Ashley Tisdale Hearts Metal

Ashley Tisdale Hearts Metal

Ashley Tisdale spots her love for metal as she heads back to her car after training at the gym in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (November 5).

After working out, the 25-year-old actress was pulled over by Vancouver police for an unknown reason. Eek!

In case you missed it, check out the trailer to Ashley‘s upcoming DCOM, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure — coming out Spring 2011!

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • http://j cf

    nice of her

  • mendomamir

    I love her (:

  • Samantha

    haha. Love you ashley.
    Its okay. we all make mistakes

  • taya

    i love her !

  • kami

    aww, poor ashley. for both she’ll have to pay over $300 in fines.

  • Laura

    Finally new candids of Ashley. :)
    She’s so cute. ;p ♥

  • Chanon

    Who’s stupid enough to run two red lights while talking on your cell phone? Dumbyyyy.

  • musicgirl

    who the hell cares about the money?! someone could have gotten hurt because she was careless while driving!

  • rachel

    i dunno what its like in california, but talking on ur cellphone while driving in vancouver is illegal (i know this because i live in vancouver)

    be careful next time ash!

  • mike

    hot girl go hellcats !!!

  • oletimer

    That is totally dangerous and could be quite detrimental to an innocent family or person in oncoming traffic. Very thoughtless.

  • Courtney

    I love the fact that this went from her running two red lights while on her phone to an unknown reason. Seriously if you don’t no the facts in the first place don’t right it down. Eek! is right, you totally screwed up on that one.

  • ZJ

    @Courtney: I completely agree. People who have read this and gone now believe Ashley has done those acts.

  • taya

    she is the best !

  • bernn

    she look amazing

  • bernn

    how she can look amazing as always!
    shut up haters she is the best teen actress and celebrity!!!!!!!!!!

  • 111

    admire her and she’s my favorite actress, :D

  • 111

    @Chanon: İt is just a mistake she learn lesson shut up to say bad things!!

  • paris

    ^^^Haha yeah!

    I hope she learned her lesson(25 years old and still talking on the cell while driving).

    Like the header picture, she looks so cute!

  • amanda

    Though I love Ashley very much, she shouldn’t make this kind of mistake!
    It could have end up with injuries, and perhaps even death.
    I really hope she’ll be more careful from now on, but there’s no excuses for what she’s done.

  • nonifan

    I wonder if she’s wearing that shirt to show support/give tribute to that famously big metal fan, Demi Lovato

  • ashytisdalefan

    I know what happened. She went through two red lights while talking on her cell phone, just a tiny mistake. :)

  • duduche29

    ashytisdalefan… are you serious?????

    go through 2 red lights while talking on the phone is a tiny mystake to you???? excuse me but people could die like that (if the driver has his mind somewhere else!!

    chanon, olitimer and courntey, i’m with you

  • Meghan

    The report of her running two red lights while on the cellphone is FALSE. Ashley adressed it on twitter.

  • Bella

    The only reason you changed this article is because Ashley called you out on Twitter.

  • Haters Suck!

    She still got ticketed $160 it seems so if I had to venture a guess I think they got her for the talking on the phone while driving. Where I’m from that’s about the standard fine if they catch you doing that.

  • kami

    it was prbly for talking on cell phone and not running two red lights. jj prbly got his info from the crazy paps. they try to make stuff more dramatic.

  • Courtney

    @ZJ: I’m glad that she called him out on Twitter for it. He should apologize to her for it.

  • Gonzalo

    I love you Ashley!!! =)
    from BOLIVIA

  • Avril

    Ashley is watching you!!!!
    careful with what you post!!!! xD

    she was fined??? never mind!!! we still love her!!!
    go Ashley!!!!
    you’re the best!!!!

  • J

    Well of coarse she would be watching JJ more than anyone else, because he the only gossip site that I’ve noticed that does more articles on her than anyone else.

  • nessy

    @Avril: Of course we still love her!
    She don’t drink and she hasn’t got nude pics! I’m proud of you Ashley!
    Ä°t is just a mistake!All of celebrities have an accident like Vanessa!We love Ashley and Nessa with their mistakes!

  • leighton

    cant wait for Sharpay’S fabulous adventure!

  • leighton

    @Meghan: YES SHE DİDNT İT.

  • pELE


  • pELE


  • duduche29

    ashley i know your read your post on jjj… talking on the phone while you drive it’s completely stupid of you…

    i almost get hit by a car because the driver was talking on the phone!! he wasn’t paying attention to the road

  • federico


  • Lina

    Look. Who knows what she really did. She could of been just speeding for all we know! Or maybe her tail light was out! Who knows?!
    Nobodys a perfect driver ok? I just don’t think it’s as serious as some of these people are making it to be.

  • Natasha

    She’s amazing actress!!!
    I can’t wait see her in new Sharpay!!!

  • federico


  • Joochi

    @duduche29: Totally agrees with you, it’s the law here in Hawaii, I would think by now every state is “Hands Free”, she should be more carefull about the cell phone, to me, if it’s not that important they’ll call back no matter who you are, celebrity or not!

  • http://@paulinegoddess Paulinegoddess

    @Bella: I agree! I’m a loyal just jared fan but sometimes they’re not all facts. Love ashley!

  • lolaa

    woow. she’s too cute :) love that outfit too. it’s simple but makes her gorgeous. <3 :D