Vanessa Hudgens Had 'The Best Time' during Fashion Week

Vanessa Hudgens Had 'The Best Time' during Fashion Week

Vanessa Hudgens was out and about all over NYC last week.

The 22-year-old actress caught up with People, Elle and Total Film to chat about fashion, weddings and Sucker Punch. Check it:

On her first fashion week: “I don’t know what was taking me awhile! I just finally this year told myself I was going to do it no matter what and I’m here and I’m having the best time. I think my most memorable experience was Marc Jacobs, it was my very first sit-down runway show and I got to go backstage and meet Marc, it was just super fun.”

On the heavy drama of Sucker Punch: “Some of the scenes were really intense. I haven’t done that much heavy drama before and some scenes were just so draining. We would all be a total disaster afterwards and cheat on our diets together and eat cake to comfort ourselves.”

On already planning a little bit of her future wedding: “I don’t know when that is going to be, but when it happens Georgina‘s [Chapman] going to do it. Already got one hassle out of the way! [Their] lace work just blows my mind.”

Did you see Vanessa‘s new neck tattoo yet?

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Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • pop86

    I love the alice & olivia outfit

  • Bradley Bobst

    Love this Girl This is so Totally her Year Can’t wait for Sucker Punch.

  • joan

    Love her Tatoo Love her Love EVERYTHING ABOUT HER she is The Best


    lvoe her so much



  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    ugh I can’t ever get tired of this girl.
    I <3 her!!
    she looks good in anything..
    2011 is definitely her year!
    Can’t wait for all of her movies, Candie’s spring collection, and I need to go buy those magazines fast!
    She’s gonna have a great future and this is just the start =)

  • Diamond

    I’m glad she had a blast at fashion week , she deserved it , and she is a fashion Icon ! I mean not alot of ppl get asked to sit front row at designers fashion shows ! Vanessa lookex gorgeous at all the shows =) And I <3 her tatoo !

  • Lauren Sutcliffe

    She was hanging out with The Veronica’s, and Australia’s own Ruby Rose who talked her into getting the butterfly tattoo on her neck

  • andrea

    Love vanessa, and her tatto . She was seeing with a butterfly tatto in the past, so i don’t think that this tatto was idea of Ruby Rose at all, i guess she just need a little bit of confidence and someone crazy enough to do it.. and she did haha love her

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol, aw, cake. :D Man oh man, Sucker Punch is just going to be the best movie ever. Oh, her future wedding ? Just imagine how gorgeous she will be in her wedding dress. ♥ But she’s still young and has plenty of time to do anything. Baby V is amazing !! ♥

  • Soni

    Any one have a picture of her and Zac supposely at the NBA all-star game? Probably not, but hopeful.

  • 1
  • Telle

    @Soni: they weren’t together DUH ¡¡everybody know that zac’s hanging out with Teresa or whatever she calls .
    i read this interview already but is OK

  • Telle

    im so excited to see Beastly ¡¡¡¡and sucker punch
    24th the premiere’s so close

  • %%%%%%%%


  • 1

    Teresa said Zac and her were just old time friends.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m sure Vanessa will make a very beautiful bride one day and make some lucky guy happy. Damn wish it was me but I think hell would freeze over before that happend, oh well.

  • Chanon

    She’ll be wearing her special dress with Zac across the altar. ;)

  • Telle

    @1: Yes, I love when people put the popular excuse ..””We’re just friends”’ lol Im not judging but it looks like it is trUE and something that i despise is the cheat .
    anyways .. you know guys is pretty overwhelmed read ”zac” this zac” that blah blah blah ..when this post has nothing to do with him.It’s ABOUT VANESSA¡¡¡¡

  • peggy



    They were together Teresa thing was probably a hook up (which makes him a cheat since he was just staying with V in NC a week earlier) IF it happened and Teresa keeps saying they are just friends.

    The LA Times is a pretty reliable source.

  • Haters Suck!

    no offense but i doubt it. That boy had his chance and he decided to throw it away. His loss as far as I’m concerned. Vanessa needs a man, not a boy.

  • emilie

    I love Vanessa Hudgens and since she and Zac broke up, it seems like she’s doing a lot of new and exciting stuff.
    I’m loving single Vanessa so much!

    It’s weird that I used to be such a huge “Zanessa” fan but now that they’re broken up, I could care less if they get back together!

    Anyways, Vanessa Hudgens rules :D

  • Telle

    @Haters Suck!: ”Vanessa needs a man, not a boy.” WOW you really read my mind
    @emilie: i thought that i was the only one ¡¡

  • Vanessa 143

    Vanessa ,it’s your year!!!!!!!I’m so proud of you baby!!!!!!

  • tara

    @emilie: i thought i was the only one, i’m actually the new single vanessa, i couldn’t care less if she wasn’t with zac:) it’s her time to shine!

  • bella

    @tara: Nobody knows it except two people.

    That’s unless they tell the truth

  • http://jjj marcy

    love her

  • http://lala aiwen

    aww!!!vanessa is so gorgeous!!!and yes this year is tottaly her year!!!!can’t wait to see her movie!!!!! love u vanessa hudgens!!!!!!

  • Dayanne

    Vanessa.. Alex Pettyfer is single now!! :D

  • Dayanne

    Alex is so cute. He always has nice words for Vanessa. (Minute 3:13)

  • Emem

    Hmmm.. I sorta kinda like Alex Pettyfer for her now. He’s single now too!

  • http://@vanessais4zac Vanessais4zac

    She is so honest and what’s best is she is never trying hard to be beautiful.. she is gorgeous and i love HER..

  • yets

    Thanks to all who supporting Vanessa whatever happen now we all know that there is no Zac’s at the premier of Beastly.
    i really wish the best for Vanessa .
    i really Love this Girl..Be strong V.

  • kyle

    Thanks Dayanne for the link of Alex Pettyfer’s interview complimenting Vanessa.

  • pam

    When is the premiere for Beastly?

  • 1

    @Telle i can care less whos dating who . they are just normal people . Im a big fan of Vanessa. I was just saying..

  • maria

    I’m also loving Vanessa branching out and doing new and fun things!! She is gorgeous, has an amazing spirit, and loves life. Whatever will be, will be with Zac. But I’m thrilled she did Fashion Week, and had such a great time….I think she was the “darling” of the week. Her enthusiasm and charm always shines through.

  • e

    I’m with those who say that they love Vanessa now, I do too. Right now I just want to see pictures of Vanessa and Alex at the premiere and hopefully see them to some interviews together, that would be awesome. I loved the pictures and interviews they did together during Showest last year.

  • Butterfly

    @Haters Suck!:
    oO you are a boy ? :O
    again again again what makes you think he was the one who broke up messed up and not her ^^
    why do you think she is all good cute and innocent ? ^^
    I just want a good explanation with good arguments, imagine it was school and your teacher asks you that.
    do not insult me or him just explain,do you think you can do that :) ?
    I asked you a several times but you didn’t respond but I’m quite curious about what you’ve gotta say and what you believe …

    and I’m glad she had fun,she needs to be in that fashion area as well she has a great sense of style ! acting& fashion,forget the singing ^^

  • pao

    Love her. . . <3

  • Miia

    I thought Vanessa would “get off her track” after that incident with the naked photos of her.

    I’m surprised to see she’s actually getting it right! You go, girl!






    @Lauren Sutcliffe:
    omg no…

  • Haters Suck!

    I really, really don’t like you, what part of that don’t u seem to understand. You insult me in the worst way possible and u expect me to be friendly. Look if you want to blame this whole thing on Vanessa by saying how munch she’s changed and calling her selfish (that is not a good thing no matter how u say it) and make zac the innocent one that’s up to u, go on his posts and tell everyone how u feel Vanessa hurt him but i don’t buy it. I’ve explained many times on various posts why I blame zac and I don’t feel like going over it again. In my eyes zac’s a cheat and will always be a cheat just as u feel it’s Vanessas fault. I really wish you’d stop talking to me as I’ll say it again I don’t like you.

  • andrea

    I love how alex said that she’s like minnie mouse

  • Lauren Sutcliffe

    I’m sure that the tattoo on her neck was new as Ruby Rose was tweeting pic’s from the tattoo parlour and the skin around it was red like it had just been done.

  • maeli

    yeah baby v rocks

  • maria

    @Butterfly: Do you REALLY want to rehash WHY people don’t trust Zac? I can tell you exactly what Haters Suck! means. We have followed Zac for years, and I can tell you, he has had MORE than a few questionable comments, interviews, photoshoot with a naked model, and has had MORE than a few rumors about his behavior, not just here in the US, but abroad, in London and Australia, for example. For those of us who don’t think that’s behavior of a guy with a loyal, faithful girlfriend, it was sometimes difficult to defend him or even LIKE him.

    On the other hand, we’ve NEVER had questionable comments, interviews, OR rumors about her behavior in the years they were together. When you love someone, and you obviously haven’t been there yet, you make SURE you don’t do OR say anything to hurt the one you love, and you stay OUT of situations that may be questionable or can tempt you. IF you love someone, you do ANYthing for them. For many of us, the drama that goes with him is getting old. There are SOOOO many good young actors out there, without ANY of this drama around them. They know how to stay out of trouble, and keep the public focus on their movies and projects.
    Does that answer your question as to why some are just tired of all this with him? I know that doesn’t make him any less “hot” to you, and you will find some way to say everything he does is ok, but it’s not to a lot of us. I think he’s going down a bad path into the trappings of Hollywood, and making bad film choices. JMO. But I do think he can redeem himself, by just staying out of the gossip columns for his behavior. I think for Haters Suck!, he’s out of second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc chances for Zac. He has his opinion, and he’s a guy calling him out. Everyone is entitled to say their peace.

  • ______

    @Haters Suck!: @emilie: @Telle: I feel the exact same way. Vanessa is so much better herself. Loving Vanessa is Louder. She looks hot in that photo.