Disney channel. LOL.

  • jessica

    victorious is not that good of a show. i mean the i hate the cast. i wish they picked better people epecially the guys on the show. all the guys on that show are so not cute. the only person i like is victoria. thats one of the main reasons i hate this show.

  • rosie

    what the heck are they thinking victoria wont be reaching nick queen in like years because parents will be mad haaaaaaahaa i don t like her anywayhaha

  • Charles

    Trina looks GAWJUS. I know she’s supposed to be the annoying sibling, but I like her more than Tori

  • xavier

    so retarded..their hair should be in ponytails…idiots

  • armstrong

    all three girls (and Ariana Grande’s “Cat”) are hot as hell!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I’ve got to see what he tows the trailer with. Airstreams have always been heavy, and like most travel trailers can only be towed by light-duty trucks. Even a Ford Crown Victoria couldn’t handle an Airstream trailer these days.

  • amy

    Agreed haha. And they would have sweat all over there face not perfect make up but love the show there all really beautiful x

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @amy: I don’t know. Their hair looks pretty sweaty in these shots.

  • Jessica

    @xavier: dan schneider doesn’t like the girls on his shows to put their hair in ponytails, for whatever reason. :P

  • MVPman

    Victoria justice is real hot in these pics

  • Awesomeboy

    Victoria looks so hot sweating like that

  • CHickonmydlck

    my god this is nick. no wonder these kids are so trashy now days. look at wat the girl on the left and right r dresseddddd.

  • pgt

    guys, they’re at the BEACH. and its a HEAT WAVE. and nick is for older audiences than nick. and dan schneider doesn’t like pony-tails. (seriously, go look, the only time they wear pony tails is in the episode of icarly when freddy makes them.)

  • http://ojd wynter

    why donot the show the hot dode with his shert off

  • girl

    cat acted like a total mega flirt/wh*re this entire episode considering she didnt even know these guys and she was flirting with all of them. i think nick is trying to make this network for older kids, but, first off, isnt that what teennick is for?? and second, it isnt for older kids because i know more children who watch these shows than i do teenagers.

  • http://123456789 andreadehoyosgallegosj.

    i love you milly really really bath can you give me your numdre

  • http://123456789 andreadehoyosgallegosj.

    hi my name is andrea i want to no were numder victorious

  • http://greggjnls Gregg

    Tori sister is hot then tori K

  • Alex

    Victoria Justice has such a nice belly button. No wonder her costume designers make her show it so much. In this episode and Ifight Shelby Marx she shows her belly during basically both of the whole episodes. There’s only 2 scenes in both episodes where she doesn’t show her belly. She has also showed her belly button several other times in shows. She even purposfully shown it when she doesn’t know she’s on camera.