Zac Efron: Leaving LAX Again

Zac Efron: Leaving LAX Again

Zac Efron heads into LAX Airport to catch a flight out on Saturday afternoon (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor just recently filmed a number of his scenes — including one with a Vespa — in NYC for the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

Zac has been hitting the recording studio a lot lately, lending his voice talents for The Lorax animated flick, which also stars Betty White and Danny DeVito.

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Credit: Justin, Matingas; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Proudofzacnessa

    Zac Efron, Joe Jonas (@joejonas) and @kellanlutz sitting next to each other at Calvin Klein’s show #nyfw
    TODAY!!!!! ;D
    are together at @calvinKlein show ! =D

  • ;*

    Looking hot as usual :)

  • Sofia

    I hope he’s going seeing Vanessa. I still have hope.

  • alana

    So cute :)

  • Karina

    Who is the guy in the 3rd picture???

  • beatriz

    he looks so hot(:

  • Noonesfan

    I am not a die hard Vanessa fan but I would do her yes I am a guy I was a Zac Efron fan until he changed I have met Zac Efron many times in Los Angeles and up until he filmed The Lucky One he was a nice guy since he came back from there he has been at my club Eden a few times ordering drinks like there is no tomorrow partying with his bros and when we work at a club we cannot just whip out our cell fone and take pics we can get fired and not everyone makes the money that Zac makes and we need our $$$ Teresa shes been in my bar shes what we call a clothes hanger alwasy hanging on some well known guy think hes the only one lol dont know if they ever hooked up but they did dance here and he danced with other girls to and he danced with Vanessa and they were heavy on the pda here Vanessa seems like a nice young girl I think you all are being very hard on her she is not the one going to single guys after parties from what I seen she just works and hangs with her buddies seen her at my gym a few times to and I think her mom looks like a older version of her Alex is a putz I agree on that but I think you all needs to back off Vanessa I seen some Zac fans talk about it at the pizza parlor I was in they were bashing her to feeling like Zac betrayed them why is everyone taking it out on Vanessa when she has not even been around either one of them its a pr stunt pr does this all the time she is having her movie come out same day as Vanessas and they wanted to hurt her backfired on them people were making fun of Zac at my club saying he made a jack out of himself I am a guy I used to like Zac but the partying and trying to get media attention and letting that girl speak for him shows what hes about slam me if you want but your golden boy its not so golden you will be let down like I was and again I was a Zac Efron fan I prefer men over women make fun if you want you all are a bunch of bullies putting Vanessa down for something someone else says and not what she can control im now no ones fan but my own I will let you girls keep him not into backstabbers Vanessa might not have Zacs popularity or his fans supporting her but people like that only get stronger and accomplish more shes hated for dating him which is stupid now that hes dumped her you still hate her yes she was in our club but then a few weeks later he was on to the next one

  • http://justjared shamilah

    @Proudofzacnessa: OMG! zac & joe both sitting next to each other!!!! 1st time i’ve seen this HOTTTT!
    & zac looks really cute in these pic!

  • http://WWW.GMX.CO.UK tAMMY

    Is it me, or does he look a lot more slender? Well, if it is just me or not, he sure does look fine ;)

  • susan1

    looking good Zac!! who is that guy besides him?

  • pop86

    Zac and Joe Jonas are at the CK Men Fall show. They are sitting first front

    They look hot!

  • pop86

    Joe and Zac at CK Men’s Fall Fashion Show

  • Katty

    Who is the guy walking in with him? Not the man in the yellow, the guy in the brown with his head down?

    And, I figured that was why he came back for such a long time, to continue in The Lorax, plus big ensamble pieces like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are very flexible with filming because they have so much to do. It really was a good idea for him to do both of these types of films at the same time because they’re flexible and keep him working.

    Zac was back for a week or so and not one partying/clubbing/cheating(if it’s cheating)/Teresa story. Hooray! Hopefully he got THAT out of his system…

  • peggy


    Zac came back to LA on Tuesday for 3D awards on wednesday and left LA on Saturday thats only 3 full days

  • luv ya zac

    ha to all d haters who said he lost his looks ,is fat …and all that crap ..pls look with ur eyes open my zac luks amazing and hot ..after all it takes time to loose wt.. @tammy it just not u only..he does look slender.

  • sophie

    is this show in nyc or la?

  • londonlemming

    He’s in NYC as it NY fashion week :)

  • Butterfly

    he looks as if he lost weight,like it :)
    and he looks hot on that show ….
    zac & vanessa are soo wonder they took a break people..

  • Katty


    Oh, it seemed like longer….oh, well. This week went by so slow!

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is going back to NY to film NYE. He looks cute here & has a baby face & cute hair he looks younger than he is here & he doesn’t look fat at all & he never was fat. I worship him.

  • Emma Efron

    Did he start doing a voice for that movie?

  • susan1

    The guy with the brown jacket someone mention in the other thread is Crawford Wilson the boy friend of Laura vanessa’s best friend.

  • wrestler

    does anyone know when vanessa is coming back to LA?

  • Bradley B

    The Boy looks amazing and awesome cool Sunglasses.

  • Nicki313

    @ susan1: Laura who?

  • e


    Laura New is one of Vanessas best friends, she was in Vegas with her for her birthday this past Decmber, I think she is in a band, she is also a good friend of Zacs, she was at that show thing with him and a few others a while back, the circus show thing.

  • kim

    Zac looks great as always.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ KATTIE, The guy waking next to the guy in yellow, and behind Zac is Crawford Wilson, he is Laura New, good friend of Vanessa,boyfriend, and he is Zac’s friend. Zac looks good, and he looked like he enjoyed himself. I think Zac isn’t going to smile at the paps, ever.he can’t stand the anymore.

  • cutie

    thanks for the video.They all look hot sitting watching the Calven Clien model.

  • Bradley B

    I Think Zac is filming NYE This week Hope he is having a great at the Calven Clien Model event today.

  • http://yahoo cody


  • Zac fan

    @Noonesfan: I’m not writing this to bash you or to bash V, but what makes you think the break was his doing? If he has changed since the break occurred and she hasn’t doesn’t that just scream the opposite? He seems lost. He seems like he is struggling. I think he is clubbing and drinking to deal with a broken heart. Have you ever had one? Five years is a long time to invest with someone. That is a tough wound to mend. Give him some slack. As far as everyone picking on V, maybe you should go back and read some earlier posts of Zac’s. Zanessa fans and V fans have ripped him apart and even if he has been going out or even if he was seen with someone else, he is single, he hasn’t done anything wrong. And V has a hell of a lot of support on his posts and on hers, so I think you’re feeling bad for the wrong one. Think about it…

  • Zac fan

    Forgot to mention that I think Zac looks amazing! I hope he smiles some while he is there.

  • Zac fan

    @Noonesfan: I forgot about the part where you mention that the thing with Teresa was a PR stunt. I completely agree, but I don’t think Zac was made aware of this before it actually happened. He doesn’t need the attention good or bad at this time. I do, however think that V wanted this split at this time for a reason. I think she wants the spotlight to be on her during the premieres of her movies without sharing it with Zac. This year is big for her and she doesn’t want attention to be focused on Zac or her relationship with him the way his CSC promo’s included questions about her, and his premiere had just as many pics of her as they did of him. She wants to bask on her own. I understand this. I’m not putting her down for it. She’s young and just getting things going. I don’t agree with her methods but she can do what she wants. I just want everyone to lay off of Zac claiming that he has changed so much. When you’re put in a situation that you are unfamiliar with, you don’t really have a choice. I believe that he didn’t respond to any rumors nor will he only because he doesn’t want to talk about any of it. I just wonder if she will have things “figured out” once her movies have all finished at the box office. Okay, that’s all. Sorry it was so long.

  • ????

    @noonesfan I don’t believe for one minute that your old enough to work in the club Eden. In order to work in a club one must be old enough to serve alcohol. And someone old enough to serve alcohol would at least know how to use a period to end a sentence. So that pretty much discredits your whole post in my book.

  • kyle

    A pretty hectic schedule for Zac – he seems to be flying a lot lately because of various commitments. Go get them, Zac!!!

  • Karen


    I was going to point out the same kind of thing about noonesfan. There is NO WAY that person is anything he he says he is—I kind of doubt that the poster is a guy. If anyone cannot figure out by post that this person is just some young kid who is trying to “prove” Zac is a bad guy then that explains why the tabloid press gets by with writing the most ridiculous stuff in the world. People simply have no feel for the way things are written in form or content so they a gullible in believing anything. That post is clearly a joke without it meaning to be.

    Noonesfan, you lose with that post—not buying a word of it.

  • pao

    Emnnm who care??? Fucking player!!!

  • zaclovestheboys

    When will Zac, Joe, and Kellan come out? Let go of the beards and embrace your sexuality. We all have known for years in Hollywood that Zac was gay and Joe Kellan not sure about but it’s time to let people know you were born this way. That is why him and Vanessa did not work out he never told her he preferred the boys one day he will come out and it will be I told you so. Him and Joe were having a romantic dinner last night.

  • love

    @Noonesfan: shut up one cares wt u say..and celebs are human..enjoy watching there work and stop commenting abt there personal lives..remember we know nothing and never will..


    OMG sexy pics of Zanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ????

    True that Karen! Hey Happy Valentines Day Zac and everyone else! Hope everyone has a fantastical day, you true Zac fans deserve it. Hearts and kisses ya all.

  • Emma Efron

    Zac has not been clubbing those are made up stories by the net to earn money

  • lauren

    is zac fan and emma efron the same person?

    well either way,
    no ones knows what happened between them. so why is everyone guessing what they think what happened when you don’t?

  • Aly

    and zac efron`s wife… she has lots of names, haha.

    Karen, so good to see you back here ^^