Emma Watson: HP Premiere Pretty

Emma Watson: HP Premiere Pretty

Emma Watson laces it up in a little black Rafael Lopez mini as she arrives at the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 held at Odeon Leicester Square in London on Thursday evening (November 11).

The 20-year-old actress and college student stepped out at the Leavesden Studios photocall yesterday afternoon with her costars.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 releases in 8 DAYS! Check out more stills on JJJ!

Emma completed her look with Charlotte Olympia pumps, Solange Azagury Partridge jewels and a Remembrance Day poppy.

30+ pics inside of Emma Watson

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Credit: Dave Hogan, Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • http://www.twitter.com/sahina91 Sahina

    love her outfit!!!! the #hp7premiere is looking awesumage!

  • Rotem

    She looks amazing!
    the dress is so beautiful
    Can’t wait till the movie comes out<3

  • Celia

    She looks STUNNING!!! I love her dress!!! It’s vintage!!

  • ana

    wow°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amaizing!!! she looks sooo beautiful :)
    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    She’s so awesome! But she put the poppy on the wrong side…haha

  • alibobally

    Beautiful as always. Love her and the entire HP franchise. She’s a fantastic role model to so many people including myself.

  • good-one

    This generous photo set is such a feast for the eyes it frankly tantalizes me to want to see her new movie.

  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong

    She looks GORGEOUS. they all had a re flower, i wonder why.

  • Celia


    In honor of the War Veterans.

  • Chanon

    I watched the live premiere of this on ustream.tv! :D LOVEE HER! <3

  • candy

    i love everything about this girl….absolutely stunning

  • lisa

    This girl used to be so cute. Now it’s just obvious how hard she tries to be “beautiful.”

  • Jenna

    The hair still bugs me and I wish it was longer like before. But she pulls it off perfectly. She is gorgeous!

  • Sia

    She’s ok nothing special. But I do feel she’s making a statement more with her style instead of being SOOOO BORING !

  • sunny

    This is the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  • http://www.facebook.com gabyyy

    Prettyyyyyyyyyyyy ever
    Love you <3

  • H

    I’m not sure if that is an appropriate premiere dress to a movie targeted towards children (I know, I know, there are older fans who grew up with the books, but the movie still targets kids). It doesn’t look like a premiere dress period. Looks a bit showgirlish…

  • Mahta

    She always looks beautiful!LOVE HER!!

  • mia

    @H: what has a dress for a premire go anything to do with the film itself? and she isnt showing anything either

  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong

    @Celia: thanks

  • Celia


    When you look like Emma, you don’t have to try.

  • Celia


    The movie is PG-13. It’s not targeted towards kids. All the reviews have been saying there are scenes in this movie that would scare adults and they don’t advise anyone over the age of 13 to see it.

    The series is universal, so everyone can enjoy it. It’s not really targeted to a specific age group, especially the last 4 books and 5 films.

  • Welel

    I know a lot of kids who are excited to see the movies. There is a good behavior clause in the Harry Potter kids’ contract because kids will hear about their behavior and parents might not think it is appropriate to take their kids to those movies that star misbehaving teen actors. in other words bad role models. The Twilight stars don’t have that clause because their movies are not targeted towards kids. For example Kristen Stewart cut off all her hair and had a lesbian kiss with Dakota Fanning, swears in her interviews, gives the middle finger to paps. If she was playing Hermione she would have gotten fired.

  • Maite

    She’s trying too hard to be sexy

  • sandy

    @Welel: No she wouldn’t. Hermoine isn’t a teen idol.

    And Emma has stated she drank alcohol weekly while being underaged. That’s not exactly a good role model.

    HP isn’t for kids anyway. The stars of HP aren’t supposed to uphold a certain a good persona, they’re just actors, they’re all adults now. But when they weren’t adults, there were online leaked pictures of Emma drinking beer at the age of 15. She obviously wasn’t a good ‘teen idol’ when she was a teen. She isn’t a teen now, she doesn’t live up to an image, she could have done whatever she wanted when she played Hermoine in the last 3 HP movies. She can freely publicly smoke at 18 and basically do whatever she wishes to do, the makers of HP wouldn’t have cared since HP isn’t Playhouse Disney/Disney/Nick.

  • thatgirl

    @sandy: She is a good role model. A lot of the European families bring their kids up with alcohol. Has Emma had to go to rehab or any sort of thing like that? No. And she has never smoked publicly and I doubt she has done so privately.

    HP started off for kids and the audience grew with the series.

    I don’t understand how she isn’t a good role model. She consistently went to school throughout the series (Dan and Rupert stopped after a point). She worked hard in school, hard enough to ace her A levels and to become accepted to Brown. She could have gone to Oxford or Cambridge but chose to take a risk and study in America which is a great lesson to teens to not be afraid to take chances and to work hard in school. She’s kept herself informed on important issues such as poverty and has taken a stance against it through People Tree. She knows fame isn’t everything and hasn’t gone and wasted all of her money which she could have since she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She is consistently called one of the most grounded actresses. Yeah she is a really horrible role model.

    She’s an extremely smart girl academic-wise (as her life at Brown University can show), environmentally wise (as her work with People Tree and now Alberta Ferretti will show), and she consistently shows great maturity, poise and class in all her interviews. Name three that she hasn’t. I dare you.

  • Welel


    Actually, the HP actors were expected to uphold a clean persona because their movies are marketed towards kids and DH is still a movie that young kids will go watch with their parents. A billion dollar franchise marketed towards kids with their young stars left to do whatever they want? I don’t think so. WB definitely had a firm grip on their stars which is why now you hear about rebellion and ‘lost childhood’ interviews.

    Disney kids are another example but I think Disney pushed them too hard and expected them to be good actors, singers, and dancers which is just ridiculous and a breakdown was inevitable. I don’t think you will hear about the Twilight actors rebelling against Summit after that franchise is over because there is no good behavior clause in their contract.This proves that HP is marketed towards kids. Why would the HP kid rebel against WB if they were not expected to keep up a kid friendly persona?

    You’re right, Kristen would not be fired for swearing and giving the paparazzi the finger if she was playing Hermione. That is because she would not have qualified for an audition in the first place. She is not bubbly and girlie enough. WB knew how Emma would turn out when they cast her so it wasn’t so hard to predict that she would be a good girl in the future. Kristen’s mom and dad work in the industry. (Not to mention she is American.) WB was looking to cast normal school girls in private schools because they were hoping to cast their parents as well. Both parents being lawyers or dentists were what they wanted when they only went to private schools to cast Hermione. Not professional child actors that want to use their fame to get more roles and try to break from their image after the first movie, but good normal school girls who will be grateful for the opportunity and be obedient to the studios. That’s how the world works. If you want to hire a computer programmer, you will only post your job postings online in computer communities. If you want a normal school girl from professional career oriented parents, you go around to expensive private schools and do your castings there.

    For Ron, they wanted someone creative, funny and fearless, so they looked for kids to send in videos of themselves. Didn’t Rupert sent in a video of himself dressed as a grandma while rapping?

    And Harry Potter himself was cast because he was a family friend and the producer Heyman know that his dad would watch out for Daniel. If Heyman had a son close to Harry’s age, he would probably cast his own son. A friend’s son is the next closest thing. I wouldn’t put up millions of my own dollars to let just any kid play the title character. I want to make sure that they won’t go off the rail in their teenage years and make me lose millions upon billions of dollars. Harry Potter is a sure success so well behave kids are more important then talented kid actors. A movie filmed over a potential ten years would require well behaved kids.

    Thus, the young Harry Potter actors are just manufactured by the studios just like all the Disney kids, but in a different way. It will be interesting what the industry will think about them once they come out from under the WB umbrella.