Ashley Greene: Jonas Brothers Concert in Michigan!

Ashley Greene: Jonas Brothers Concert in Michigan!

Ashley Greene stops to sign an autograph for a young fan as she heads to the Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam concert in Michigan on Wednesday afternoon (September 1).

The 23-year-old actress has been spotted at several concerts now. Ashley even tweeted from the New Jersey concert over the weekend, “Cutest little girl ever that I met last night!”

Ashley is no stranger to Michigan either — she has spent the last month filming L.O.L. with Miley Cyrus in the gloved state.

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Credit: Jennifer Mitchell; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ms.

    she came for Joe .
    l like them together :D

  • anon

    ew, she’s everywhere.
    does this woman have a job?

  • s

    Shes Joe’s stalker. I bet hes so tired of her following him around like a sick puppy.

  • Hey!!

    Ashlee is a stage 5 clinger!!!! And I’m sorry but she looks like Micheal Jackson (r.I.p) with her nose…weird!!

  • What’s up!

    She just wants to show him her naked body up close and personal! Not just the pics from the net that we have all seen.

  • Patrice

    What girlfriend of only 2 months actually follow their boyfriend around on tour. Sure you want to spend time together but do it before and after his concerts but DONT actually go to each and EVERY soundcheck and concert.
    Even Kevin wife, Danielle, don’t do that.
    Quality time is you two by yourself without anything additional thing to concentrate on like a concert

  • anon

    wtf? she’s staring into the camera. paparazzi caller or what?

  • Rain

    i live in Michigan its not the GLOVE state its the MITTEN state duh look at a map!

  • Danielle

    did you go last night!!?? My sister got to go on stage!!

  • londonlemming

    Everyone on here cannot call themselves a JBRO fan. How can you be a fan if you are disrespecting and bashing on someone who one of the brothers seems to care about?
    Get over yourselves and get it in to your narrow minded brains that you have NO idea what is going on with Joe and Ashley. You have no idea what either of them are like in reality all you see is what is reported by the media.

    Until you KNOW them personally and have seen their relationship first hand you have no right what so ever to comment on the logistics or the way in which they persue their relationship, It is nobodies business but theres so you all need to butt out and let them live their lives.

  • Rain

    @danielle Nope that’s pretty sweet!

  • chris

    I don’t care if they are together. I care that people take the emphasis off of the brothers on tour and put it on a girl who just keeps going to every tour like she’s married to Joe. She is not on the tour and has no talent to be on the tour. Let’s keep if to Kevin Joe and Nick.

  • cheryl

    Woa, haters to the left. Joe is a lucky son of a btch to have a girl like her. And you people judging someone you only know from bull$hit media is below pathetic.

  • Sia

    Oh you little Jonas Brothers haters need to shut up already. I’m glad we Twilight fans don’t have time for your little games.
    WE THAT’S ME AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS KNOW OUR beautiful Ashley is too good for him and sick puppy ? PLEASE Ashley will find someone better after she’s done playing with this little kid.

  • Sia


    Sick puppy ? She’s filming there and if I see that fool even set foot on the Breaking Dawn set I’LL FUKIN THROW UP !

  • sarah

    Looking at the camera while she signs an autograph? What a fame whore.

  • liri92

    I love both of them.. I used to like twillight but I hate it know.. I only like rob, ashley, jackson, kellan & boo boo.. I hate the others of twilight.. well I love them.. and ashley is definitely the most beautiful girlfriend of joe he ever had and he will ever had.. demi and taylor are ok too. and taylor is actually pretty but neither of them can reach the level of ashleys beauty.. thats just a fact.. haters dont be disrispectful only because your jemi fans or jashley fans..

  • serena


  • lilysoocute

    Yeah lets keep Nick Joe and Kevin and get rid of Demi Lovato’s ass Demi your last name isn’t Jonas and it never will be!!! and So what if Ashley is going to all his concerts..just like Nicole Richie goes to all her mans did Ashlee Simpson..Get over people Joe wants her that point blank period!

  • n

    at least she’s better than demi she was followin him all around the US

  • Samantha

    @Sia: She’s not filming in Toronto. She has been with Joe for the past several days. And I imagine he will visit her when Breaking Dawn begins filming. So, get yourself a barf bag. He deserves to be with her if she wants him there, just like he wants her with him when he’s working. You teenies need to get over yourselves.

  • Fatty

    <3 them..Joe & ashley~! They both match!

    better than demi

  • Patrice


    Sorry but I have bette things to do than follow my guy on tour and go to EVERY concert and soundcheck. You can support your guy without following him everywhere. You are NOT his wife or GF who he has dated for years.

    If you are not PART of the tour, visit your man before or after his concerts. Don’t SHOW up and WORK with him too. I can understand a wife and a long term GF being there but NOT a 2 month relationship.
    Go visit friends,get a pedi/mani, see the sights etc.. while your guy is working. After the show you can be together.
    Now THAT’s my point. I dont’ give a crap if Ash is there to be with Joe but lets PUT the emphasis on the JB/Demi/CR2 tour instead of all the fans like “Oh is Ashley going to be there today too?”

  • amanda

    @Fatty: Just no.She’s a slu*. Just check her Chelsea Lately interview.

  • Rebecca

    I like Ashley and Joe together can’t stand Demi

  • sandy:)


    she looks like a puppy chasing him looking for attention. Pathetic!

  • nessa

    ew! Demi Lovato is too good for Joe Jonas anyway.

  • Kristen

    does anybody here think that her dating Joe is a little weird? And me being completey objective. Don’t care that much about him, care even less for her.

  • shanghai

    Dont like Ashley being at so many concerts and games mainly because I feel it must be hurting Demi even if she says it does not. But to be fair if you are dating a Jonas Bros the only way you are going to spend any time together is if you take turns travelling to each others film, show or whatever. Kind of works better if the girl is able to travel and follow him but then they get criticised for having no life and chasing after them. Cannot win anyway you go!!!

  • me

    I saw videos from the show on youtube….I love it how after singing ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing” with Demi, Joe actually called her back to give him a cuddle!

    I’m not a HUGE JoBro fan. I love their music and I love Demi as well. I am also a fan of Ashley’s from her as Alice in Twilight but even I think it is slightly weird how she is following him everywhere and I am sorry but the way Joe and Demi are, I believe they will get back together eventually….lol

  • Ella

    You go Ashley!! I like her now, ’cause she always shows her full support to Joe. I bet, she’s enjoying the JB crowd! :))

  • Pearl

    @me: She has been to two concerts and a road dogs game for all you know maybe Joe asked her to come so all the hatred just leave Ashley alone and get a life

  • Fatty


    u dont even know her and u called her a slut??

    Joe is cute..then i guess he n ashley are the perfect match..

    Pretty + cute =)

  • me

    stage clinger thats hilarious!!true too what someone else said about her following him like this afyter only 2 months I always liked ashley but yeah kind of odd

  • me

    @Pearl: Ashley hate? Didn’t you read, I said I am a FAN of hers as well. I also said that I PERSONALLY find it weird…I didn’t say that it was wrong or that there might be other reasons behind her going, I said that I just find it weird.

    Actually read what is written in front of you before accusing me of hating on someone because I actually support Ashley and actually have every movie she has been in.

  • tina

    omg what kind of puppy dog is she does she even have shame or any work shameless and workless she knows his ex is with him how can she follow him like that retarded bitch.

  • tina

    @Rebecca: how can u say that demi is the best ashley is following him like she is his wife she is shameless whatever if he is her man doesnt mean u make an akward situation for the soul of the film (demi).

  • tina

    who would want her autograph why is she creating an awkward situation for demi i know he is her man but comon give him space she is shameless and workless toooooooo

  • ME

    I dontt loove ashley but she is nice and pleeeease is not like demi is more beautiful than ashley or something… All does demi’s fans you have like to get over yourself joe is with ashley …

  • Katy

    OMG how funny wold it be if joe showed up to a twilight set? Everyone would be wtf? were way too cool for this…..
    i love how badass thw twilight cast is, this is just sad. A jonas brother, really?

  • sham22

    UGH i cant stand the fact that she tries so hard to be in in the limelight! She’s like every where. She tried way to hard to be famous. your in twilight. thats big enough.

    she’s annoying

  • elle

    ashley tries so hard to soak up the limelight, I think success has gone to her head. I don’t think she has a job besides turning up everywhere the cameras are.

  • tina

    @n: she is not better than demi she doesnt suit with joe

  • Becky

    i hate it when people say “she doesn’t need the publicity, she’s in one of the biggest film franchises ever made”
    well…why is it she only has like 5 lines per film? She’s hardly a main centric character, the only people that fans care about are Kristen, Robert and Taylor.
    Ashley is a fame wh*re, she’s also slept with half of hollywood – Joe totally knows how to pick them :|
    It won’t last anyway.

  • tina

    one more thing you should know is that jemi broke up cause joe thouht demi was making realationship public ooo comeon get a good reason for breakup

  • Becky

    @tina: yeah, but also Joe told People magazine it was because he preferred their friendship.

  • Atiana

    shes totally use him for MORE FAME! ew!

  • Atiana

    shes totally use him for MORE FAME! ew!

  • tina

    oh then u think that it takes someone more then 2 months to realise that u luv her but not in luv with her other words luv her as a friend

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    she has joe on a fricken leash ..
    maybe there ment for eachother..
    they are wrapped around each others finger..
    like theres no tomorrow!