Zac Efron Gained 18 Lbs for 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron Gained 18 Lbs for 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron tucks his keys inside his pocket as he heads into a meeting in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 11).

The 23-year-old actor beefed up for his role in The Lucky One, where he stars as Logan.

Zac told EOnline, “I was just eating, eating and eating.”

Zac will also be presenting at this weekend’s 2011 Golden Globes Awards.

FYI: Zac is wearing a limited edition Sportiqe Apparel Lakers Championship t-shirt.

ARE YOU EXCITED for his new film? 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • LOL

    damn sexy!!! yummyyy!!

  • Lauren lipkin


  • mishybc

    Ooh I see that clears a lot. Still scrumptious. He is quite talented and has a way with words.

  • 1

    cute !

  • Katty

    I don’t think that jacket fits as well as it did 18 pounds ago! Haha. Still wearing his bracelet I see….

    Meetings, meetings, meetings, this boy is busy! I don’t know if I want to see him in New Years Eve…it all seems like too much hype to me. He needs to STOP with all the picking of the movies. He used to be sooo choosy and now he has six movies lined up and a few of them sound really good and a few of them don’t sound too well thought out and like they won’t a good movie in general. Come on, man!

  • Fauve

    I am sure Vanessa is very happy at how handsome her boyfriend looks and how muscular he has gotten it makes a girl feel good to know how good her man looks. These two are always very busy it will be interesting to see where the road takes them both. He seems to be geared in the next movies to play psychological thrillers not to keen on seeing The Lucky One though the last few Nicholas Sparks movies were dull The Notebook was the best one. I think these new roles that Zac is under taking will lead him to a whole new avenue of fans. Vanessa has not had as many chances as Zac so I am looking forward to all 3 of her movies if Sucker Punch does as good as we all think she could very well be a Lara Croft in training.

  • Lauren lipkin

    @ katty,
    How can u tell he’s wearing the bracelet? I don’t see him wearing it.

  • mishybc

    I like him and all but umm he wore those pants 2 days in a row now…
    In the public eye you just don’t do that… I remember Joe Jonas doing this too.

    He either really likes those pair of pants OR he needs to do his laundry which he said Vanessa helps him with especially when he has worn everything in his closet. It’s that day Zac, it’s laundry day.

  • claudia

    @Lauren lipkin: you can see it in the 4th last pic

  • mishybc

    Those pants have holes in them by the crotch hot! lol… could be a new style.. pfft.

  • Lauren lipkin

    Does anyone know wht the bracelet means? Does it mean love or something?

  • susan

    He’s got his Burt’s Bees chapstick with him….bet he’s going to an audition and he needed to make out with a lucky someone!

    Can’t believe he put 18 pounds on his frame. He’s not very tall so it really shows. Still looks great though. So happy Zac’s back from New Orleans now. It’ll be great to see him around town a bit.

  • kami

    ♥ ah i see zac uses burt’s bees wax lip balm. best thing in the world. ♥

  • Lauren lipkin

    @ Susan
    May I ask what u do for a living? And why all of the sudden ur on just jared jr commenting on here?

  • misstrindade

    @Lauren lipkin: Kuuipo means sweetheart

  • beatriz

    “I was just eating, eating and eating.” haha this makes me laugh
    Zac Efron is sooo hot <33
    and i’m so excited for The Lucky One!!

  • Mace


    Thank you.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Loving this new look Zac makes him look alot more Grown Up He has a Cool Car the new Hair cut is awesome. Yes I’m exicted to see the Lucky One.

  • Juana

    Kuuipo bracelet or not, both Vanessa and Zac have worn them. So, if he still wearing it, then he is thinking about her. Duhhhhh.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Zachary always looks hooooooooooooooot!

  • Skylar

    @Fauve: It’s true that Nicholas Sparks’s movies haven’t been the best but you have to remember, Zac’s in this movie. He is REALLY talented, he could be the one to make this sensational. :)

    I CAN’T WAIT to see TLO it looks pretty amazing :) I love how he keeps getting more movie roles and that we’ll be seeing more of him but I just hope that he has time to enjoy his life at the same time. He’s so super talented and I hope all of his hard work pays off! I can’t wait to see him at the Golden Globes! I just wish Nessa could be there but oh well. I personally think he looks amazing here and can literally pull off ANYTHING. Love you Zac <3
    Zanessa forever <3

  • Proudofzacnessa
  • lauren

    i think the lucky one is going to be terrible an nicolas sparks movie is terrible.

    oh by the way this is my opinion.

  • Miranda

    Zac Efron just keeps getting better looking with age :)
    And I’m excited for The Lucky One, once that movie comes out, everyone in the Southern United States is going to love him. Everyone here lovesss Nicholas Sparks movies and books :)

    & I wish Vanessa was going with him to the golden globes, but she’s busy filming, so I understand and so does Zac probably. But I bet next week Zac will go visit Vanessa in North Carolina if he’s not busy ;)

  • rina

    what’s up with them two, are they on again?? and oh, he looks chubby – FAT!!

  • Kasey

    The 18pds look good on him. He looks even more manly now. Hawt!

  • kelly

    Ugg!! I hate how people keep calling him FAT he looks Gorgeous
    and it’s called muscle people.With that bein said
    I love how zachary alway’s dresses casual to these buisness meetings but this time he added a button up jacket to make it look more formal. I think vanessa must be rubbing off on him lol
    and also did anyone one else seem to notice him with a cd in his hands. hmm I wonder if that means he’s doing anything with music
    like a new project maybe.

  • abby14

    Looking good Mr. Efron. ;)

    I can’t wait for TLO.

  • .

    @susan: That crossed my mind…but I was thinking a screen test. But then it could just be him taking care of his fine lips ;)

  • Karen

    He’s probably got the lip balm because his lips are dry and they may be somewhat chapped—or he’s trying to keep from them doing that. After all it has really been cold in LA—for La at least. I’m from the midwest and the first cool wind that blows in the fall my lips dry out and start getting chapped. He’s not used to the cold like it is now and so his is probably doing the same.

  • Lawrence

    Zac can use my bedroom as a make-shift barracks if he wants!*lol*, my beds always open for him. :)

  • kyle

    Don’t fret about the extra pounds, it was needed for his TLO role. A few visit to the gym and he will definitely lose what he gained while filming.

  • danyLA



  • Ella

    He still looks fit! <3

  • yets

    still HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • susan1

    Of course JJr. I excited for his new film The Lucky One Can’t wait!!
    He gained 18 lbs look good for him.

  • Emma Efron

    buff looks good on him he’s not fat

  • susan

    @Skylar: I think one big exception to the rule for Nicholas Sparks movies has been “The Notebook.” Such a good story and an absolutely classic romance. I’m hoping The Lucky One will live up to that one. I’m 100% confident Taylor Schilling and Zac can make the same kind of chemistry as Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did in Notebook, which not only became one of the greatest romantic movies of all time, but launched Ryan and Rachel’s longtime real-life love affair. (They became good friends while filming, then when they re-enacted their kiss onstage for the Best Kiss Award on MTV Movie Awards show, they realized they wanted to be together and the rest was history.)

  • susan

    @.: Yeah, guess we’ll just have to speculate! Whoever she is that he’s kissing….lucky girl!

  • http://cazieefron vhie

    can’t wait to see the movie=)
    i think she is still im4tant for him…
    love zanessa=)

  • http://cazieefron vhie

    he’s not fat!, he’s hot!!!…
    nice to see him wearing that bracelet…
    can’t wait to see the movie=)

  • www


    Okay, I think you are a bit too much obsessed to see those steamy scenes from TLO and not the actual movie or his performance.OMG, its so clear that you are wanting Zac-Taylor hook up.LOL.
    Now I think I understand why you were having so much trouble in digesting the fact that ZV are still together in your previous posts in other threads.

  • HIH

    there is the answer to my question XD

  • kami

    despite what you zikki fans believe, not all costars get involved in off set romances. zac has done movies with and kissed kay panabaker, nikki blonsky, brittany snow, claire danes, leslie mann, amanda crew and taylor schilling (i’m sure i missed some). yet he has not had an off-screen romance with any of them. he obviously knows where his reality is and likes that reality better than the fantasy of the movies he does. he is a very professional guy and does know what movie kisses are. some of you don’t.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    This Guy is a Pig Cheating On Vanessa she Deserve so much better then Him. Zac what a loser.

  • Lame

    I’m sorry but honestly, he looks like he gained 18 pounds of bloat. He looks bloody awful here.

  • Karen

    My comment from the newer thread:

    First off Zac did NO CHEATING so you who want to go there you might as well get off your high horse. Marc Malkin from E! dispelled that myth right off the bat. And BTW, it is funny how E! was the one who got all this stupidity started in the first place even though they said right off how they figured Z&V would get back together—which indicated to me right away that they KNEW something was fishy about their break up story. But NOW they are right there to point out all the inaccuracies on gossip that people want to get going. Anyway, Marc Malkin says on E! how there was NO drinking between Rumer and Zac. There was no flirting or out of the way behavior between the two. There was no dirty dancing, etc. He said they were just friends. They did not arrive together nor did they leave together. When Zac left—and there is a video—a car pulled up to the door to get him and it was a woman who looked fairly plain and could have been somewhat older. It was obviously a driver type and not a “date” potential and it certainly wasn’t Rumer Willis.

    IF Zac would have some interest in her in an untoward way don’t you think he would have just gone to some out of the way place where nobody would notice them instead of a busy nightclub where tons of people were that could make up any rumor they wished? OR he could have gone to her place or she could have gone to his house. He certainly didn’t have problems with people seeing him and Vanessa at a busy nightclub being all INTIMATE AND being seen drinking—which makes it more of a personal type thing. Z&V were obviously not in the “friends” category. PLUS, IF he had been with Ashley or Brittany—particularly Brittany—most of you wouldn’t have blinked an eyelash. Youl would have all been oohing and aahing how she was keeping an eye on him for Vanessa. However, we did see some who wanted to make something out of that and THAT little rumor was also smashed. But maybe he thought he’d best not be out with her again or even MORE gossip would try to start…

    It would seem to me that over the past week since he was at Eden with Vanessa he and friends—OH! and BTW Zac was with a whole group of people at the club which some gossips failed to mention—since Vanessa left Zac has been to several different clubs ALL with friends. I think it looks like he may be “researching” for his next starring role—perhaps even scouting out locations for the next movie. Die in a Gunfight has some pretty pretty racy scenes and some really R-rated stuff that is going to be in it and the lead character is a “party-hearty” kind of guy. He may be getting the feel of the lifestyle or once again since he is one of the producers he may be scouting out locations. But NOBODY ever thinks of that…

    He made it clear last Friday night just where his heart, body, and soul lies. And just because he is within 20ft of another female does not make him a cheat or mean he is doing anything wrong. Some of you females have got to stop being so suspicious and insecure. You look silly. I’m so glad Vanessa isn’t one of you.

    Last year Zac went to a club with some of his friends when Vanessa was out of town. I think X17 has a video and none of you even took a notice because you all weren’t in hysteria mode or “let’s hate/blame Zac” mode. It didn’t seem to hurt him and most importantly Vanessa.

    About 2 and a half years ago Zac was seen out with Danielle Panabaker at a restaurant in the afternoon. Suspicious females were ready to crucify Zac then too. Some said IF he had any respect for his relationship with Vanessa he would NEVER being going somewhere with some girl without Vanessa and how that must have hurt her so much… But the didn’t stop there they also surmised that DANIELLE had to be up to NO GOOD since she KNEW he had a girlfriend—like she had some plot to snare him right out from under Vanessa. Some didn’t think they could be all that good friends. ALL kinds of thing were being assumed with no proof.

    Well, in the end it came out that Danielle had invited BOTH Zac and Vanessa to lunch but V couldn’t make it due to an appointment but Zac went just the same–and you know what? IT was ONLY the fans who seemed to have a problem with it all, NOT Vanessa.

    Finally IF Zac was doing something wrong He certainly wouldn’t be out in the middle of a crowd of people where those people AND paps/media hang out and can see him—not after the type night he had with Vanessa just a few nights before… Will some of you TRY to grow a brain or just try not to show everyone how embarrassing you can be? Seriously, I am embarrassed for you.