Demi Lovato: Arcade Boutique Beauty

Demi Lovato: Arcade Boutique Beauty

Demi Lovato laces it up as she arrives at The Autumn Party presented by Arcade Boutique held at The London Hotel in West Hollywood on Wednesday evening (September 29).

The 18-year-old actress caught up with Jenna Dewan inside the party.

In case you haven’t heard, check out Demi‘s new song, “Work of Art,” which will be featured on the new Sonny With A Chance soundtrack.

The album, which also features songs by Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight and Allstar Weekend, hits shelves on TUESDAY, October 5th.

Demi Lovato – “Work of Art”
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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: WireImage
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  • DJ jEFF

    Whaouuuuu HOT HOT HOT

  • -

    She looks so old

  • demifans

    Demi doing lot of charity lately which is good she’s focus to help others and handle the break up with class and maturity…she makes me proud and respect her even more

  • Gbayyy

    Demi looks amazing!

  • tia

    beautiful , gorgeous, amazing
    i’m so proud of her !!

  • tia

    i love work of art !!! great job demi !!!

  • fanybecks

    she looks classy yet mature! so gorgeous… proud of her! :)

  • chang


    break up with who now? Travis Clark or Rob Kardashian? I thought that was just a rumor. She looks like a hot mess as usual. Demi please stop wearing black for once and the shoulder pad drowns down her look.

  • lili

    shes so gorgeous !!!i love her !
    i love work of art !
    i can’t wait for SWAC soundtrack !!!

  • Ceecile

    @chang Oh shut it will you. Trying to be a smart ass on a gossip side makes you look pathetic.
    She hasn’t wore black in a while so again, fail.

    I like the look and make up but by God she needs to stop tanning.

  • SHoOoSh

    OMG .. what’s with the shoulder-puffs O_o, where are we living ?? mid 19′s century ????? … Demi is usually much better than this :| …. if I was there I would rip those off !!

    those puffs are making the dress look hideous while the dress is actually cool !!

    and when the heck is she gonna change her hair style <> I bet it will look gorgeous on her =)

  • Ceecile

    Also, she shouldn’t have worn the necklace considering the neckline of the dress.
    But again, she looks beautiful. She did her make up tonight and just like I said, she needs to do her make up herself everytime from now on because her make up artist always fugs it up.

  • SHoOoSh

    she really needs to stop tanning ,, first of all it has bad affects on a long-term such as: cancer…..blah blah blah !! ,,, second of all it makes her look worse .. I used to love her natural color and wishing if I had it =)

  • chang


    not trying to be smart ass. Just being realistic. If a tanned person use a black color, it doesn’t fit.

  • mo

    she looks so classy and gorgeous. Love everything in her outfit … just don’t like the hair, it always seems the same hairstyle in all the events she goes. And I miss her genuine smile, she has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world but she is not showing it lately. Smile Demi

  • angel


  • Bria

    She looks soooooooo good! Her make up artist and hairstylist have done their best work yet! I perfer her eyes lined with black liner than all the color eyeshadow to her brow bone. The shoulder pads to overwhelm her small frame, but she still looks great!

  • sandy

    she looks beautiful i don’t like the dress but she is gorgeous


    she kinda sounds like selena gomez in this song.

  • stephanie

    beautiful as always… it’s great to do a lot of charity actions in her spare time…. love her so much…

  • ally

    aww my pretty girl :) gotta love her – of course we can debate about the outfit choice but , if she likes it why not?

  • headstrong

    i dont like the outfit but she looks gorgeous!

  • Jenny

    everything about her is GORGEOUS except for the arms of the outfir they make her look sooo much shorter than she is

  • Cassy

    i love those slutty eyes ;O

  • Ego

    @chang: Wow superficial cunt much? lol

  • overallcute

    hot mess ! go demi !!!!

  • dani

    I love her skin, makeup and hair here. She is and looks really gorgeous.
    Not loving the dress because of the sleeves, but somehow she still looks good wearing it. Also she shouldn’t have worn any necklace with that dress. And those legs… slightly jealous.
    Anyway, the most important part is that this is for charity, which is always something to admire.
    I really like that song from Sonny With A Chance, but I’m still anxious for her own stuff – I need her next album now! :)

  • nu

    she is beautiful. I like the dress but without the sleeves, that are really awful, I agree that dress didn’t need a necklace is to much and take way the classy.

    Everything else is perfect

  • laura

    i think she looks gorgeous <3 but yeah i don’t like tanning just because i don’t like tan in any case :P

    i don’t think she looks that old :)

  • linna_RDL

    I think she is looking great here.. she is following paris and nicky now on twitter.. she met the there.. and paris said that demi is a beautiful girl.. you can say a lot about paris but I think that paris hilton is really sweet to other people..(: But I am not a fan of hers or anything(:

  • sarah

    OMG! She Has Changed For The Better
    Now She Looks Beautiful :)

  • lilysoocute

    she is ugly..I can’t stand her!

  • dani

    @lilysoocute: “She is ugly.” –> 1st, that’s rude. 2nd, you need glasses.
    “I can’t stand her!” –> So why are you reading and commenting in one article about her?
    These people…

  • Ryan

    Beauty In Black, Demi looks positively gorgeous once again. Her dress, hair, makeup, face, & everything, the only thing missing is that beautiful smile of her’s. It’s been great to see her doing these great charity events, but her smile has been the one thing that’s missing lately. The most recently I saw her smile on display was during the last few shows of the new Tour, have only seen it here & there over the past few weeks. I commend Demi so much dealing w/ everything in the matter she has, the woman’s a trooper. All the reason why I love, care for, support, & admire her as I & all of her true fans do.

  • Melissa

    OMG.. she is sooo beautifull <3<3<3
    Big fan!!
    She does so many good things in life and i love her <3

  • tmj

    can u guys just leave her alone!!!!!!!! jeez shes just as much of a person as u r so what she likz black so do i and i wear it sometimes but u guys treat her lik trash and always comment on how awesome selena gomez and taylor swift r selena is becoming taylor and acting lik taylor and taylor acts nice all the time but no person can b that nice i mean come on seriously!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    She looks really good here!!!

  • monica

    now listen im not being a les but, demi u look super hott, ur loss joe