Vanessa Hudgens: CA is For Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens: CA is For Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head down as she is escorted through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (November 14).

JJJ suspects that the 21-year-old actress flew in for little sister Stella‘s birthday — she turned 15 on Saturday (November 13).

Van was also spotted heading to a meeting in Studio City earlier in the day.

Vanessa has been busy filming Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in Hawaii opposite Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Samantha


  • BabyBooZanessa

    Gorgeousness !

    Love you Vanessa !

  • la

    Omg! she is so beautiful! and i think her shirt is over cute (-: and its kind of sweet that she hold her hand over your mouth! The shirt made me think of her and zac, i hope they can met up, a little soon. I bet they miss each other! (:

  • http://j chelsea

    i love the tshirt

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    The top is really cute on her. Hope Stella had a great birthday !!

  • kami

    ♥ how sweet she went home for stella’s b-day. what a nice sister. the paps didn’t catch her coming home. just going back to hawaii. ♥

  • cam


  • andrea

    she looks beautiful wonder if zac is coming also :)

  • cam


  • ehryle

    One word GORGEOUS!!!

  • Ashlee

    Hope her meeting was productive. Only 10 more days before she gets a Thanksgiving break.

  • cam

    Vanessa was in LA now she is in Hawaii working again! hahaha

  • gracemarie


    They’ll probably get their break before then some productions take the whole week it just depends on the director etc.

  • mils

    she is gorgeous!!!

  • mils

    she is the sweetest sister.. how cute!!!

  • annie1st

    klik to save the picture now…she look sooo cute with thw tshirt awwwwwwww

  • peggy


    Zac was seen at clubs over the weekend in New Orleans he didn’t come to Los Angeles to see her.


  • mils


  • annie1st

    ai ai, she’s leavin LAX now, when did she come back to LA..ahahaha this girl is a ninja gurl : P

  • mils

    she’s awesome like thatt :p

  • http://IHavenoWordsToSomeone,thatInspireme,ThatsisaGreatArtist,ThatwaspartofHSM,SomeonethathavetheBestGirlfriendandDESERVEDIT,SomeonethatwillhaveGreatsAwardsbutmostImportantthatAllHavetheMostLoyalFans joan

    love it She is So SWEET

  • sky10

    She is sooo cute and gorgeous!

  • babyg

    ahh. sweeeet.

  • erika

    Nice sunglasses :)

  • kyle


    Just like Zac, she is not a fan of the paps & is good in slipping out of their radar sometimes.

  • Emma

    Zac might go to the club and enjoy with girl.

    don’t waste your time on him

    Zac dump him and meet a new guy

    Vanessa deserves a better man. =P

  • patry

    Gorgeous Girl! <3

  • lslsharon


  • suzy

    she looks cute.

  • babyVlove1

    wait a minute, she can go to Stella’s birthday and not on Zac’s?
    I’m just wondering, cause I am a zanessa fan ^_^
    but I am not trying to offend her or anything, just curious……

  • http://none judy

    agree with u
    zac is biggest liar
    he always say im not a club boy
    and i think he enjoy his time with another girl
    and vanessa seems so stupid girl
    ahh ilove her but i thing she deserves a better man
    before i was fan of zac but after the clubs nooooooooooo

  • AddictedtoV

    i love Vanessa Hudgens! i can’t wait to see her on big screen next year!

  • bella

    @Emma judy: agree

  • AddictedtoV

    awwwww Vanessa is so sweet to be with her sister on special day…. Stella is so lucky to have Vanessa as her sister! Vanessa is really a very sweet person!

    Happy Birthday Stella!!!!

  • Katty


    Maybe Zac had a tighter filming schedule and it’s not like Stella is his sister. Zac is allowed to have fun without Vanessa. Don’t cause drama.

  • AddictedtoV

    @Emma, Judy & Bella where’s the proof that Zac went on clubs and are you sure Zac dumped Vanessa?!!! LOL you’re just making false stories… you can’t destroy ZANESSA simply bcoz they Live in Trust, Live in Faith and Live in Love in short there feelings are real and are true LOVE <<<3

  • kate1

    Ok just because there a a twitter that said Zac was buying drinks for 2 girls doesn’t mean it was true. even if it was we don’t know the circumstances behind it. He could have been out with his cast mates and bought them.

    The girl did say she didn’t know who Zac was at first and her tweet made her look like she didn’t like him. She has also deleted her tweet now.

    as for the ZV relationship and the fact that Emma and the others want V to break up with Zac. Stop being jealous and trying to cause trouble because they are happy together. The pics from Sunday showed V is still wearing her Kuippo ring.

    Stella is not Zac’s sister and he is working. Vanessa also had an appointment in studio city so maybe she killed 2 birds with one stone and managed to be there for Stella too.


  • kate1
  • kate1

    this is the link for the pic i tried to post before

  • lauren

    first of all judy and emma,
    get over your fucking selfs, seriously, who gives a flying shit that he went to a club, ? why the hell do you care? we dont need to see zac and vanessa everywhere seriously there busy filming movies and yea.
    so grow the fuck up,
    it’s people like you who freak out who dont have pics of them together,

  • lauren

    Also peggy and emma,
    you’r grammar sucks, and use english words better.

  • http://none judy

    what ??????????????? buying drinks to girls
    he soooooooooo bad and
    vanessa please go to the clubs and drinks …… other boys ………….dance with them
    cause zac doing all this and u need to doing too
    i dont now who vanessa until today still with him after all the clubs stufff and zac all the time say he enjoy doing sex with amanda crew {when he say this he looking like akid }
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh vanessa i feel sorry for u

  • sunny

    I’m not even going to comment on the Zac buying girls drinks thing. Even if it is not proven, I’m sure he’s done it before, it’s his personality. I am totally speculating that the Live in Love days are probably tougher than ever for the two of them since they have busy schedules and a lot of time away from each other, it is just a fact. Who knows what really happens in her private life. Professionally, I hope she keeps booking more projects. More power to ya V.

  • AddictedtoV

    @judy what have you done lately? are you drunk or are you on drugs?!! dude get a life!… and shut up!

  • lauren

    i think all of you ”fans” need to chill out,
    do we need to ”speculate” anything?
    there both busy with movies, and prolly make time to call or text each other, so get over it.

  • http://none judy

    i love zac and vanessa ok
    but i hate that zac always hanging out with other girls
    and going to the clubs and vanessa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    poor girl
    and he always say he enjoy doing sex with amanda
    i have boyfriend ok and if he say this stuffff i dump him
    vanessa i feel sorry for u baby

  • lauren

    @ judy,
    zac is faithful to vanessa, and vanessa trusts zac,
    and they both trust each other, also zac doesn’t go to clubs?
    just because he went to a club and vanessa is busy filming a movie and he is it, doesnt mean that u have to freak out,

    also when he said the sex scene was pleasurable, he was joking around. im guessing your about 16 yrs old?

  • mike

    love her shes so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AddictedtoV

    @judy: really?!! do you really love Zac & Vanessa?!!!! then why are you making stories that aren’t true?!! and where’s the hell did you get that stupid Zac news that “he always say he enjoy doing sex with amanda” i dare you to prove it that Zac said that then if not you better shut-up or get lost here dude!!!!

  • angel82030

    @Emma: Ok I can never understand why she dates(goes out) with the liar

>>>>>>> staging1