Selena Gomez: 'Naturally' Platinum Party!

Selena Gomez: 'Naturally' Platinum Party!

Selena Gomez and The Scene go crazy with their plaques during her backyard BBQ bash over the weekend.

All the band members received gold records to commemorate RIAA certified sales of more than 500,000 copies of the album Kiss And Tell and single “Naturally,” which went Platinum with over 1,000,000 downloads.

Selena popped in on Facebook to update her fans on her sore throat situation. She posted, “I’m sure most of you know that my voice is gone and that I had to cancel some of my upcoming shows. After my 2 week promo tour with Joey I started to feel pain in my throat from talking too much. As soon as I came home I went to see my doctor and he said that I had damaged my vocal chords and that I had acid reflex (probably from pickles).”

She continued, “He put me on medication and wanted to see me in a few days. When I went back my voice had gotten much worse. He then told me that I had to cancel my shows and be on vocal rest for a week. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t perform. I begged the doctor to give me more medication to last me through these shows, he said if I went I could lose my voice completely and have permanent damage. I had to give up and agree to not go but I WILL make it up.”

Check out Selena‘s Facebook for more of her entry.

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • http://urfavenguyen stephanie

    aww selena works too hard! she deserves this break!!!

  • Evie

    Singers like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift ruin what used to be such a high honor. Now all that “platinum” means is that you have a ton of brain washed, tone deaf, teeny bopper fans who buy your music. Forget talent.

  • yesreallynow


  • Diddley14

    I think God took Selena Gomez’s voice away to send her a sign saying: “YOU CAN’T SING SO JUST STOP!”

    Seriously she is horrible :( Makes me sad to know she went Platinum

    @Evie I disagree with you about Miley and Taylor they do deserve that. They work and write their own songs. They deserve everything. Selena deserves nothing close to it.

  • Lara

    The problem with her voice is tha she sings from her throat because she’s inexperienced. She needs to be singing from her diaphragm. She will wreck her vocal chords if she doesn’t learn to sing properly. She is painful to listen to :/ and VERY painful to watch perform. She dances like an old mom. Stick to acting Selena. You’re excellent at that :) No hate intended. I really like her.

  • blaireb

    Haha @ the morons here getting all mad because Selena’s album went Gold and her single went Platinum! Obviously she’s a good singer since her music keeps selling and selling! Selena worked really hard on her album too! So don’t act like she doesn’t deserve it! She had to spent hours in recording studios, band rehearsals, a lot of vocal lessons and picking songs for her album. It’s very time consuming and requires you to work really hard! She also said that she wrote 4 songs for her 2nd album! Her songs are very fun, catchy and upbeat and she CAN sing, she may not be the greatest singer, but she can still sing in her own right!

    Selena’s music career is becoming more successful and she’s really happy. This is something that she always wanted to do, she loves singing and nobody is gonna stop her from following her dreams!

    P.S. Selena didn’t lose her voice because of singing, she lost her voice because of acid reflux. The cause of that was because she always eat pickles and she had to talk a lot in interviews.

  • Jane

    why does she need to stick to acting..this girl gt talent in singing..obviously…people love her songs! altho her voice is not as powerful as those powerful singer. but people sitll love her songs! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SELENA!

  • francie

    @Jane: agreed! love her :)

  • soughtful

    This is rediculous and she can’t even sing right. Demi should have that people really don’t know who are good singers. blame disney for over promoting selena. the girl can’t even hit notes right.

  • soughtful

    Singers like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift ruin what used to be such a high honor. Now all that “platinum” means is that you have a ton of brain washed, tone deaf, teeny bopper fans who buy your music. Forget talent.

    Read more:
    I agreed with taylor and selena. selena can’t sing she just an over produced bad voice and taylor voice is weak. Miley on the other hand is a strong singer listen to the climb and when I look at you. she has amazing vocals. she has strong vocals and she knows were to used them and how to used them. she definately experience singer well she has been singing since she was little so I guess that why she so good.

  • Lawrence


    Thanks for generalizing, good music isn’t necessarily about talent is about what it makes you feel.

  • zekemaster

    Ahahaha, people can say whateva they want but what are they holding in their hands in those pics?…Yeah that’s right. PWN

  • liri92

    I like her soooooo much.. no kidding I Love her.. I think she can sing, but she is just into the beginning… believe me in two years she gonna be awesome.. anyways neither of the artist are really good live exept a few.. neither miley, taylor, selena are really good singers.. but they get their success from their fans,, even though they dont deserv it like others do..

  • fanybecks

    @Evie: I am SO agree with you about Taylor and Selena. but well, i think Miley has a better voice among those to can’t sing girls. but i know that Demi Lovato has the greatest voice and she deserves even more than what she deserves now. just saying :)

  • Hope you get well soon

    @blaireb I totally agree with you.Selena losts her voice becauce of pickles.She can sing.@Diddley if she can’t one will buy her song.@soughtful I like miley before but I don’t like miley now her voice sucks now.比烏鴉叫還難聽。

  • Whatever

    I really couldnt agree more. This is ridicules. While I wouldnt excatly blame her or her management team for getting her into singing, I blame those who buy this fabricated BS. The poor girl clearly, can not sing. The fact that her single Naturally went Platinum forecasts the sad reality that, you dont need talent to get a number one or honors. Its pathetic and sad, but its also- reality.

  • andy

    Haters to the left! Congrats Selena… Looking beautiful as always! Love her music…

  • liri92

    so you freaking guys say selena cant sing .. so kesha, lady gaga & all these famous people today can sing better than her.. nope.. neither of them can sing.. but the fu*king people make them famous.. selena is sweet, cute, I love her & her music, acting.. support her no MATTER WHAT!!!!!!! && of course demi lovato can sing.. but she is not famous enough for having real honors.. like other stars, I guess

  • SelenaBRASIL


    get alife seriously…Miley is the oen who sound sliek a dying cat…

    Selena has a wonderful soft and smoothie voice!

  • bruno


  • dani

    This just proves that talent and real music (without electronic effects to hide mediocre voices) doesn’t matter any more in the music industry… It’s the same thing with Kesha and others… It’s sad :(

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan

    I dont get it. so she says shes sick and then she goes on Lopez tonight and shes laughing. is she faking it??????? but yeah i love Selena! shes amazing at acting. but im reallly not a big fan of her singing. i cant believe she got that! i mean round and round is a good song but most of her songs are edited. but i still love Selena

  • andy

    @soughtful hahaha miley a strong and great singer? literally im lol, damn c´mon girl she has the most annoying, horrible and man voice ever, so disgusting!!! and she can not reach the high notes, she just screams like crazy, is really painful to the ears, her voice is just awful…. she sucks live!!!

  • andy

    congrats gorgeous!!!!! im so proud of you!!! you definitely deserve all the best!!!!

  • Marissa

    Congrats Selena!!! She looks so pretty and she deserves it :) I think this post its dedicated to all the stupid haters because thanks to them Selena sold a lot of copies of her single and album!!!

    By the way, each day Selena’s getting more fans, so your stupid hate means NOTHING for her and the industry :) If you dont like her acting, singing or everething, just ignored do NOT waste your precious time, it’s just pathetic but Thank You anyway :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    OMG what’s with all the hate? Sure, Selena doesn’t have the voice of Demi Lovato or things lke that. But people really need to get it out of their heads that you have to have an amazing voice in order to sell records. Look at Kesha, Her voice is WORSE THAN SELENA’S and she sells like HOT CAKES on the Billboards . I mean come on guys, give the girl a break, It’s her FIRST successful single.

  • jessica

    congrats selena. even though i really wish she would have never even got in the music industry. i blame disney.

  • itsmeagain

    @SelenaBRASIL: wierd, cause all the major celebs say she has an awesome voice. Dolly Parton, Brett Michales, Iyaz. So yeah, Miley has an amazing voice. Selena has a mumbling type voice like KESHA and JANET JACKSON, She can’t sing worth the CRAP

  • http://ultraflyy23 gold baybay

    Oh please. “Selena can OBVIOUSLY sing because she’s selling so many records.” That’s what it was like a long time ago. Like in the ’90′s and the ’80′s. You HAD to be able to sing. THEN, records sold. It’s rare to found someone who can sing well nowadays, but hey, who am I? She’s accomplished more in her life than I could ever DREAM of.

  • aha


    aha okay and REALLY succesful singers like SHAKIRA are saying that Selena is a good singer ;) Take That!

    Miley is the one who really can’t sing seriously I prefer kesha and janet jackson than Miley hahahahahaha

  • itsmeagain

    @aha: WOW, Selena got one little compliment while Miley gets TONS. Ouch, I’m so hurt….NOT. If Selena were the better artist than Miley , then wouldn’t her single be the one that went three times platinum and not PARTY IN THE USA? Which is STILL in the Top 100 on itunes. LOL! Kiss Kiss sweetie. Miley will always be BIGGER and BETTER while Selena will just be SECOND BEST. (actually, Demi’s 2ND Best in my opinion )

  • liri92

    @itsmeagain.. haha this are big singers.. haha iyaz who knows him.. he sucks live (a copy of sean kingston, obviously).. he just say that he works with her and get more successful of her.. the same goes to brat.. I mean who know that piece of sh*t.. who fu*k around with other woman on tv saying I want to find my real love *LOL*.. ( he is not a real ARTIST, to JUDGE this) and dolly parton is the aunt of miley.. she cant say for her neice that she sucks at ALL:. so kidding me.. maybe selena isnt a great singer but MILEY SUCKS AT SINGINg Too

  • Arandomperson

    @soughtful: seriosly? Taylor Swift won four grammys and Miley Cyrus won none. Taylor swift got the second most Grammys out of all the artists this year.

  • bruno


  • qwtt


    I SOO AGREE. Music is not that same anymore.

  • amy

    I hate how everyone hates on Selena because she cant sing…The girl can sing not very will but she can. She’s an amazing actress, I do wish she would stop singing and start acting. Acting is what she’s good at, her singing is good but i’d rather she her in acting, movies, tv shows. Like drama and action that would give way more success than singing would ever.. Because the fact is she’s good at singing but not like Others like Hayley Williams or Demi (one person that should stick to only SINING) or Carrie underwood and many others.. Acting is something that she is amazing at. I THINK she should stick to acting for a couple of years and than do the singing of course if she gets lessons and picks the right muisc for her voice that she can sing live..

  • ashlee22

    hy Selena:D
    naturaly is my fav song :D

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    LOL ITS SO TRUE!!!!!!! MILEY IS MUCH BETTER! At least mileys voice isnt edited like selena.

  • Lalala:)

    @Evie: AGREED! . THANK YOU! Some of their songs are good , but honestly Im a fan of Miley& Taylor a bit but they don’t deserve THAT high of an honor:|

  • treemoka

    How did this happen?

  • Shir

    OMG!!! Poor selena!!! I feel so bad for her!! I wish her a speedly recoverly. Man, I know she must be bummed. I really hope that her fans understand that she needs to rest.

  • Selisbetterthanmil

    @andy I couldn’t agree more with you.miley is a horrible singer.her voice is awful.she can’t sing at all.

  • cam

    I’m so sick of everything having to be about Miley the $lut. Selena is very talented and she is much loved by her fans. If you want to get technical about voices – not even your precious Miley has a real voice – real trained voices are mostly opera singers so get over yourselves. Music is about the liyrics, the music, the singing, the emotiion, the message, etc. If you want to praise $lutty Miley go to one of her posts. In addition to talent, and beauty, Selena has class and is not a snotty 17 year old who thinks she is entitled – Selena recognizes her fans and the fact that they are who buy her records and see her movies and she does not have an attitude problem like Miley.
    Congratulations to Selena and The Scene and their achievements.

  • ella

    Congrats Sel!! ^^

  • haley

    Yeah! Taylor, Miley and Selena are all very sucessful in what they do. Haters are probably Demi Lovato fans who never got even a GOLD certified on her music.

    Demi Lovato = EPIC FAIL.

  • Boot

    you say that when you have a platnium selling song! Honestly, no-one can say anything bad about her cause tbh nobody can talk considering they aren’t famous! You say those things when you are kay!
    Btw selena is awesome and deserved that!(: xx

  • http://facebook selena gomez

    thank you guy for this okay

  • pink and black

    she is soo cute:) congrazt selena:)

  • pink and black

    selena can sing! i think she has an amazing voice

  • miley is so ugly

    @Diddley14: ur an idiot. and a fag. miley can’t sing at all. that’s why she lip syncs