Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Premiere Pair

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Premiere Pair

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas hold hands while leaving Premiere nightclub on Sunday (January 2) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the day, Joe picked up his cute dog Winston from the vet.

Over the weekend, the couple rang in 2011 together with some friends and family.

Ashley recently had some trouble with her phone and wasn’t too pleased!

“Really iPhone!? Not a good way to start the year off with a phone who’s alarm doesn’t go off. Good thing my ringer was realllly high this AM,” she tweeted.

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Photos: Flynet
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  • Maki

    Pretty sure these pictures are from either thursday December 30th or Saturday January 1st, but definitely not from Sunday as she left LA earlier that afternoon :)

  • dragon

    I like them together; THEY’RE ALWAYS TOGETHER, hahaha. I’m glad Joe’s with a nice girl and Ashley’s with a good guy.

  • Samantha

    These are from Dec. 30th

  • jenn

    Honestly, I don’t understand the discontent with this couple. They’re obviously so much cuter than Jemi and they’re going strong. Although I was an Ashley/Kellan shipper, they’re adorbs.

  • Just in

    Ashley sure like that coat. It looks classy on her.

  • ma

    i think they are just trying to prove that people that said they wouldn’ last were wrong. i don’t like them together, i mean… she can do waaay better!

  • jt

    Again, so tired of the Joe pictures. Please move on. Yes we know he wants his picture taken and makes sure it happens daily. But please, no more.

  • maria

    Um that was the 30th. Ashley headed back to Baton Rouge on the 2nd.

  • Ella

    Joseph <3

  • Lawrence


  • Listen to mayday parade

    So Joe goes to the bar now?! yes! Sex and booze, I love what ashley has turned him into. Yes that’s right, a real boy :)

  • shojie

    For somenone who is sick and tired of seeing Joe, I find it odd that you are always commenting on his post. Clearly, you are in LOVE with him…lol.

  • tastelikecandy

    @jt: No one told you to come and look at them..pretty sure you google Joe daily go to where they have picture and make the same stupid comment over and over and over again..if you don’t like don’t look, but its pretty obvious you search them out!

  • tastelikecandy

    @Listen to mayday parade: I have to agree he acts like a human being now not a Disney he only his brothers Nick would the same people would actually like them more!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    They want f**k

  • lol


    I could not agree more! Finally, someone who see this famew*#re for what he is.

  • Lauren

    @jt @lol

    u 2 r sooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!

  • Mika

    Joe, at a nightclub? YES, about time!

  • torrrrr.

    @jenn: the discontent between this couple is that everyone was devestated that joe and demi broke up, and they blame ashley for the breakup. i just hate ashely, i have before they started dating, i just hate her. thats why everyone hates this couple.

  • Hollywood_Barbie

    I never thought of Joe as the older woman type guy, haha. But they look happy, so whatevs, I guess. :)

  • lol


    think again. This site must be on the Jonas payroll. Next we will see a write up on how many times he went to the restroom today. This guy is determined to remain in the public eye because he is trying to revive what the brothers had in the beginning – fan mania for himself. His career was dying, but now he is with a girl who is in one of the most popular movie series – ATTENTION. It is a pattern with him.

  • Lauren


    Blame the paparazzi NOT Joe, They r always following him around & it is annoying

  • lol


    The only Jonas that seems annoyed by the papparazzi following him is Nick. Joe loves the attention.

  • Melissa

    I do not like them as a couple I think Ashley could do SO much better than Joe I think that they just LOVE the attention because every time I come on here there are ALWAYS pictures of them together yea it is the paparazzi fault but they can go to places where there are less paparazzi so they can have some privacy. But as long as they are BOTH happy I will be happy for them I am glad that Joe FINALLY found a girl that he wants to be with:)

  • hazel

    hahahaha thats what you get ashley greene……..your phone dont work……you might as well get a refund on ur phone, if you get any refunds….