Erin Sanders is UnNatural History Hot

Erin Sanders is UnNatural History Hot

Erin Sanders is gorgeous in a bright green top as she steps out at the premiere of UnNatural History held at the Steven J. Ross Theater at the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (June 12).

The 19-year-old Big Time Rush starlet came out to support good friend and star of the show, Kevin Schmidt.

UnNatural History premieres TONIGHT, June 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

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Credit: David Crotty, Nikki Nelson; Photos: PatrickMcMullan, WENN
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  • Mika

    She’s pretty, but she hasn’t changed one bit since being on Zoey 101, LOL. She looks pretty much the same.


    This girl has a way of being over the top mean for no reason. She should have grown out of the childishness a long time ago.

  • jessica

    she looks even younger here then she did on zoey 101.

  • grapeape

    Mean Girl, she needs a reality show. I would love to see cameras following her be down right rude.

  • alexandra

    She really does look younger..Is she really rude?

  • Mary

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about saying she’s rude! I met her outside a premiere and she was so nice, taking pictures with everyone who asked, signing autoraphs, so smiley and friendly the whole time lol, and she responds to her fans on her Twitter constantly. She’s @ErinZariah. You should follow her actually!

  • Chrstine

    Erin is definitely NOT rude, I don’t know what you’re all talking about. In fact, you all saying that about someone you don’t even know makes you the rude ones. She is a very nice, talented girl and I look up to her!

  • JoLovesKendall

    You guys DO realize she saw what you said! She is NOT rude!!! She is one of the sweetest people I know! You guys are just jealous that she’s pretty, nice, and famous!

  • Christine

    She isn’t rude at all, she is a very talented, nice girl so I really don’t know why anyone is saying that.

  • tommythesaint

    Mean? Erin?? That’s one of the most laughable accusations I have ever heard.

  • louise

    Why is she rude??? She looks really sweet!! And I actually do not think thet she looks younger!

  • Julie

    You people are out of your freaking minds. Erin is so cool and sweet and down to earth! She’s not rude AT ALL. She’s fantastic :)

  • ersonb

    she really looks great, and every day looks better, she`s got talent, is glamorous, I wish the best for her …

  • Kristina

    Okay, have you people gone mental? Erin is absolutely AMAZING! Rude? I think not. She’s so sweet and nice, and she’s REAL. She makes time for her fans and treats us like we’re more than fans but friends. I don’t see how she’s mean at all! Gimme an example of her ‘rudeness’ and then we’ll talk.

  • Jeremy

    Erin is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest people I know. I have a hard time believing that she could be mean to anyone who was being nice to her. Who are you to judge someone for being “mean” and then turn around and maliciously slander someones character on the Internet? I bet that makes you feel good about yourself.

  • libby

    Aww, love her outfit. But why would you think she’s rude? She seems really, really nice.

  • http://Mara_GirlyGirl MaraGirlyGirl

    My fave season of Zoey 101 is the 4th season cuz Quinn & Logan are dating…they are so cute 2gether!! <3

  • http://@sk8ergurl121 Genevieve

    Hey everyone,

    Erin is a perfectly decent, nice girl! What makes everyone think she is rude??? She’s amazingly talented and pretty and if you think she is rude, plz think again. She did see this, she posted on Twitter, and its not a good feeling to be called rude. Justify your reason before you make an accusation. I bet if someone called you rude like that, you would feel put down and upset, so lets not do that to others.
    I hope everyone who has posted she’s rude has seen this and thought it over.

  • Jill

    Nonsense! Erin is not only extraordinarily talented, she is a delightful person with a good heart. She is exceedingly generous to her fans, she is warm and personable, and–it goes without saying–she is drop dead gorgeous. If this photo doesn’t meet your standards, then the photographer is more to blame than the beauty in front of the camera. I hope one day you have the good fortune to meet Erin in person as I have, for then you will see for yourself what a charming, delightful and simply good person she is.

  • http://@chowwmein chowwmein

    Whoa. To all the people saying Erin is rude, how did you come to that conclusion?! She seems very grounded and nice for a celebrity and she loves her fans. I really don’t understand how anyone could think she’s rude. It’s pretty funny..

  • Futureboy2121

    Erin has been far nicer to me than many celebrities, many of whom won’t give you the time of day.

  • sarah

    if anyone is rude it is you guys erin is the farthest thing from rude i would know for a fact because i am friends with her and she is one of the nicest people i know so dont go saying stuff about someone youve never meet. erin is amazing actress and person and is not rude .

  • matt

    Honestly, i don’t know Erin and probably wont ever meet her because of where i live but it is obvious that she takes the time to respond to her fans. If anyone dosent believe that she is a nice person just watch the youtube videos when she is basically mauled by her fans trying to get an autograph.

  • Erik

    I can’t believe the people calling her rude! She looks the total opposite of rude! She’s pretty, talented, and has a great future ahead of her. She deserves nothing but the best. Don’t listen to those haters Erin and keep on with your very blessed and talented life!

  • http://Nizhamzy Nizhamzy

    Cute ! It’s so awesome, so cool outfit !!I love that green it’s so naturally