Vanessa Hudgens: Rainy Day at the Gym with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Rainy Day at the Gym with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens holds up her pants to stay dry from the rain covered sidewalk while leaving the gym on Sunday (January 2) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress was joined by her younger sister Stella, mom Gina, and Sammi Hanratty during the workout session.

Stella joined Vanessa for a workout session the week before on Christmas Eve. Looks like the sisters like to stay in shape together!

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    her smile <3

  • Tina

    Pretty girls :)


    I love her smile…. i want to see ZANESSA TOGETHER AGAIN

  • Vankea

    that’s sammi hanratty, isn’t it? :-)
    yes, i am pretty sure it is! :-)
    but Vanessa looks gorgeous as always, and happy too! :-)

  • Sol

    aah, she looks so happy (:

  • Vanessa Fan

    Vanessa looks so beautiful and its nice to see her smile I hope she goes to the peoples choice awards with Zac and kick these lies and rumors about them both to the curb #truthisstronger

  • vicky

    They are the most beautiful sister ever… Vanessa is thinner lately, right? Look at her hips… I’m seriously jealous of her body, in a really good way.

  • loveandpeace

    she looks beautiful as usual but ……………………………….
    WOW shes lost a lot weight what happened to her gorgeous curves?

  • Truth is Stronger

    aww she looks amazing even in workout clothes.

    I believe that the truth is stronger.
    Please click on the link in my username to join the campaign to stop the media with their rumors and lies that they make up.

  • mike

    shes so cute and hot


    she’s gorgeous without make up

  • lola

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
    she is happy!

  • yets

    i want to see her always like that smilling.

  • daniel

    she looks absolutely gorgeous…first VANESSA post of the year ¡¡¡¡
    YEAH HA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Caroline

    Love her (:

  • roxana

    Nessa looks pretty as always! love the breaids :)

  • kgg

    So nice to see that gorgeous smile on her face. She looks really happy. Someone had a great New Year.

  • kaya

    Jack was with another girl in NY.

    You can check this out at tw @DanielGutie

    disgusting Zac Efron

  • lauren

    @ kaya
    please get over yourself,
    maybe it was for the movie? dont get yourself a heart attack because he was seen with another chick?

    seriously u need to get over the fact that him and vanessa broke up.

  • Miranda

    @kaya: Hey, Zac Efron was not even in New York. And how can you say he’s disgusting for believing a RUMOR and LIE that he was with another girl, but not say anything about the RUMOR and LIE that Vanessa was with another guy?

    Honestly, its pathetic how you believe crap about Zac and Vanessa thats not true. They’re still together.

  • Casey

    I think that “gal pal” was Sammi Hanratty. :)


    filming his new movie

  • miranda

    Vanessa’s smiling cause she spent New Years with Zac :)

  • lauren

    @ miranda,
    he was in new york, so seriously get over yourself.
    all of you ”fans” need chill the fuck out.

  • miranda

    @AMELIE: Zac’s not even in New York.

  • lauren

    for the 1000th time, her and zac broke up,
    dont give this we need to hear it from them shit, because we don’t. thier reps have confirm it. Enews, perez hilton, tmz and all those sites have confirmed their split.

  • miranda

    @lauren: Actually, he wasn’t, and no one knows where Zac is. And I didn’t say anything to you, why are being mean to me?

  • miranda

    @lauren: Their reps have not confirmed it and neither have they. Only Zac and Vanessa can confirm that, which they haven’t. They’re still together until Zac or Vanessa say otherwise.

  • lauren

    what part of their broken up do you not get?

  • vicky

    @kaya: AAAAAAAAAAAND, that guy is an idiot.

  • kate1

    looking good Vanessa and so so happy

  • Skylar

    @Vanessa Fan: &@MAYZV4EVER: Agreed! I can’t wait until those rumors are proven wrong! Stupid Hollywood lies! <3

    @Miranda: YESS!!! Agreed thank you!!!

    @lauren: Umm actually, I’m with her, we do need to hear it from them themselves. It was never actually confirmed that the reps confirmed it. And Zanessa wouldn’t just come out with a breakup anyway, they just wouldn’t. And I’m sorry all the gossip sites confirmed it. Honestly, are they God? Do they know every detail of what happens in Hollywood? No, they don’t! Infact they lied about Zanessa getting married two years ago. JSYK. Don’t even bother arguing, you’ll just look stupid.

    Anyway, aside from all that, Vanessa!!! You’re so incredibly beautiful and stunning! I love you and I hope either you or Zac wins the award this weekend! :)

  • Haters Suck!

    Baby V is looking as beautiful as ever.
    For all of you arguing about zac and her all I’m gonna say is wait till the peoples choice. I think they both will be there and some reporter is gonna ask the golden question and it’s just my feeling we’ll find out then.
    One more thing, nobody knows where zac is. He’s either in La, new York, or Turks so take your pick.

  • Truth is Stronger

    Their reps never confirmed anything.

  • lauren

    please explain to me why we need to hear it from them thierselves?

    if tmz confimed somthing its true. also their reps have confirmed it?
    how many weeks has it been since the split?

  • miranda

    @lauren: Wow, I think someone just wants them to be broken up. They’re still together until Zac or Vanessa say otherwise. End of story.

  • Skylar

    @Haters Suck!: Ahhh thank you for hopefully stopping all the arguing! :) And yeah I’m like super confused about where he is, who knows. At least he’s doing a great job of hiding from the paps. :)

  • lauren

    No miranda,
    i guess i’m not a ”true fan”
    oh please

  • Vanessa Fan

    @kaya: @DanielGutie is a fame seeking name dropper if what he said was real the whole press would have pictures of that and it would be all over the internet he is a wretched leech who is trying to gain attention by using Zacs name for shame on him #truthisstronger


    where is the confirmation?

  • Skylar

    @lauren: Only 2 weeks since the RUMOR started. Their reps have done no such thing, that was part of the RUMOR. If tmz confirms something it’s true? Really? So I guess Zanessa got married two years ago? Awww congrats to them! No.

  • miranda

    @Skylar: Thank You :) Someone who has a brain :)

    And Vanessa does look incredible, but thats not new :)
    Now, we need Zac and Vanessa pictures.

  • lauren

    ug you guys are ridiculous.

  • pop86

    Nice to see Vanessa

  • samii

    Loook i do believe they have broke up.
    She was asked about it on her birthday and all she said was they were good.
    In the past when asked about the rumors they would usually say no. Like that fake twitter people thought was theres.
    But people should stop fighting since no one really knows anything.

  • miranda

    @lauren: Actually, if you’re talking about TMZ. TMZ said it was a rumor, and so did my local news.

  • jello

    She looks gorgeous

  • Vanessa Fan

    No reps have ever confirmed it and the sites did state the reps would not return their calls if at any way Zac was with another girl paps would be all over that it would be a big money making picture. No one has seen Zac at all for over a week they have all been all over Vanessa shes always been with family and friends and stated her car is parked at his house her Mercedes why would she stay at his house over night if shes broken up with him? In 2008 they stated he dumped her to date other girls that was disproven also. I don’t believe de nada til they say it. Its been a lie to many years and always in December they create these rumors about them go google it every year since 2007 it is the same rumor same articles.

  • roxana

    honestly this is going way out of hands!!!!!!!!! im a Zanessa supporter but in my opinion i think neither one of them have to give us any explanations about their personal lives and relationship if you know what i mean. nothing is confirmed yet this is all “rumors from sources”,,,,lots of people hate Vanessa and Zac separately. We will have to wait till people choice awards and but its in neithers position to show themselves to cameras and give us a statement if they broke up or not. if we dont get pictures of Zac, there is gotta be a reason why and soon we’ll find out. i simply from the bottom of my heart wish them both the best together or not even though im dying to see them together. And finally please this is about Vanessa not Zac, so let’s not bring him here and show the love for Vanessa only-who by the way has a lovely smile.. peace, ZanessaFan :)

  • miranda

    @AMELIE: There is no confirmation. She’s just lying cause she can’t admit she’s wrong.