Zac Efron: Subway Sandwich Stop

Zac Efron: Subway Sandwich Stop

Zac Efron grabs a bite to eat at Subway on Wednesday (December 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actor took his sandwich to-go and tried to avoid getting wet while walking back to his car.

The day before, sources told E! Online that Zac has been hanging out a lot with his The Lucky One co-star Taylor Schilling, after calling it quits with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Van seems to be doing well, too. The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress celebrated her birthday over the weekend in Vegas and said she and Zac were “good”!

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  • lauren

    wonder why he’s in studio city?
    to visit vanessa?

    let the speculation began!

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/XloveZANESSA xLOVEzanessa

    Jared, sorry but I kinda lost hope in you. I thought this was the one & only site that differs from the rest. Now your just the same. *sigh*

    i LOVE subway. though, i don’t think Zac would move on that quickly, I mean 5 years HAS to make an impact on something. But i’m just an observer.

    also, Zac. Why hid the haircut, express it. !!

  • Erica S.

    He’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO F*ckin’ CUTE!!!!!!! Im glad he shaved his beard, he looks SO damn HOT!!!

  • ma

    love him! but i miss zanessa

  • Haters Suck!

    Is it just me or does JJ seem to be rubbing the fans noses in it when it comes to this whole situation?

  • duuumm


    dude. he LIVES in studio city.

  • lorraine

    i don’t think i’ll ever be able to not think that i’m never going to see zac&vanessa lunch dates anymore D:
    ….but he looks good though! :)
    i still love ‘em <3

  • lauren

    @ duumm
    he lives in LA

  • 3niefronhudgie


  • http://@LilianeKonno Liliane

    I just think they didin’t have a break up just a take a break, it’s different!
    Sorry JJJ! But it seems like you’re like the rest! And i’m so sure that Zac and Vanessa still together, it’s just distance of work!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks so good and great in those pictures Glad he is back Home in La The Boy needs a Rest.

  • Caroline.



  • Lawrence

    Zac’s a total babe!, he has such beautiful eyes!.

  • LIVeinlove

    JARED. seriously stop bringing up bullshit rumors over and over again. you’re so ridiculous. aslkdfjaklsjf I HATE YOUR SITE NOW.

  • Katty

    He’s in Studio City because he lives there, ten minutes away from Vanessa. I don’t think we’ll get a sighting, dating, friends, on a break, whatever they are, just because they don’t want to cause more drama and speculation, but you never know. I hope they have an amazing holiday and a good new year and that this year brings happiness to them.

  • duuumm


    lol studio city is in LA.

    he practically lives in studio city anyway

  • Bradley Bobst


    Agreed Me too I used to Like JJJ But Not anymore.

  • kris

    I just hate him now.
    V you’re better than him.

  • Garfield_fan

    So… Zac and Taylor are co-stars and FRIENDS…?! That is good for them, but what does this have to do with him getting a sandwich in LA?

    However, he does look good. Way to go, Zachary! :D

  • Monique

    @lauren: studio city is a 3 minute drive from LA. I live two streets over from him and I do all my shopping/errands in Studio City.

  • bells

    If Zac did something with this Taylor and hurts Vanessa’s heart i would kill him.
    Always V <3

  • Justine

    i don’t believe this taylor stuff ONE BIT!
    i miss zanessa..but i will always love n support ZAC & VANESSA<3

  • natalie.

    Down zac!!
    Female power yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    I’m kidding… or not.

  • Shay

    love u zac… seexyyyy

  • Lame

    He looks tore up from the floor up.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Jared I Used to Like Your Site But After all the Bull Shit Rumors You have been Posting About I don’t Like Your Site anymore ‘

    And Haters if you don’t Like Zac Then don’t comment on his Threads same goes for Vanessa Fans who are Mad at Zac If you don’t Like Him Then Don’t Post on His Threads.

  • LOL

    dudes, why he can’t be in studio city?

    studio city is a town, there r many shops!

    the world is free!


    and zac look soooo sexy!!

  • EFRON-LOver,ha*e hudgens

    @kris: 2 words “GROW UP”

  • EFRON-LOver,ha*e hudgens

    @kris: 2 words “GROW UP”

  • kris

    I post what I want here.
    I just dont like him now, he seems so happy after broke up with a girl that he used to love for 5 years.

  • LOL

    @kris: hahaha dear, shut up!
    this look pathetic….LOL

    we love zac!!!

  • mishyb

    Lol I am starting not to like Zac and I can’t help it it’s so sad I want to support him but I am slowly slipping away as a fan and sticking with Vanessa!… Like I know that I have no idea who initiated the break up but I feel like it was him. He looked stiff in the Hawaiian video during thanksgiving making out with Vanessa.. but even if he initiated the break up I KNOW its not only his fault if they have been having problems in their relationship. He may have had the balls to simply say “We’re over” or to say “let’s take a break from each other.”

  • kelly

    aww Zac is back yayy so happy to see him lookin better than ever hopefully he’ll get some much needed rest the poor guy has been workin himself so hard just to make us fans appreciate him as a serious actor and if this doesn’t do it then i don’t know what will with that being said i hope Zac has a wonderful Christmas and a even better New Year ♥

  • Monique

    @kris: Vanessa seemed extremely happy at her birthday party. It was reported to be a “mutual” break up, so I don’t know why Zac’s getting blamed for everything all of a sudden. Keep the peace people! These are two individuals who obviously know more about their personal relationships than anyone else.

  • Londonlemming

    Most of this post is irrelevant. But what I will say is Zac lives in Hollywood Hills which is about ten minutes away from studio city,which is in LA.

  • s

    he’s still hot so thats good

    i like how everyone automatically thinks hes an ass because they broke up…… he’s the same person.. you know nothing about their break up, she could’ve been the one to call it quits. or it could’ve been mutual
    everyone friggen stop with the speculations.

  • kelly

    I don’t think it’s fair to hate on Zac just because a rumor surfaces that they supposedly broke up no one knows what really went down between them for all we now it could of been Vanessa’s idea to take a break why does everyone alway’s assume that Zac was the one to end things you would’ve had to been there to confirm the entire background all i’m saying is it’s there buisness it’s there life if they wanted everyone to know what happend don’t you think they would’ve told someone but whatever the truth is to these rumors i’m still going to support Zac and Vanessa as individuals

  • kris

    @Monique: Yeah, she was happy that day because she was celebrating jer birthday with her friends, but in the others candids she wasn’t.
    But ok, I really never was her fan, i just like him because he was Vanessa’s boyfriend and made her happy, now that he didn’t he means nothing to me :(

  • s

    @kelly: hell yes i just wrote like the same thing with different words tehe so it’s awaiting moderation, but i agree 10020 % !!!!!

  • Monique

    Attention Zanessa fans! Zac and Vanessa were just seen together at the mall in Sherman Oaks. So maybe you all can stop worrying now.

  • Skylar

    People, are ya’ll still believing this stuff? They themselve still have not said ANYTHING on the matter.
    Vanessa was spotted with the Kuuipo ring.
    I still don’t believe this rumor.
    And this so-called interview with Vanessa where she said “We’re good.”
    A. They ‘apparently’ just asked her how her and Zac were, that could’ve meant she’s clueless to the whole situation and was saying they were still together. Or, it could’ve just been her saying, they’re relationship is going good. Like, really? You can’t exactly tell from two words so stop assuming.
    B. We don’t even know if it’s true. I mean there WAS a few videos from her party, even interviews but, this question was not asked anywhere on video. It just kinda popped up randomly.
    Don’t believe everything that’s out there in Hollywood. They’ve got a bunch of trash. I honestly still believe Zanessa is together. So calm down and we’ll see when we see some candids of them.
    High five for ZAVESSA BELIEVERS. :)

    And also, Zac looks sooooooo amazing! :)
    I missed seeing candids of him, although I bet he misses the privacy of being paparazzi-free. But I hope all is going well. :) Hope to meet him soon!
    Zanessa Forever <3

    -Zac’s biggest fan

  • kelly

    To be quite frankly i think everyone is being really immature about this entire sitauation and taking there angry out on someone who doesn’t deserve to be addressed in that manner and in the the process of your hostilty you end up hurting the people you supported through many periods of there life because of a rumour spreads and surfaces the internet and corrupts people’s minds with thoughts that were never true to begin with and in turn you start hating on people who defend there rights and don’t agree with everything you believe whether it’s true or not bottom line is no one is at fault here

  • Skylar

    Oh yes and those of you that are believing the false rumor and starting to be mad at Zac because of it…why?
    Even if it was true, why would you take sides? That’s just sad and pitiful. Apparently you were never a real Zanessa fan to begin with.
    A real Zanessa fan would respect what happened and let them deal with it themselves, not favor a certain side. Especially of two amazing people like them. They are both super talented, you can’t backstab one just because of a stupid breakup, let alone just a rumor that I still believe is false.

    I mean, I’m not trying to bash ya’ll but still, don’t take sides. That’s just…wrong.

  • Skylar

    @Monique: Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!? Because you just made me leap out of my seat…are you just saying that or are you serious? Honest answer, PLEASE. :D

  • gracemarie


    Could we get our info right – Zac lives in the hollywood hills not Studio City though they are close


  • Monique

    @Skylar: Yeah, they were seen shopping together. They were seen in the shoe section at Bloomingdales but I’m not sure about any other store. Congratulations!

  • Skylar

    Yay!!! Thank you!!! I literally just fell out of my chair, i’m not joking haha. :)
    Owwie, thank you! :)

  • Irah01fy

    @Skylar: very true im with you…
    @Monique: really?? how do u know??and when??

  • Monique

    @Skylar: haha you’re welcome! :)

  • e

    Looks like they may not have been able to stay away from each other for to long:

    from FB

    QUOTE Just saw Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and the guy from “Grown Ups” at Westfield Mall


    Now I donä’t know if it’s true and until we get pictures we can’t know but still, one can hope I guess.