Vanessa Hudgens: Long Distance Relationships Are Hard

Vanessa Hudgens: Long Distance Relationships Are Hard

Vanessa Hudgens checks her phone messages after filling up her car in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (March 17).

The 22-year-old actress was spotted out on a joy ride with costar Josh Hutcherson earlier this week.

Vanessa told Shape mag of her parting with former beau Zac Efron: “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what. When you don’t have face-to-face time, it’s just different. Having an iPhone helped, but it just wasn’t the same.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Current/Elliott jeans, Elizabeth and James “Park” sunglasses and Wildfox‘s ‘#9 Love’ baggy boy tank.

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Credit: Gonzalo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Fauve

    Vanessa I don’t know if you will ever read this message, or get to see it but know that I know how you feel I been there same situation I respect and admire you for your strength, and will always support you as long as you wish to do your career. People will always hurt others for sheer perversity of it and they are no one. Keep being you and that is a beautiful and kind soul who like me made a error in having a moment you acted free. I still admire and respect you and will continue to view your movies and listen to your songs enjoy your fashion choices and be there to support. Your family is awesome we love them and we got your back! Keep strong you have a lot of people who do care for you for you not what you do or what you have.

  • April

    They still in love <3

  • April


  • Anibal

    I’ll always support u nessa <3

  • Chanon

    I’ll always support the both of them no matter what, but at least now we know why they broke up/ They didn’t get to see each other as much. </3




  • potaa

    i miss paps of zac & nessa all cute together :|

  • Bradley Bobst

    So Gorgeous.

  • ZANE

    someday,if they’re meant to be .God will bring them back together!

  • YETS


  • YETS


  • lauren

    uh what does she expect?
    she is trying to make it sound like oh feel sorry for me,

    uh im pretty sure her and zac spend alot of time together this past year. i guess she was assuming to this past fall?

  • 1

    she looks nice

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    I’ll always support them no matter what hopefully when they do have time and take a break from their hectic schedules they can make Vanessa’s dream turn a reality about having a husband and kids :) she looks amazing every time but it never gets old to say it ever time I love her soo much :)

  • tina

    This article goes on to say Zac was visiting her on the set of J2 so it was done in December.

  • diamond

    @ Lauren you really need to find something to do instead of putting down celebs you dont even know , get oer yourself why you always on her page if u always got something messed up to say need to shake !

    Anyways she looks really pretty , I am really getting use to her hair and I love her outfit ! I kno long distance relationships are hard ,but atleast their still friends ! As long as Vanessa is happy I am happy and will continue to support her like a true fan would ♥


  • carly

    I love vanessa’s style, can’t wait till she has her own clothing line. I wish the best for vanessa, she has great support from her friends and family and has a good head on her shoulders.
    Vanessa will make a great wife to any guy who she loves and marries, and especially will be an amazing mother <3
    I’ll always support you vanessa

  • Lisa

    @ZANE: You do know that Zac is not religious… right?

  • DM

    Ok don’t really know if this is true, but I went to Twitter online on Zanessa and there is a lot in there that is saying they were seen in a supermarket 2 weeks ago in Manhatten Beach.

    Again, don’t know how true those twitter sightings are>>just passing along what I saw online on Twitter>>You know I wish this is true>>I wish someone took a picture of it.

    Still have faith that the two will get back together>>will not give up on them yet>>best couple ever Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (Zanessa)>>keep smiling and don’t let anyone bring you down.

  • Lisa

    I wish the best for them! If it meant to be its meant to be.

  • lady

    dm i not gave up.i still hope to.and i hope the twtter are right.i belive they are work on it.becouse why have the rep come out and say somethink.all the other who call it quit the rep have come and say it true.i think the rep know they will get back.

  • Katty

    Haha, her pants are sooooo long because she is sooooo short. She’s adorable! You gotta love her size. She looks so casual and still so beautiful. Dam her! Ha.

    I want more news on what is going on AFTER Journey 2.

    Love you V. And guys, stop bringing up Zac. If it’s meant to be they’ll be back together eventually. Honestly, they need their time apart to be young and realize who they are without each other, then remember who they are together if they are are meant to be. Either way, Zac shouldn’t be out publicly being a moron, it’s just the truth. Vanessa is having her own fun legally and not dumb-like. She’s going to clubs, hanging out with guys, like a brother or not she is hanging out with Josh, and just being herself. Gotta give her credit for growing up good in Hollywood.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    If anything, both Zachary and Vanessa look happy and that’s all that should matter.. It’s their personal lives and no one should interfere with it, except for their families and friends of course. But Zanessa will always be forever. Whether they’re together or friends.. Anywho, Vanessa looks adorable ! Loving the outfit, that girl really knows how to dress well and accessorize.

  • carly


    Can you give me the link??
    I still have faith in zanessa, i always will. Zanessa made me believe in love and how two people are really meant to be together. I believe if you really love someone it’s ok if you have to let them go, cause if it’s meant to be they will come back to you when the time is right. Faith brought them together once and it can happen again. Seeing zac wearing the silver bracelet makes me have hope because vanessa had in on too.
    ZANESSA forever.

    Vanessa is independent, always has a positive outlook on life and stays true to herself and is a great friend, that is why i will always support and respect her.

  • 1

    hope they catch the guys that hacked vanessa gmail account

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa Is a woundful and Fantastic Actress she has a bright and amazing career ahead of her. I Know Vanessa will never read this but I wanted to Say Vanessa Hudgens I Totally Love and Support you are so Beautiful and Gorgeous I’m so Glad to be a Fan Stay Strong and remember you have a lot of fans that Love and support you.

  • carly

    Vanessa is on the cover of nylon for April, i love the clothes especially the jacket and skirt!!

  • say what?


    I dont mean to bring up Zac but since you did– what illegal things did Zac do? I know what “fun” things Vanessa did because of all the pictures- but there are none of Zac being a moron or doing illegal things. I only saw a couple of private party pics where he was pie-eyed but that wasnt public

  • Kate

    Zanessa Fan Give up them

    I will never meet them again

    The two stand no chance of making it with each other
    Soon they’ll likely move on with other dates on their own

  • Kate

    Zanessa Fan Give up them…

    I will never meet them again….

    The two stand no chance of making it with each other
    Soon they’ll likely move on with other dates on their own…

  • maria

    @say what?: I don’t think she meant to say “illegal” things. I think that all the pics of him with his immature “ninja” friends, wearing matching bracelets, and acting like 13 yr olds, is what she means by him being a moron. That behavior is ridiculous for guys in their mid-to late twenties. Add in the pics of him “pie-eyed”, since you want him to sound oh-so-nice, and I believe that’s the image he’s presenting now, that she has an issue with.

  • maria

    I certainly respect how difficult long distance relationships are, cause I lived it for 4 years while in college. It’s not easy, no. But It always made us look forward to being back together again and appreciate the time we did have together. And this was before Iphones, texting, cell phones, and skyping. I still think this is just a cliche excuse, because they did spend time together when they came back from filming, and they are back in LA now, without either going off to film anytime soon. Distance and busy schedules are classic excuses for relationships breaking up in Hollywood. It’s just a kind way of covering for the real reason. They will never reveal what really happened. It’s between them.

  • say what?


    Ah – I see. Those pics will be in people magazine( i think)so didnt see them as being especially moronic- no more so than riding a motorcycle in shorts. Boys having fun – girls having fun- tomato-tomauto.

    I get that anything Zac does other than standing still will be mocked for some reason- probably that wont even escape derision. Katty implied illegal behavior on his part-wanted to know what that meant.

    I dont care what those kids do honestly- but looking fondly at V’s pie-eyed public “having fun” pic and derision at Zac’s private party one is the kind of thing that has been driving me nuts. I hate double standards

  • 77


  • 77

    she is so uteeeeeee

  • 77


  • 77


  • Katty

    @say what?:

    Maria is right. I didn’t really mean he is doing anything illegal now, but at the rate he is going it won’t be long before he does something dumb that IS illegal like coke or bud or anything. In fact in those pics he DID look a little high, but that could be just plain drunkenness, I don’t want to start a big “Is Zac doing drugs?” debate. He just looked really effed up in those pics and he needs to remember who he WAS and have fun in a better way. Vanessa is partying it up but you don’t see dumb pictures of her with a beer in her hands acting like an idiot, ya know. Vanessa is doing it in a more adult, smarter way.

  • 77

    love the jeans

  • 77
  • 77


  • say what?


    Alrighty then- I’ll leave you folks to your judgements and assumptions and will just wish them well without comment. Whatever they had/have to deal with wont be made worse by comments from me

  • Haters Suck!

    Enough about zac I’m tired of reading about that guy in Vanessa posts. Let him do what he wants with his little ninja friends or whatever they call themselves as I could really careless as I’ve had enough of that guy. This is not about him, it has nothing to do with him, Its about Vanessa and as far as I can tell he doesn’t appear to be in her life anymore at all so enough about him already.

  • mishybc

    WOW no one noticed that she is wearing the black version to Zac’s top… like it matters pfft. Anyways, in a sense long distance sounds like crap you’re right @maria: . And there is no reason for us to know any further than that or even that simple statement about long distance because it’s none of our business and why do we care so much we don’t know them personally lol honestly.
    We fantasize from afar. And that’s all most of us will ever have.

  • mishybc

    Zanessa cannot be fore they aren’t together! Maybe in time they will reunite like Marc Anthony and J.Lo or something, but for now they are simply Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

  • Angie

    I was in a bad mood just hours ago but I’m better now I realized why bother there’s always so much negativity in the world and hearing about Japan that’s more important to worry, there’s more stuff to worry about than just one person who is still going strong. So nevermind what I commented before “you can’t fix something that is already been broken”. I am still here for V as well as you all except Lauren so it’s done move on. Vanessa stay the way you are that is how more people start to appreciate you. You know who you are and it’s beautiful. You know what’s true and what is not, and some will believe you, some will believe anything they hear, and some are empty close-minded headed will believe in lies. Karma will come back to them. I applaud you Vanessa you really are an influence younger women should look up to. Love You V.

  • http://lala aiwen

    i will support vanessa no matter she and zac spilt or what
    support vanessa as always!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    The problem here is that so many Zanessa fans have turned Zac and Vanessa’s relationship into some kind of fairytale. No one knows what really goes on behind the scenes. But I can tell you that NO relationship is perfect, not even theirs, which is obvious because they broke up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over something more than “long-distance”.

    Maybe they were fighting, or maybe there was another person involved or maybe they just fell out of love. If people who are married for over TWENTY years can get divorced, then two people who began dating when they were teenagers can break up after only 5 years. They don’t have to be together forever, and probably weren’t going to be with or without this “break”.

    Underneath it all Zac and Vanessa are normal people. Feelings can change and so do people. It’s possible they just outgrew each other. So it’s time for fans to get over it and move on and quit projecting all their hopes and dreams for love onto two people they’ve never met.

  • DM

    Feeling down so went on you tube and search for interviews with Zac Efron last year. I came upon one that was made on Daybreak interview in London when he was promoting CSC>>

    The lady interviewer asked him about his love life and where a “Mrs Efron” is in his life and he answered “Yes” I’m dating Vanessa>>melted my heart>>gosh I wished this could be true>>

    Long distance relationship is hard, but I must admit I would agree with some of you, that maybe there is more to the story than what’s been told or what Vanessa wants us to know between Zac and her>>

    So I will just respect that “long distance relationship” thing and hopefully whateve the real reason is, they will work it out and get back together either as very good friends or a couple>>Support both of them and wish them luck and hope that they will be happy in the long run down the road.

>>>>>>> staging1