Dolly Parton on Miley Cyrus: She'll Land In The Right Place

Dolly Parton on Miley Cyrus: She'll Land In The Right Place

Miley Cyrus looks to be in a hurry as she runs to her car after working out at a West Hollywood gym on Wednesday evening (June 30).

Honorary Godmother Dolly Parton chatted with FOXNews about the 17-year-old actress/singer. Dolly shared, “I hate it when people criticize her. She is a great singer; she has a great voice. She’s a great little entertainer and she can speak to you like she is 50 years old.”

Dolly continued, “She’ll land in the right place. I really know she has everything it takes. She is just trying to find her way and she will.”

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Credit: MOE; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • http://@seanluvsmiley sean92

    yeah peepel shood stop criticizign my gf shes the most wonderfullest girl ever nd i fink dolly parton is cool lol

  • Diddley14

    I totaly agree with her. I believe that the haters just aren’t listening and looking at the right Miley. She’s had to grow up in front of millions and she’s had to grow up quick. She’s gonna make some mistakes but I’ll always be a proud Miley fan

  • ilovemileyfans

    come on we don’t have to defend her becuz she already knows that shes AMAZING , TALNTED, GREAT SINGER
    ppl criticize her becuz there jelouse to see her succeeding in everything
    even joe jonas said
    nobodies girlfriend is famous as miley cyrus !!
    so haters go hate someone else u know u can’t judge a person if u don’t know him …

  • mAH

    i like the NEW miley !!!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    she looks tired

  • Jam

    I don’t have a problem with miley, i think shes cool and all but recently we have been seeing a little too much of her bra! is it just me or do other people notice it too! lol

  • gabriela

    I love herrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • izzy

    @Diddley14: she chose to grow up quick,look at emily osment she has been in the spotlight since she woz 6 and she has grown up like a normal person

  • mar

    I just don’t get it why she likes so much to show her bra

  • good-one

    I’ve long ranked Dolly Parton’s finest features as her legs first, then her humanity, then her pipes. And what pipes she has, she can really sing. Yes I know, a majority probably finds other Dolly Parton features more prominent.

    I don’t see Miley like Dolly does. I don’t see Miley like a cat in mid-air, twisting about, frantic to land on all fours. I don’t even see her as off-balance. Were I even so bold as to nudge Miley in some direction, it would be to learn, learn, learn. And live. And learn.

  • casey

    people need to get over thre bra thing. plus, she is coming out of the gym.

  • Jam

    im just sayin a bra is an undergarment and should stay UNDER her clothes, not be seen! but in this century pretty much everything is acceptable, i guess!

  • tessa

    I love her, but stop with the bra

    Liam is a bad way, Miley does not know who she is now, She thinks She is Ronnie (the last song) now and NO

    Agree with Dolly Parton “She is just trying to find her way and she will.”

  • ariel


    yeah but emily osment isnt nearly as famous as miley. miley is the biggest teenage superstar around the world! she has way more people following her around and scrutinizing everything she does. people make up so many rumors about her while nobody really cares about emily osment or says anything about her in the media. so yeah dont compare people who have totally different lifes

  • casey


  • Nkeeyah

    Miley will grow and shock us (in a good way)

  • britnasty

    loce her

  • val

    @izzy: Emily who???

    It’s not the same ¬¬
    Miley is way better and famous than Emily, hello

  • Britini95

    Wearing that type of bra to the gym is a bad idea. It probably got all sweaty and sticky, that’s why there’s sport bras; they keep you cool and comfortable. I do think she needs to hide her bra every once in awhile, but at least she’s wearing one! And the other are right, Emily isn’t as famous as Miley. But Miley became famous to the outside world becuase of her sexual behavior(Myspace pics, shower pic, laying on top of a guy with her shirt almost off pic) So when you make your name based off those things, people will always scrutinze you for it, like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

  • Emily

    Even if Miley is more famous than others, like Emily Osment, that doesn’t mean she’s more talented, and it doesn’t mean she’s better. It also means that she’s in the public eye more, so she should watch what she does more.

    I’m obviously not a fan of Miley, but I wouldn’t call myself a hater. I have reasons as to why I don’t like Miley, just like everybody here has reasons why they do like her. If she wanted to be famous, she should have known she would be criticized. It’s what the public does. They’re never satisfied.

  • jessica

    @izzy: i dont quite agree but she is hell lot prettier then miley.

  • wow

    No you are wrong. Miley may be more famous – alot of it because she is always seeking attention and now wearing less & less clothes, but Emily has way more class and is gorgeous. Emily looked so beautiful and mature at the Much Music Awards, then out came $lutty Miley flashing the audience.

  • wow


    That is no excuse for her whole bra to be showing. Miley is such a trashy girl. She might just as well wear only the bra. And don’t bother with the excuses that everyone dresses like that because that is not true. My boyfriend would have a fit if I went out as undressed as Miley and was always showing my underwear. No boyfriend wants every other guy seeing his girlfriend that way.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Oh my GOSH people, can we get over the BRA DEAL. Majority of you are girls age and when your MILEY’S AGE you grow boobs and your wears bras stop acting like u’ve never seen a flipping bra flipping TWEENIES !
    Gosh, I’m starting to think to belive most of u on here are under 13 years old cause all you can seem to nag on is the fat that MILEY’s wearing a FLIPPING BRA just like every teenage girl on this UNIVERSE. Do u guys want her to walk out her house like BRITNEY SPEARS and NOT WEAR A BRA AT ALL? Will that shut u PEOPLE UP THEN?

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @wow: Demi and Selena wear bras just like Miley does. And Selena has walked out of her house COUNTLESS times with see through tops is SHE NOT SLUTTY AS WELL?

  • lisa

    I wear tops like that all the time that show my bra and i’m 17 same age as miley just a couple of months younger. doesn’t mean to say she’s a slag she’s just wearing what she feel comfortable in and to be honest there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • amanda


    ur telling me that it is okay for you dress like that and shake ur ass in ur room well listening to music, when people dont see you doing that but you can judge miley when you do the same thing wow!!!

>>>>>>> staging1