Aly Michalka: Hellcats Singer!

Aly Michalka: Hellcats Singer!

Aly Michalka steps up on stage to sing a cover song in this new still from Hellcats.

In the upcoming episode “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother,” Lewis (Robbie Jones) asks Marti (Michalka) out but she turns him down. Alice (Heather Hemmens) tells Lewis she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flyer, but then after a sweaty workout the two end up taking it further.

Meanwhile, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) takes Dan (Matt Barr) to her parents’ house for dinner and a fight erupts after Savannah’s mom (Teryl Rothery) demands that she stop seeing Dan. Wanda (Gail O’Grady) convinces Marti to give Lewis a chance so she tells him she’s ready to date but he has second thoughts.

“Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” premieres next Wednesday, September 29th @ 9PM ET/PT on the CW. 15+ pics inside…

Hellcats 1×04 Preview

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Credit: Jack Rowland; Photos: The CW
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  • Listen to mayday parade

    Thanks for giving the episode away. Fml

  • Jay

    Let’s hope they do not ruin Alyson Michalka by having her date and kiss that black guy.

    If she goes there, she is damaged goods.

  • joan

    Hellcats only Get Better Every episode is Best Than the Last One i Love it

  • vale

    ashley tisdale its azom!

  • federico

    love it!

  • federico


  • me

    @Jay you are so mean Just because you dont like Black people that dont mean Aly dont I like black and white guys.

  • Aly&

    aly rock!!!

  • hande

    sheis best!

  • Taya

    i can’t wait <3

  • claire

    I love Ashley at the end, when it just her, like dancing or something!
    Shows she is tha star of the show !!!

  • ashley fan


  • Jody

    @Jay: omg, thats racist O.o
    you’re awful…

  • J

    @Jay: Jay you can go too hell. It not she’ll date nobody like you anyways. So go spread your hate somewhere else.

  • emaly


    thats really mean, i saying that because i love black people and im fucking WHITE! aly probably loves them too so shut up

  • amanda

    she is gorgeous
    team tisdale!

  • amanda

    hellcats the best show ever!

  • ANNiE

    ashley look gorgeous lately she is my fav celeb!Love her style!
    Team ashley anymore

  • harrie

    shut up haters ashley is the best!

    she is the best show!She is so succesful and she always work=)
    She is not like vanessa.

  • paris

    this girl is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paris

    @harrie: yes you are right she is not populer with her boyfriend and short dresses:=)

  • 111

    love hellcats and tizzy=)

  • dreamer

    completely forgot that aly started out as a singer!

  • AV

    i got so sick of this before it started thanks to the endless every-day-new-promo-shot, new video new whatever, omg-news:ashley-went-to-pee kinda insignificant stuff every single day as if these two chicks were someone. thanks for a clip, now i know why i will never watch. and oh it feels so good to say thatjudging by the rates hopefully next year there won’t be hellcats-this hellcats-that hellcats-best-show-ever hellcats-crap-this-and-that cos it will be cancelled. if melrose place got canceled than this surely will, thank goodness (and MP at least had Katie Cassidy, the lone thing good about it… there’s nothing remotedly interesting or not crying desperately for attention here).

  • 111

    @AV: Shut up vanessa what doing??Everday she walk gala!She doesnt work!She like a bum!

  • Vanney

    you all need to shut up.
    Vanessa is better than ashley, ashley’s only :”talent”: i shaking her butt in stupid show like this.

  • amanda

    @Vanney: I think you need to shut up ashley is the best!
    she is work not like bum vanessa!
    and she is not populer with her boyfriend and her short dress

  • dakota

    @amanda: Totaly agree with you.Vanessa is a BUM!She told it.

  • Vanney

    @dakota: you’re so stupid, she didn’t say she is but she dress like one and she still lokks better than Ashley cause Ash has a slutty personality. (;

  • dakota

    @Vanney: bok hala daha güzel gerizkelı insan ne bok varsa vanessa vanessa ne var öküzde çıplak fotoarını yaya yaya ünlü oldu mal sizin gibi mallarda onu seviyor ashley ise en basından beri terbiyeli,salak’ siz ne anlasınız siz anca orospuları seversiniz!

  • dakota

    orosopu vanessa! Göt insan işte fanlarıda onun gibi göt!

  • Vanney

    @dakota: you care only about her pics. and this is what makes Vanessa being better than Ashley – loyal nice and understanding fans who doesn’t expect from her to be perfect because we know she’s amazing and she’s only human just like us. (;

  • 123

    @Vanney: ashley is the best like her fan!she is not like vanessa !

  • Kyia

    how would that ruin her?

  • Kyia

    Why would she be damaged?….is it bcuz your shoes aren’t big enough!!Lol
    @Jay: @Jay: how would that ruin her?