Brenda Song Sports Rose Tattoo

Brenda Song Sports Rose Tattoo

Brenda Song keeps her head down as she crosses the street after making a stop at her fave Longmi Salon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon (August 10).

The 22-year-old actress was sporting a new rose tattoo on her right arm! What do you think of Brenda‘s new tattoo?

Brenda recently caught up with JJJ and dished about her three essential items for summer. Brenda shared, “SPF and sunscreen and a white bathing suit. It makes you look tanner especially in the summer time. It’s like my favorite thing. I tend to not wear a lot of make-up when I’m out so sunscreen and my tinted moisturizer are my best friends. I’m tempted to get a real tan this summer.”

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  • s

    oh no, where did her sense of style go?? she’s such a pretty girl. the tattoo is meh, it’s already sun damaged so it can’t be that new…

    but.. why?!? she was always so beautiful, maybe it’s because she’s just going to/leaving a salon, i don’t dress that well going to salons either but still.

  • Bridgett

    That’s a weird place for it…..

  • Dana

    @s: Umm it might not be a real tattoo and if her characters in movies and TV shows aren’t supposed to have tattoos the make up artists can easily hide the tattoo if it’s real.

    Any make up artist can hide tattoos easily and Brenda can make the tattoo invisible at home easily, if it’s real.

    Besides, there is nothing trashy about tattoos. If it’s real, she is just expressing her emotions. Tattoos are beautiful, when they aren’t everywhere.

  • Dana

    @s: By the way, the tattoo (whether it’s a permanent tattoo or not) is new.

    Brenda’s whole arms were shown in the last taping of SLOD’s season 3, there are pictures of Brenda’s arms and there aren’t any traces of a tattoo or anything (make up artists haven’t touched her arm, it was obvious from the pictures).

  • lena

    It doesn’t really fit to her… :S

  • holly


  • mike

    like the tattoo

  • Amy

    She shouldn’t get a tan, she looks much more beautiful when she’s just natural. I LOVE HER! her style, her bag, her shoes, her tattooo. It’s so elegant! and not trashy.

    I can’t wait for the Social Network, Boogie Town and Little SIster. PLus SLOD’s third season and BTW JJJ the official movie poster of Boogie Town was released recently and Boogie Town was announced at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. It will be presented/released at the 2011 Cannes, but that’s not set in stone according to the American Cinema LTD. Boogie Town is currently in post-production.

  • JOJO

    Brenda is so beautiful and stunning! love the tattoo

  • JOJO

    By the way, JJJ i don’t get it.. you said you were going to interview brenda during the 18th april 2010 post of BS at Katsuya, but you post what she said during the interview everytime there is a Brenda post where she’s seen by the paparazzi or at an event.. Why not just post the whole darn interview you did with Brenda instead of making us wait 4-5 months or a year till everything she said in that interview is posted in small pieces in Brenda posts?
    It’s not like there’s a Brenda post every week, there rarely is a Brenda Song post. I mean seriously, the last time there was a post about Brenda was last month and this whole year there has only been about 12 posts entirely about Brenda. So why are you making us wait months and months till you post tiny extracts from that interview from April 2010? Why not just post a whole post dedicated to that interview because it seems like a really long and interesting one. Surely that is better than posting tiny junkets of what she said when images of Brenda come out. We all know she rarely goes to events or goes out.. she’s more of an inside person lately.

  • iam

    ehh well tattoos are made out of toxic poisons heavy metals damaging dyes that cause cancer birth defects and other permanent damage to the skin and immune system so as long as people know just like people who smoke and drink I guess

  • Bonnie

    Whats up with Brenda Song lately?It is like the only way we see her is when she get her eyelashes done.Is her Mom okay?or she going though something..I hope she not going though a depression..I thought she be at the teen awards like she normally do;;but she wasnt there.SN;;Is she still dating Trace Cyrus and ♥ the tattoo..

  • blahblahblah

    Rly It’s Just Tatto !!!

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    wow u nevr c her anywher!! um da tat is stupid and in a stupid place. i think she should hav dont beter. although i would nevr think she was da type 2 get 1 at all. but i stil lik her.

  • Timothas

    Trace Cyrus need to be put in a zoo with the rest of his monkey freinds

  • Hanni

    She doesn’t seem depressed….
    :( I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love her clothes and hair

  • Hanni

    @s: It’s only a tattoo!

  • dizneyfan


  • dizneyfan

    I LOVE HER A LOT!!!!!!!
    BRENDA RULES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EFFY

    God, she’s so drop dead gorgeous!!! I love her and her movies, shows, style, attitude. She’s truly amazing!!!

  • SEL


  • BB


  • BB

    SO CUUUTE *—-*

  • Sidra

    brenda rocks, love her style (L)

  • Dalal

    she is the best ♥ i can’t wait to see her at the 2011 Oscars!!! ♥ The Social Network will definitely win!!!1

  • Dalal

    love heeeer <333

  • rahaf


  • rahaf


  • mariam


  • Blair

    Love Brenda! Love her tattoo!

  • Blair

    @s: Chill, it’s only a tattoo.

  • SOS

    I ♥ BRENDA!
    and the tattoo rocks, JJJ. I love it!

  • lizzie

    Brenda is so hot and gorgeous! plus very lovely! LOVEHER!

  • Lizzie

    And brenda’s tattoo is stunning and so symbolic!

  • kiki


    I love’ it wOWW !!


  • Dance

    yay! she’s great and the tattoo is beautiful!

  • BBGood2me

    OMG she is so gorgeous!

  • BBGood2me


  • marwa

    She’s brilliance and perfection! and the tattoo is beautiful!

  • GG


  • Emmy

    I LOVE Brenda ♥ forever and always♥ ! She is just tremendous and breathe taking and her new tattoo ROCKS!

  • Starry

    i love her tattoo, love her too xoxoxoxo

  • BrendaSongFan4Life

    Woah, the tattoo is good on her!!! I don’t think its permanent.

    ♥I love Brenda ♥ Song!
    Such a gorgeous gal! I’m her fan forever!

  • Hales

    Alright, to be honest I’m not a big fan of tattoos but Brenda’s tattoo made me rethink that. She’s so elegant and beautiful at all times! I just adore and idolise her so much! she’s such a rare talent and I’m soooooooooooooooo excited for the new mature big budget movies! time for the haters to eat their tongues lol!

  • Love

    Oooooooh >3333333 so gorgeous

    BRENDA!!! :)

  • Love

    I bet Brenda agrees with this quote:

    “Fame is fickle and I know it. It has its compensations, but it also has its drawbacks and I’ve experienced them both.” – Marylin Monroe.

  • Love

    Another noteworthy one:

    “Don’t confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.”

    “I won’t be happy till I’m as famous as God.” – Madonna said.

  • white

    she looks very cute with that rose

  • white

    @Bridgett: How is it a weird place?

  • linaty