Vanessa Hudgens: Sunny Stroll in Venice

Vanessa Hudgens: Sunny Stroll in Venice

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys a cup of coffee on a warm afternoon on Tuesday (March 8) in Venice, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly and Sucker Punch star, who went for a walk with a pal, wore a pair of bright pink Kenny “Guadalajara” shorts from 25 Park with a brown sweater and black Chinese Laundry Turbo boots.

Vanessa was recently asked what she looks for in a guy.

“Somebody who is just true to themselves. Someone who’s loyal and honest,” she told the New York Daily News.

FYI: Vanessa finished her look with Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses.

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  • Fauve

    Vanessa Hudgens is so cute, and I love how she lives her life on her own terms, and not what other people want or think. The shorts are adorable, and I am glad to see she is having fun it’s been very beautiful in Cali so why not?

  • Daniela

    she’s too gorgeous

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Pretty !!! Wearing shorts or a skirt..?. I’m so jealous, it looks so warm and sunny in Cali meanwhile in Vancover.. dark and cloudy. And it’s almost spring break. Boo. Anyway, good job with keeping up JJ !! The guy she’s with looks pretty cute.. :D

  • Tata

    Looking great, V!!!!!!!! love your shorts!!!

  • dani

    Love her! <3
    She looks beautiful

  • kika

    omg her hair is already getting long… so quick!!

  • *******

    hahaha.. nice one “Somebody who is just true to themselves. Someone who’s loyal and honest,” it could be me.

  • ………….
  • Kerri

    It’s nice to see her she is just a ray of sunshine. She is always so happy thats what I like about her. I’m still confused about the whole zac situation. Some people say she still talks to him everyday. Others say she is moved on. what is going on?

  • musicgirl

    aww she looks soo cute!!!

  • Irene

    @Kerri: no pleaseee!! don’t bring zac’s name so the war stops!! :( we don’t know and won’t know until they decide to speak for themselves so better give it a rest :)

    looking fresh, vanessa! :) that guy’s face reminds me of someone but I don’t know who :/ it’s like I’ve seen him before…but I can’t point out when or where :S

    JARED – pretty please, stop choosing and pintpointing whatever she says that has to do with zac or with a guy or the other way around (with zac’s posts). way to re-ignite the war in each new post you make of them, dude! is that what you want? really? +100 comments that are awful to read because of their level of insults, personal attacks and constant “drama”? :@ STOP, please.

  • Rose

    She so beautiful !!!!!!

  • Katty

    You know what, I don’t care, I am gonna mention the guy. JJ can mention all the GIRLS Zac hangs with in his posts, yet says nothing about this mystery man? They look like just friends, but seriously, so annoying. Honestly, if you ask me, Vanessa asked for this break/actually broke up with him. He always looks so sullen and gloomy and she’s out having fun and giggling with friends and going to events.
    I do hope they find their way back to each other, but if not, I want them to be happy.

    I don’t know why I felt the need to rant, just did.

    Can’t wait for Sucker Punch!

  • lauren

    how about zac?

  • lauren

    oh yea, im joking,

  • Kerri

    Where is the zanessa fans aren’t you guys suppose to fight for them till the end. I truly believe they still love each other. Who knows maybe vanessa doesn’t want to be seen as just zac’s girlfriend especially because her movies are coming out. They could get together once all her movies are finish playing.

  • *******
  • kimann

    She’s wearing more color now.
    Super cute. :D

  • pam

    Is that Jared’s (Murillo)brother? Josh?

  • jazmin

    Cute outfit but the short not my cup of tea but she rocks it. Just glad that she’s happy.

  • Irene

    @Kerri: the ones who are supposed to fight for each other if they want to are zac and vanessa. we are the AUDIENCE. the movie is THEIRS.

    you think that post here how they so are together or so aren’t is going to solve anything? to make us know the truth sooner?? wtf? we’re filling pages and pages with “they are” “they are over” comments and, you know what? I still want proof of one thing or the other. NO ONE knows anything so……let them figure out what they want and stop this nonsense about how they HAVE TO DO sth because you want them doing do – real life is not like that.

  • Kerri

    @irene: Ok you made your point. Sorry sometimes I can be a bit of a crazed fan.

  • Jessica =)

    Happy to see her smiling. She’s been looking very happy lately and she deserves it! =)

  • Irene

    @Kerri: sorry if I’ve sounded rude… :S

  • Kerri

    @irene: Its cool .how old are you?

  • peggy


    Zac asked for the break because his peeps told him he needed to be single for his damn career and he wanted to see whas is out there.

    And stop reading crap into his pictures thats his new “I’m a serious actor” look not heartbreak over V.

    The look is to also to make you think it wasn’t him and to feel sorry – he wasn’t wearing it before the TP thing. Man a pair of blue eyes and you silly people will fall for anything.

    Besides they are both actors who knows underneath how they really feel

  • http://yahoo cassidy

    I love zanessa. And i believe they will get back together one day. .Zannessaforeverrr:)

  • Skylar

    Aww so beautiful as always.
    I still believe in Zanessa but I’m not getting into the arguement at this moment :O

    More pics at :)

  • pam

    Is he Josh Murillo? Jared’s brother?

  • mykamicks

    Let the two do what they want to be for awhile. Vanessa is quite comfortable & in high spirited for that past weeks. So far, she has a real balance life. Successful movie, true friends sticking around & family who are very supportive to her and that makes her smile and happy. That’s the key & most important thing she can hold on at the moment.

    She looks cute of her shorts. Coll to be laid back.

  • peggy


    No V wouldn’t be got dead with any of them since Jared and Ash ended so badly.

  • Haters Suck!

    A loyal and honest guy who is true to himself? Well so much for her and zac getting back together as he’s is none of those things. He didn’t deserve her anyway. (sorry just couldn’t help myself)

  • yets

    Looking Beautiful Vanessa.

  • Ivy

    I love V’s smiles, she just lights up my world! So glad that she is out and about… Love the whole outfit. Zac dont seem to be he same HSM guy that v and all the fans felt in love 4, he’s just so diferent! and i hope that vanessa find a great guy, that love and accept her just the way she is.

  • Chanon

    Ahhhhh, I love her outfit! Can I just go through her closet and take whatever I want? ^-^

  • http://None Juddy

    Lol I’m with you

  • Lissi

    I ´will post it here, too, bc it#s the same story here, like on JJ:
    Everyday it’s the same. There is the one group, saying Zac and V will get back together (that I disagree with tbh) and the other group, saying V deserves better and that she will never get back with Zac. And the groups are fighting, calling eachother names,….. But at the end of the day we know nothing. The one group knows nothing and the other, too. All we know is that they are broken up/taking a break. All we can do is speculate, nothing more. Like I said, I don’t think they get back together, bit that’s MY opinion, bc I think too much happened and it isn’t working out. But it’s ok for me. I think zac was loyal and honest, they were together for 5 years and even after the break, they were seen making out a few times from at least 20 different people. But that was in january. That’s over 6 weeks ago and since then nothing. And please don’t start with all the rumors from NY hotels and all the other stories being told. The only sighting we got was the NBA party from LAtimes (”After the premiere screening atop the hotel at club Drai’s, West gave a surprise performance for the lucky crowd, which included Leonardo DiCaprio. His set raged for seven songs before being cut off because of sound ordinances, but was thoroughly enjoyed by couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, as well as a reunited, maybe-back-on Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.”), but we don’t know, if they were even seen together or if the times reporter only assumed they were maybe reunited. And the time makes them forget what they had, they will fall in love with others and that’s it. I’m not being mean, so I hope I will get the same respect. It’s what I think the situation is rn. With Zac going out almost every night with his friends and V spending lots of time with her friends and family, I think they are trying to get over eachother. And I think @Karen realized that,too and that’s why she isn’t writing her anymore. In the ZV forums you can see each passing day members loosing hope and only a few are still left. And that will go on. And I think V’s answers are enough. She tells the press, what she is looking for in a guy, what she wnats in a guy,…. Why would she say that, if she wanted Zac back. It’s her way of saying she will move on. And the fans should do it, too. But in all this, I’m not dissing zac, bc they loved eachother, even if we only saw 10% or less, it was special and that’s what we should remember, no matter how hard it is. For people saying they are taking a break bc of work: Remember they will have lots of work over the next few years. So they only can get back together, when they have time in like 10 years, 20 years…? That’s stupid. Ok, they had a lot of work over the last few months, but they have time for their friends, family, etc, so they could have shared this time. Same goes with it being V’s time. If all her movies are successful, then what? Will they break up everytime one of them brings out a new movie? It’s all bs. Something happened and they are to friendly and say the standard thing ‘We’re friends, no third person involved,blablabla’. If you are honest with yourself, you see it yourself, that their reasons won’t bring them anywhere. I wished they could’ve make it, get married, etc., but that wasn’t what should have happened. Accept it and don’t live in a dream world.

  • Carol

    Just beautiful and cool outfit! Live your life V and be happy either way I’ll be supporting you!

  • Irene

    @Kerri: 28, why???? :S

    @peggy: they didn’t end “badly”. in fact, we have pictures of they hugging when they both met at an awards show or something. she was with scott yet jared and ashley hugged – I don’t think this is sth two people who’ve ended their relationship “badly” would do, do you? plus, jared’s father said they still loved ashley and that the two of them were still friends…

  • lauren lipkin

    do you feel accomplished with your long comment that no one is going to take the time to read because no one gives a flying crap what you think?
    sorry but it had to be done.

  • peggy


    Ashley said herself her last boyfriend cheated on her. THat doesn’t mean you can’t get past it to be friends but a relationship would be impossible most likely.

  • Lissi

    You know @lauren, it maybe too long and most of the people won’t read it, but you have a problem with it, bc you don’t want to hear the truth and live in your fairytale world.

  • Kerri

    @irene: I was just wondering. I am 20

  • lady

    @lissi belive what you belive. but there people belive what they belive.zac and vaness are on a break right now.if they are done i belive that there reps would come out ask they are done.veassa will be leave some for over sea for about a week for her movie.zac got work to do get read for his movie.they are not date any one.vanessa and zac tell each ever day.and there friend say they will get back togther to.and as what vanessa say about what kind guy she want will what you want say.she say she not date.i don’t think will lie about see them.they be together at party.noe no one see them togther they think will they are would like have report up your ass all the time. stay at your house 24/7.they want to do there job, and want people to as zac and vanessa. they are keep the love live to there self how you wlike kiss some opne and the next all over the net and in the papers.they are done the job.

  • tee

    I never thought I’d say this I agree with @lauren lipkin:

  • Irene

    @peggy: I don’t know if they are friends or not, and I’m not discussing if he cheated or if she broke up with him…because I don’t know anything of t his. I’m just pointing out that “this badly” you affirm they ended their relationship is not a REAL fact because we’ve seen pictures of them hugging when they met at an awards show AFTER the break up… that’s all…

  • lauren lipkin

    i dont live in a fairy tale world, ive personally dont give a crap, again u dont know me at all.

  • lauren lipkin

    it doesnt matter what i say on here because ppl are going to give me crap on here.
    im 20 not some 14 yr old fan girl,
    its called an opinion.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ALY, i went through all the pass threads, from the one with V, sucker punch, on up except the family one and Brittany, one this person is on very one, this person went back to the first one we saw, this person calls her by her nick names, and always called her Baby, babe, nessa,you won;t believe want you read.this, i still beieve it’s that person. This person is crazy in love.

  • Haters Suck!

    well you do tend to ask for it most of the time. you’re one of the most cynical people on here. I mean do you ever say anything nice, ever? I’ve never seen you make one nice coment about anyone. BTW don’t get mad or give me crap. It’s just my opininon.