Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Sucker Punch' Featurette!

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Sucker Punch' Featurette!

Vanessa Hudgens sits down to chat about her upcoming fantasy suspense flick, Sucker Punch, in this brand new featurette.

The 22-year-old actress shares in the video, “There are so many twists and turns that you do not know what to expect. People are just going to be constantly taking hits to the face.”

Sucker Punch, also starring Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone, hits theaters March 18th.

“Sucker Punch” Featurette
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  • Daniela

    Vanessa you are the best!!!!! I’m gonna be your fan forever

  • musicgirl

    This ROCKS!!!!!!!! and oh… my.. god… vanessa looks so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • mike

    so cool i will watch it for sure

  • mishyb

    THIS IS A MUST SEE FOR ME that is for sure. Vanessa and Zac separate or apart will hopefully flourish in their acting careers for years to come!

  • birdie53

    Even though Vanessa isn’t the main star it is incredible that she got to be a part of this. It looks epic and I’m very proud of her plus she looks amazing.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    I seriously can’t wait for this movie!

  • mariam

    Yayyy!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait ,I love you vanessa you are amazing .

  • Jazmin

    So excited for this movie…so agree with you birdie…even though she’s not the lead I’m glad she’s part of this movie…it looks amazing. Emily Browning just looks wow and of course Vanessa and the rest of the girls just amazing…can’t even think of another word, lol.

  • Thahmina Yasmin

    SO COOL!
    i’m so looking forward for this movie…it totally rocks;)
    love uuuuu Vanessa…..number 1!
    (i’m so sad that V and zac actually split……

  • bambiii

    i looove her,´her and zac too ;)
    sorry, but i knew them as a couple and they’ll forever be zac AND vanessa ^^ not possible to suddenly hate anyone of them
    hope they’ll have lots of friendship meetings jsut for a coffee so that jjj can post ^^ and maybe one daaaay…
    ;) won’t happen,but right now a wish…
    and ahhhh i want to be as pretty as her :”(
    wish her the best <3

  • Artemis

    I am really excited to see this movie ! Emily Browning seems perfect and I
    hope the music will be as good as in the trailer !

  • joanne

    this movie looks awesome

  • pop86

    Love the trailer

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I love u!! NESSA will be even more famous and recognized as an actress!!! She deserve it!!! Her movies rock!!!

  • Skylar

    Oh my gosh! This movie looks so amazing! I seriously can’t wait to see it!!!

    To everyone on here that’s talking about the Zanessa ‘break.’ I still can’t believe people are buying that. Zac or Vanessa have not personally made a comment on it themselves, as far as I’m concerned(and at the point the rest of us should be) until they say otherwise, I think we should still believe they are together. Lies are told everyday, people just actually believed this one. Who ‘confirmed’ this? E News? I don’t think either Zac or Vanessa would just openly want it out there, they kept their relationship private for two years. They’re not just going to come out with this. I honestly believe this whole break up thing is just abunch of lies, and until Zac or Vanessa say something otherwise, so should you. Wait & just watch, we will see candids of them in just a few days. Believe me. :)

  • Nessachic1

    @Skylar are you sure about this im scared i mean i love both together they are the world’s most cutest couple =[

  • samantha


    yeah i think the same! i mean zac and vanessa don’t say anything about the break up…i love these movie i cai’nt wait vanessa rocks

  • jess!


  • jess!

    and she looks gorgeous <3

  • / stienn


    finally someone with intelligence
    i think so too

  • lover



    I can’t wait till the movie comes out, and I’m going to see Beastly also.

  • kgg

    Vanessa looks so sexy and tough in this movie….love her deep voice. Can’t wait….I will be the first in line to see this movie when it comes to my city.

  • bobo

    I can wat

  • muse

    Cant wait for SUcker Punch and Beastly. She’s amazing and shes only going to get better. :) Hope she had an awesome birthday.

  • muse

    Cant wait for Sucker Punch and Beastly. They both look amazing. Shes an amazing actress and will only get better with more projects and time. Shes beautiful, talented and real, whats not to love.
    Hope she had an awesome birthday. XD

  • muse

    Crap…I knew that would happen. Oh well…at least my point is made :)

  • kami

    ♥ awesome. can’t wait to see this movie. ♥

  • vfan

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out! It’s gonna be epic, esp with Vanessa in it. :)

  • Carla

    This movie looks really good

  • kickass

    why do u always put sunkerpunch under vanessa its not even her movie she isnt the star she is just part of it just like the rest of the other girls and actors…making it seem as if its all about her when its not i doubt u will even see much of her on the big screen.

  • sky10

    awesome epic!!!!onother collection for me soon!…GOD Blss you and to your movie…hope to see pics in your party with ZAC.

  • Gaby

    OMG ! I just can’t wait to it ! So proud of her already ( : !

  • Lucy

    @skylar – sorry thats probabl wrong didn’t see the name properly :/
    I’m with you guys on this, I mean I think it’s a possibility since it’s like everywhere but to believe it I think I’d much rather hear thetruth from them, I remember a while back with all the rumors about pressure for marriage and that seemed false, I hope they are together, they basically made me believe that true love us possible. I wish the best for them no matter what though. xx

  • Chanon

    This movie looks so great! And not just because Vanessa is in it! :D <3

  • Diamond

    SUCKERPUNCH IS AWESOME!! And Vanessa looks soo gorgeous and so does that rest of the girls! I just cannot to wait to see this it’s like totally action packed and kick axx I mean come on and great actresses too awesome!!! Cannot wait 2011 is Vanessa’s movie year ♥

  • kyle

    This movie will surely appeal to both sexes. I’m glad Vanessa is in it.

  • Anibal


  • Beastly fan!


  • BOJI

    Looking forward to seeing this movie, Can’t wait.

  • Rockgirl

    She looks amazing!! This movie is gonna break some records!! :P
    And u guys, Do you think that Zac is going to go to her party in las Vegas??? I dont believe that rumors that they split, it just cant be true… neither of them have accept it or denied it, so theres hope that this is just another rummor….

  • maria

    I think Vanessa is going to surprise a lot of people in this movie. She looks fabulous, and definitely bad-ass!!! Sweet one minute, your worst enemy the next!! I love how she’s grown in her roles, and improves with each one! Yeah, Vanessa!!

  • mykamicks

    This is one of the most awaited movie that Vanessa will show how a versatile actress she is. Hope year ahead of her will be more fruitful..

  • Brenda

    Best music used for a trailer for sure.

  • Angie

    I’m loving it the movie looks AMAZING. I agree about the music it’s so catchy and never heard before in trailer.

    Vanessa looks really sexy and different in a cool way. Get to hear her voice awesome!

    Emily is gorgeous and talented Goooo Emily!

  • Emmi


    Oh i couldn’t agree more its not true until either or both say it is so

  • Sizuka

    .. awesome…

  • babyg

    for sure. i am going to watch sucker punch. can’t waittttt till march2011!

  • HIH

    Vanessa is cool XD