Zac Efron & Brittany Snow: Audi Golden Globe Party!

Zac Efron & Brittany Snow: Audi Golden Globe Party!

Zac Efron keeps close to gal pal Brittany Snow (in French Connection) as they step out together at the Audi and J. Mendel kick off party of the 2011 Golden Globes held at Cecconi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday night (January 9).

The former on-screen Hairspray couple caught up at the event with Sophia Bush.

Over the weekend, the duo were also spotted at Eden nightclub with Vanessa Hudgens, Jesse McCartney and Jamie Chung.

10+ pics inside of Zac and Brittany

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Credit: Jen Lowery; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • no name

    btw. he’s HOT!

  • abby14

    Good Lord he looks good. <3 I LOVE his & Brittany’s friendship. Wish Vanessa could have been there but she’s working. :(

    Anyways I think he looks amazinggggggg.

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Hairspray reunion !! Oh yes, Zachary is looking mighty fine. I’m saying hot, hot, hot !! And Brittany looks really pretty in that dress. Oh, so Jesse and Jamie were at the club too ? Cool. :D

  • corey

    is it just me….or is he looking a bit chubby in the face? also….those pants….not good.

  • Yamunah

    omy mighty zac, ur 1 hell of a guy…iz it me, or has he gone more buff….n his face does looks a bit chubby…it makes him cute n hot @ d same time

  • abby14

    @Yamunah: He had to buff up for the lucky one which he just finished filming.

  • tjhooker

    Vanessa – Brittany – Zac, Oooooh threesome!

  • mike

    Like the two of them

  • mishybc

    mmmhmmm Scrumptious looking here Zac looking older, professional and simply good. Brittany Snow’s eyes are absolutely beautiful daaang. I wish Vamessa could of been there to complete the trio. She always looks good you know! But she is filming… :)
    @abby14 Beefing up for the film does make sense I guess for certain roles.. He is still DIME(a 10/10) and Vanessa would of been TOO if she were there. And Brittany is holding her own no doubt about it.

  • ladysdsandiego

    brittany looks gorgeous
    love the friendship between her, zac, and vanessa!

  • bella

    what’s on Zac’s wrist?

  • Lawrence

    Zac’s so sexy!, love the buzz hair.

  • peggy

    Seems Brit viewed the event differently than lying Jared

    I love u RT @SophiaBush: Had the BEST night w/ my girl @BrittanySnow !! LOVE being home having girl time.

  • Mac

    Nice bracelet there Zachary…

  • peggy

    What a great frienship between ZAc, Vanessa and Brit. Too bad Jared has to try to twist eve that.

    Sophia Bush Twitter from last night

    Needed a girls night so badly after the day I had. @Brittanysnow is a life saver. So lucky to have such great friends.
    about 3 hours ago via Echofon

    Had the BEST night w/ my girl @BrittanySnow !! LOVE being home having girl time.
    about 3 hours ago via

  • kyle

    Such good friends, these two.

  • juls

    @corey you are right!!! I think zac did gain some weight

  • charl

    the bracelet does look like 1 of the Cartier love bracelets that requires a screwdriver to open and close. Vanessa wore 1 pre-break up.

  • Katty

    Sophia has been linked to someone involved in the shooting in Arizona. I am assuming that is why she needed girl time? I do not know, but I wish Sophia and her family the best, I love her.

    Yes, Jared is becoming one of those sites that adds that little line in there to make you think Zac and Brittany may be starting something. I believe Brittany was there more for Sophia than Zac. Zac is a sponser of Audi, I think, which is why he had to go, I am sure. Brittany was probably just along for the ride.

    So Zac is finished with his movie, then? That’s good. I wonder what he will be off to do next? He has a lot to do in LA with his production company and other projects to work on.

    Can’t wait to see his work!

  • :*

    Zac is so hot hot hot ;)

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Looking Good Zachary

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Why does Britney get invited to parties like these? She’s never nominated for anything, and yet she attends every party. I guess it’s because she has famous friends. I actually really like her (Zac, V and her all live pretty normal lives considering) but I just feel like she’s an odd ball at every event.

  • peggy


    Thats the point Brittany was there with Sophia not Zac as per Sophias tweet. Jared is the new P Hilton

  • pop86

    Zac looks so mature. Love the sweater and wool slacks.

    Zac is wearing Vanessa’s bracelet.

  • pop86


    I don’t think Jared wrote the write-up. I think a certain staff member did.

  • gracemarie


    The bracelet is open in the back like it is slipped on and off – its not a Carier bracelet

  • lauren

    @ gracemaria
    let all the ”fans” think what they want. lol

    lol i wonder what their talking bout? probably reminiscing about friday night and how much ”fun” it was.idk

  • peggy


    Oh you mean Jill I wonder when the girls on the Fan Forum are going wake up and forbid her to post in the Zac and Vanessa boards.

    She like such a hypocrite

  • lauren

    why is he wearing a girls bracelet?

  • Skylar

    Aww, I love their friendship haha!
    I almost didn’t recognize Zac at first from the post but omggggggg I LOVE HIM! <3
    I’ll get used to recognizing him like that soon enough hopefully. :D He’s so super amazingggg!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ZAC! :)

  • Aly

    someone should ask him that haha
    he`s been seen with that thing, bracelet, hairtye, god knows what is it since he went to V` house and it really looks girly

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Lauren always says bad things to Zac -.-

    MY GOD!
    i love his newhaircut! and his blue eyes grrrrrrrrrrr!

  • joanne

    brittany is so pretty, her eyes are super blue

  • lauren

    Shut up,
    why are you bitching at me?

    oh im sorry if im not a ”true fan of zanessa”, sorry if i dont make videos of them or post random facts about them. I’m not a 15 year old fan girl. seriously grow up and stop bitching at me because i made a comment about him.

  • Karen

    Yes, Zac’s face is “rounder” since he has “beefed up” quite a bit. He did it for the film he just completed, TLO. Also the fact he has a buzz cut makes his face look rounder—again, the haircut is because he plays a Marine in TLO. I have no doubt some of he weight will come off shortly and his hair will grow back also.

    Zac was at this event with one of his PR people, not Brit, but it is good to see the two having fun together. Brit has said in the past that she is BFF with both Zac and Vanessa. I’m sure she was glad to be able to get out and “meet and mingle” on Friday night with then since she IS single right now and it would have looked tacky for her to show up at a place like Eden alone. This gave her a chance to out and meet people and have some fun too.

    Also, I like Jared write up on the post on the regular JJ board. I like how he pointed out Zac and Vanessa’s REKINDLED relationship and not the “exes” hooking back up, etc. However, I have my doubts that Z&V ever really broke up…

  • Annette

    They are really cute together as friends.
    Britt is pretty
    And Zac…totally HOT.

  • pit

    the little girl shot in Arizona was Sophia Bush’s cousin on her Mom’s side of the family. On the news here today they said the child had been born on 9/11/01 – she was born on a tragic day and died of tragedy. Life can be very ironic. I am sure Sophia needed to get out Saturday night and I am glad Brit and Zac could be there as friends for her.

  • niki

    ooowwn, Zac and Brittany *-*

    I love their friendship! Zac looks hot, as always and Britt looks gorgeous, as always :)

  • citlalli

    waaaaooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he look’s so prety, and so hot!! xd, love him, and vanessa too!” *_* i’m soo happy tyhey’r “together” again, but, really i don’t think they’r breakup, but well, they come backk!!!!! :D, and zac’s looks so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: and that is so evident!!! you go Zac!

  • Zac efron’s wife

    Zac & Vanessa DID break up & that nighclub story is made up.

  • lauren

    @ zac efron’s wife,
    are you 15 years old?

  • Haters Suck!

    @zac efron wife
    Emma Efron is that you, you really aren’t fooling anyone. Besides I thought you said you were never coming back to this site again

  • Aly

    @Zac efron’s wife:
    Want to hear something brilliant? The reps of eden nightclub confirmed they were there.
    Haha, in your face Emma Efron

    @haters suck!
    Next time she comes back she`s going to be zac efron` baby mother :>

  • Scar

    They looks amazing.
    Love B’s dress
    Zac is hot as usual

  • kami

    yea, brittany went with sophia bush not zac. why jj want to make zac look bad. he didn’t go to the event with brittany, they just posed for pix on the red carpet.

  • londonlemming

    My god can you people be any more immature?
    First you bash a staff member of this site who could very easily have your IP address blocked so you cannot view or post on the site.

    Secondly you berate other posters for expressing an opinion that is different from you. It is cyber bullying people. Leave others alone.

    Thirdly, Just Jared Jr is a media outlet it’s job is to provide celebrity gossip. The more interesting the write up the more comments and hits they are likely to get and Just Jared Jr would go bump if people did not view it.

    You all need to remember that only 5% of what is written has to be true. For example, BOTH Brittany Snow and Zac Efron were at the event as the pics show, The bit about them staying close all night is most likely made up as Brit has tweeted she enjoyed a girly night with a friend Sophia Bush and last time I checked Zac Efron was not a girl.


    i love the friendship that they have
    is amazing
    i love both

  • gracemarie


    I agree with you but I think interersting and trying to hurt people’s friendships is very different.

    Jared or whoever tried in this post to make it seem Zac and Brittany were on a dateeven on Friday and V was along as part of the crowd.

    Now he tries to make a wonderful frienship between 3 people look somehow taudry.

    It’s unecessary I think

  • athena

    This is the Best Brittany Snow has looked in a while. Zac looks hot as always, although I can’t wait til he grows his hair back. I guess people will begin saying they’re a couple now. They do look good together, but I think Zac would look better with a more exotic type of woman.

  • bambiii

    hmpf, is that really sort of commitment or kuiipo bracelet ? aww, i that was cute.
    someone asked why brittany is always invited cause she’s not THAT famous and yeah, I agree. I love their triple friendship,but besides from hairspray … ?
    and well : blond,pale and white dress ? not the beste choice,brit.
    and stop blaming jjj for anything,it’s your fault if you analyze every word -.-